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Turf care made easy

  • Aerators, seeders, and power rakes
  • Exceptional durability and maneuverability

Toro aerators, seeders, and power rakes allow you to improve your turf with partial or complete replanting without thoroughly tilling the soil. High strength steel, lightweight designs, and compact frames reduce downtime, make maneuvering simple, and you can transport them easily. By using all three of these types of Toro machines, you can complete the entire turf renovation process quickly and without headaches.

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Available Equipment

Brush Cutter

Model Cutting Width Cutting Height Dimensions Weight
BRC-28 28″ 3 ¾” 87″ x 30″ x 42″ 374 lb Learn More


Model Blade Types Hopper Capacity Dimensions Weight
20″ Hydraulic
Slit Seeder
10 Verticutting
40 lb 28″ h x 53″ l x 30″ w 260 lb Learn More


Model Engine Ground
Dimensions Weight
21″ Hydraulic Aerator Kawasaki FJ80V 4 mph 46″ h x 50″ l x 31.5″ w 320 lb Learn More
24″ Stand-On Aerator Kohler CH440 7 mph 51″ h x 68.6″ l x 35.5″ w   Learn More
30″ Stand-On Aerator Kawasaki
FS541V V Twin
7.5 mph 53″ h x 65″ l x 48″ w 1,015 lb Learn More

Power Broom

Model Speed Rotation Angle Diameter & Width Weight
Power Broom 200 RPM 20 degrees each side D- 25″
W – 36″
350 lb Learn More


Model Engine Capacity Spray Width Ground Speed
Spreader Sprayer
Kohler 9.5hp 277cc
20 gal 10’Wide /
5′ Narrow
5.5 mph Learn More

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