Equipment is Our Product, Service is Our Business

Luby helps keep your construction project on schedule and on budget by providing quality construction materials and tools, backed with the very best supporting cast in the industry. Our inventory of concrete supplies is extensive. Below are just some of the items we have available for immediate delivery to your jobsite.

Equipment Services
Flatwork Supplies
  • ADA truncated dome mats
  • Blades—Abrasive, diamond, trowel
  • Concrete and masonry restoration materials
  • Concrete repair, patching materials
  • Concrete tools, equipment
  • Curb forms, stakes
  • Cures, sealers, caulks (all types)
  • Curing blankets
  • Decorative colors, stains, stamps
  • Decorative concrete products
  • Expansion joint, slab bolsters, chairs
  • Fabrics (filter and stabilization)
  • Paving products
  • Sealants and coatings
  • Soff Cut saws and blades
  • Trench drain systems
  • Vapor barriers, poly, burlap, geo foam
  • Waterproofing products
  • Wire mesh, rebar (cut and bend)
  • Zip cap, keyway, diamond dowels
Equipment Services
Foundation Supplies
  • Anchor bolts, straps
  • Basement windows, doors, wells
  • Drain tile, pipe, waterstop
  • Epoxy injection products
  • Fiber tubes, fiber mesh
  • Form liners
  • Form oil (we refill totes), sprayers
  • Forms and ties (all systems)
  • Foundation coatings, waterproofing
  • Nails, marking paint, wood stakes
  • Rebar
  • Safety fence, silt fence, rebar ties
  • Shovels, tools
  • Styrofoam insulation
Equipment Services
Road & Bridge Supplies
  • Baskets, dowels, p-stakes, tie bars
  • Button head ties and accessories
  • Chamfer strips, keyway
  • Coil rod, ties, nuts, accessories
  • Curing blankets and white poly
  • Deck sealers
  • Grout (State approved)
  • Hot pour, sealants, patches
  • Plywood, lumber
  • Safety equipment
  • Tie wire (plain and epoxy)—#9 wire
  • White pig cure (State approved)