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Agility in confined spaces

Takeuchi compact excavators can go where larger machines simply can’t. More agile, smaller, and lighter, they are less destructive to finished grades and can easily maneuver around parking lots and other locations where weight might be an issue. They are ideal for installing septic tanks, digging floor pits to run communication lines, excavating around obstacles, trenching around buildings, and other jobs of similar size. Compact excavators are also extremely versatile and can be outfitted with a wide array of attachments—mowers, augers, grading buckets, concrete breakers, and more. They can handle most jobs on a standard construction site.

Available Equipment
Model   Operating Weight Maximum Digging Depth Bucket Force
Takeuchi Excavators TB210R Takeuchi Excavators 2,535 lb 5′ 1″ 2,518 lb Learn More
Takeuchi Excavators TB216 Takeuchi Excavators 3,900 lb 7′ 10″ 4,250 lb Learn More
Takeuchi Excavators TB216H Hybrid Takeuchi Excavators 4,277 lb 7′ 10″ 4,250 lb Learn More
Takeuchi Excavators TB230 Takeuchi Excavators 6,360 lb 9′ 4″ 6,471 lb Learn More

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