CASE G Series Wheel Loaders

Efficiency and Versatility in Every Load

Luby Equipment is proud to feature CASE Compact Wheel Loaders, the ultimate combination of efficiency, versatility, and performance. Designed to deliver powerful loading capabilities in a compact and maneuverable package, they are the perfect solution for various applications, from landscaping and construction to agriculture and municipal work.

Innovative Design for Optimal Performance

CASE has long been recognized as a leader in the construction equipment industry, and their Compact Wheel Loaders are no exception. These machines are engineered to meet the needs of today’s demanding job sites, offering exceptional power, speed, and fuel efficiency while providing the comfort and ease of operation that CASE is known for.

Key Features of CASE Compact Wheel Loaders

  • Powerful Efficiency: Equipped with fuel-efficient engines and a hydrostatic drive system, CASE Compact Wheel Loaders deliver powerful performance and exceptional fuel economy, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.
  • Unmatched Versatility: With a universal coupler compatible with a wide range of attachments, these wheel loaders can easily adapt to various tasks, from loading and material handling to plowing and grading, making them a versatile asset for any fleet.
  • Superior Maneuverability: Compact dimensions and articulated steering ensure that CASE Compact Wheel Loaders can easily navigate tight spaces and crowded job sites, increasing productivity in confined areas.
  • Operator Comfort and Safety: The spacious, ergonomically designed cab offers excellent visibility, comfortable seating, and intuitive controls, minimizing operator fatigue and enhancing safety on the job site.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built with high-quality components and backed by CASE’s reputation for durability, these compact wheel loaders are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use, ensuring reliability and a long service life.

Why Choose CASE Wheel Loaders from Luby Equipment

Opting for a CASE Compact Wheel Loader from Luby Equipment means benefiting from a superior piece of equipment and our unmatched customer service and support. We provide:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced sales team is here to help you choose the right compact wheel loader for your specific needs, ensuring you get the most value and performance from your investment.
  • Comprehensive Service and Support: With a full-service dealership, including maintenance, repairs, and genuine CASE parts, Luby Equipment ensures your wheel loader operates at peak efficiency.
  • Flexible Financing Options: We offer a variety of financing solutions to accommodate your budget, making it easier to invest in the quality and reliability of CASE machinery.

Discover the Difference at Luby Equipment

Elevate your operational capabilities with a CASE Wheel Loader. Visit Luby Equipment in St. Louis, Missouri, to explore our selection and learn more about how these innovative machines can enhance productivity and efficiency. With CASE and Luby Equipment, you can easily tackle any challenge and achieve your project goals.