*575N UP and SV series


Versatility Meets Power and Precision

Discover the ultimate versatility, power, and precision with CASE Backhoe Loaders at Luby Equipment. Designed to excel in a wide range of applications, from construction and demolition to landscaping and roadwork, CASE Backhoe Loaders combine rugged performance with unparalleled ease of use. Explore our selection and why professionals across St. Louis, Missouri, and beyond choose CASE Backhoes for their most demanding projects.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

For over 175 years, CASE Construction Equipment has been at the forefront of the construction machinery industry, and its line of backhoe loaders is a testament to this legacy. CASE introduced the world to the factory-integrated backhoe loader in 1957, and since then, it has continued to innovate and refine its designs to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. Today, CASE Backhoes are more powerful, efficient, and user-friendly than ever, making them the go-to choice for contractors seeking reliability and versatility.

Features That Set CASE Backhoes Apart

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with powerful engines and robust construction, CASE Backhoes deliver the strength needed to tackle tough digging, lifting, and loading tasks with ease.
  • Advanced Hydraulics: Precision-engineered hydraulic systems provide smooth and responsive control, ensuring precise handling and efficient operation.
  • Comfort and Visibility: Operator comfort is a priority, and spacious cabs, ergonomic controls, and excellent visibility reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With advanced technology, CASE Backhoes offer exceptional fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Versatility: A wide range of attachments and a quick coupler system transform these backhoes into multi-functional machines capable of handling numerous tasks with a single piece of equipment.
North America: CASE Backhoes. The Original.

Models to Meet Every Need

At Luby Equipment, we offer a comprehensive lineup of CASE Backhoe Loaders, each designed to meet specific project requirements and operational needs. From the compact 580N EP designed for efficiency and maneuverability in tight spaces to the powerful 590 Super N, offering unmatched lifting strength and breakout force, we have the right model to enhance your fleet’s capabilities.

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Why Choose CASE Backhoes from Luby Equipment

Choosing CASE Backhoe Loaders from Luby Equipment means more than just acquiring top-tier construction equipment; it means partnering with a dealer that understands your needs and is committed to providing the highest service and support.

  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team is here to help you select the perfect CASE Backhoe model based on your specific requirements.
  • Flexible Financing: We offer various financing options to make your investment in CASE equipment affordable and straightforward.
  • Unmatched Service: With a full-service maintenance and repair facility, we ensure your CASE Backhoe operates at peak performance for years.
  • Genuine Parts: Our extensive inventory of genuine CASE parts keeps downtime to a minimum and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Get Started Today

Elevate your construction capabilities with a CASE Backhoe Loader from Luby Equipment. Visit us in St. Louis, Missouri, to explore our selection and experience the difference that quality equipment and expert support can make on your projects. Whether you’re digging, trenching, backfilling, or handling materials, let CASE Backhoes and Luby Equipment be your partners in success.