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2018 Takeuchi Track Loader TL10V2 For Sale at Luby Equipment – Cab, HVAC, Pilot Controls, Standard Flow Hydraulics, 15″ Tracks, 76″ Smooth Bucket.












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2018 Takeuchi Track Loader TL10V2-CR For Sale

Available for sale at Luby Equipment, the TL10V2 showcases a vertical lift loader arrangement and meets Final Tier 4 emissions standards. Its cab is newly redesigned, offering more space and featuring a low-effort overhead door for easy entry and exit. The quiet track design, equipped with wide block tread, minimizes vibration and noise, enhancing overall ride quality.

tl10v2 features and specs:

TL10V2 Features

The Takeuchi Compact Track Loader TL10V2 sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and operator comfort in compact track loaders. With its vertical lift loader arrangement and Final Tier 4 emissions compliance, the TL10V2 is designed to deliver exceptional power and efficiency on the job site. Here’s a detailed overview of its features:


  • The TL10V2 has an EPA Final Tier 4 Emission-compliant engine, ensuring reduced emissions without compromising power.
  • Turbocharged engine with High-Pressure, Common Rail Injection System delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency.
  • DOC+DPF Exhaust After Treatment system minimizes emissions for cleaner operation.
  • Automatic Fuel Bleed System simplifies maintenance procedures.
  • Active Power Control Power Management System optimizes power delivery for enhanced efficiency.
  • Working Modes include Standard and ECO mode, providing flexibility to adapt to different working conditions.
  • Dual Element Air Filter ensures the engine’s longevity by effectively filtering out contaminants.
  • Dial and Foot Throttle offer convenient control options for the operator.
  • High Capacity Radiator and Hydraulic Oil Cooler mounted side-by-side on the swing-out frame ensure efficient cooling even in demanding conditions.

Electrical System:

  • The TL10V2 features a 5’7 Multi-Informational Color Display, providing essential machine data at a glance.
  • Sealed Rocker Switches ensure durability and reliability in harsh operating environments.
  • A 12-volt System with a 60-amp Alternator provides ample electrical power for accessories and equipment.
  • LED Work Lights at the front and rear illuminate the work area for improved visibility.
  • Engine Preheat feature aids cold weather starts.
  • Hour Meter assists in tracking maintenance intervals.
  • Back-up Alarm enhances job site safety.

Undercarriage and Frame:

  • Double Planetary Reduction Drives ensure robust performance and durability.
  • Permanently Sealed Track Rollers with Metal Face Seals require minimal maintenance and offer extended service life.
  • Fully Welded Frame with Integrated Cross Members provides superior structural integrity.
  • Two-Speed Travel enhances maneuverability and productivity.
  • 15.7″ Rubber Tracks offer excellent traction and stability on various terrains.
  • Grease Type Track Adjuster facilitates easy track tension adjustments.
  • Front and Rear Tie-Down Points and Lift Points enable easy transport.
  • Rear Bumper Integrated into Frame protects the machine during operation.

Hydraulic & Working Equipment:

  • Vertical Lift Design ensures balance and stability during operation.
  • Pilot Hydraulic Controls offer precise control and responsiveness.
  • Boom Float with Detent simplifies attachment handling.
  • Cushioned Boom Cylinders minimize shock loads for smoother operation.
  • Hydraulic Self Leveling enhances efficiency during material handling tasks.
  • Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulic Controls with Detent enable fine-tuned adjustments.
  • Pressure Relieving Flat-Faced Coupler Body ensures leak-free connections.
  • 14-pin Connector with Push Button Control facilitates easy integration of attachments.
  • High Capacity Steel Hydraulic Tank ensures reliable hydraulic performance.
  • Mechanical Quick Coupler or Hydraulic Quick Coupler options provide versatility in attachment changes.
  • Optional features include High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics for increased hydraulic power, Ride Control for enhanced comfort, and Pattern Change Valve for operator convenience.

Operator’s Station:

  • Tilt-up Operator’s Station allows easy access for maintenance and service.
  • Deluxe High Back Suspension Seat ensures operator comfort during long work hours.
  • Rear View Camera enhances visibility and safety.
  • Rear Pivoting Lap Bar with Arm Rest provides comfort and support.
  • ROPS / FOPS Structure offers operator protection in hazardous conditions.
  • Retractable 2″ Seat Belt ensures operator safety.
  • Pressurized Cab with Roll-up Door, A/C, Heat, Defrost, and optional AM / FM / MP3 Radio with NOAA Weatherband provide a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions.
  • Optional upgrades include a Retractable 3″ Seat Belt or 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt for additional safety measures.
  • Polycarbonate Door and Level 2 Guard (High Flow Only) further enhance operator safety.

Convenient Service and Maintenance Access:

  • The TL10V2 is designed for easy service and maintenance access, minimizing downtime and reducing overall operating costs.

Takeuchi Fleet Management:

  • The TL10V2 comes with Takeuchi Fleet Management, offering features such as Remote Diagnostics, Utilization Tracking, Proactive Maintenance, and Cost Control, helping minimize downtime and optimize machine performance.

With its advanced features, rugged construction, and operator-centric design, the TL10V2 is ready to tackle many applications quickly and efficiently, making it an invaluable asset for any construction operation.

TL10V2 Specs

Operating Weight – Canopy9,950 lb(4,515 kg)
Operating Weight – Cab10,270 lb(4,660 kg)
Tipping Load7,205 lb(3,268 kg)
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO 14397-1)@35%*2,522 lb(1,144 kg)
Operating Load at 50% of Tipping Load3,600 lb(1,633 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force6,520 lb(2,957 kg)
Lift Arm Breakout Force5,400 lb(2,450 kg)
Traction Force9,730 lb(4,413 kg)
Ground Pressure – Canopy4.9 psi(34.3 kPa)
Ground Pressure – Cab5.1 psi(35.4 kPa)
Travel Speed – Low4.8 mph(7.7 km/hr)
Travel Speed – High7.0 mph(11.3 km/hr)
*Rated operating capacity of track loaders is rated according to SAE J818 at no more than 35% of the tipping load.
Auxiliary Flow – Primary Circuit18.8 gpm(71.2 Lpm)
Auxiliary Flow – High Flow (optional)32.8 gpm(124.0 Lpm)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,481 psi(21.0 MPa)
Make / ModelKubota / V3307CR-TE4B
Engine Displacement203 cu in(3.3 L)
Horsepower @ 2,600 rpm74.3 hp(55.4 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,500 rpm195 ft-lb(265.0 Nm)
Engine Lubrication11.8 qt(11.2 L)
Cooling System15.9 qt(15.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity21.5 gal(81.0 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load)2.7 gal/hr(10.3 L /hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity9.5 gal(36.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity17.2 gal(65.0 L)

TL10V2 Dimensions

Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin10 ft 4.8 in(3,169 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised7 ft 11.9 in(2,435 mm)
Dump Reach Fully Raised3 ft 1.4 in(950 mm)
Dump Angle40°
Rollback Angle30°
Track Ground Contact Length4 ft 7.9 in(1,419 mm)
Machine Length9 ft 7.2 in(2,925 mm)
Transport Length12 ft 1.0 in(3,680 mm)
Transport Height7 ft 5.4 in(2,270 mm)
Departure Angle30°
Clearance Circle with Bucket7 ft 8.5 in(2,350 mm)
Clearance Circle without Bucket5 ft 0 in(1,535 mm)
Clearance Circle Rear5 ft 5.2 in(1,655 mm)
Track Width15.7 in(400 mm)
Ground Clearance12.6 in(320 mm)
Overall Width without Bucket5 ft 8.5 in(1,740 mm)

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs







Quincy, IL