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Versatile tracked and wheeled buggies for any job

  • Maneuver on tight jobsites
  • High maximum load capacity
  • Easy to use, intuitive controls

With a 16 ft3 tub volume and max load capacities ranging from 1,875 lb to 2,500 lb, these mud buggies quickly and easily transport heavy loads around confined jobsites. Move dry concrete, pour wet concrete, haul materials, clean up jobsites, and more. The auto return dump feature brings the tub back to resting position, so the operator can quickly focus on the next load.

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Available Equipment
Model Tub Volume Chassis Weight Max Load Capacity
MB TX 2500 16 cubic feet Tracks 1,640 lb 2,500 lb Learn More
MB-1600 16 cubic feet Wheels 1,370 lb 2,500 lb Learn More

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