CASE Compaction Equipment

Superior Compaction, Unmatched Versatility

For sale at Luby Equipment: Tackle every compaction task with unmatched precision and power with the CASE vibratory rollers, now available in three distinct series to meet a variety of needs. Whether it’s the double drum for smooth asphalt finishes, the single drum for tough soil and aggregate compaction, or the pneumatic tire for a variety of surfaces and textures, CASE has engineered each series to offer the perfect balance of brute compaction force and meticulous control.



Featuring double drum, combi, compact, and large frame models, CASE provides tailored compaction equipment for all types of asphalt projects, including residential driveways, bike trails, major highways, and commercial parking areas.



Our industry-leading design allows for climbing gradients up to 67 percent, ensuring powerful compaction along with versatility, ease of transport, and fuel efficiency.



The PT240D offers versatile performance for both sub-base and asphalt compaction in extensive paving projects, enhancing compaction quality and reducing the number of passes required — all within a Tier 4 Final compliant machine.

A New Standard in Compaction Efficiency

Each series is designed to handle specific materials and lift profiles, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the jobsite conditions. The double drum rollers are ideal for paving and asphalt projects, delivering a smooth, uniform surface. The single drum rollers excel in environments requiring aggressive compaction such as road construction and large excavation sites. Meanwhile, the pneumatic tire rollers adapt to both coarse and fine-grained surfaces, making them versatile for a range of projects including patching, soft base layers, and sealing.


  • Versatile Model Range: CASE offers a variety of models, including double drum, single drum, combi, and pneumatic tire rollers, tailored to different types of soil and asphalt compaction needs. This range ensures that whether you’re compacting granular soils, mixed soils, or asphalt, there’s a suitable CASE roller for the job.
  • Advanced Compaction Technology: Many CASE compaction machines feature advanced technologies such as Automatic Vibration Control, which optimizes compaction and consistency, and Compaction Meter Value systems that provide real-time compaction metrics.
  • Powerful and Efficient Engines: The engines in CASE compaction equipment range from 33.5 to 100 HP, providing substantial power and efficiency. These engines are designed for low fuel consumption while maintaining maximum performance.
  • User-Friendly Operation: CASE rollers are equipped with intuitive controls and an operator-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to manage compaction settings and adjustments. The equipment features comfortable cabins with excellent visibility and minimal noise and vibration levels to reduce operator fatigue.
  • High Maneuverability: CASE compactors are designed for easy maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces and work efficiently in areas with obstacles or limited room for movement.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure tough working conditions, CASE compaction equipment is constructed with heavy-duty materials and robust designs. This durability ensures longevity and reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a priority in all CASE machinery, including compaction equipment. Features such as roll-over protective structures (ROPS), safety belts, and emergency stop buttons ensure operator safety during operation.
  • Environmental Compliance: CASE is committed to environmental stewardship, with many models meeting stringent emissions standards. This compliance not only protects the environment but also ensures that the equipment can be used in all regions, including those with strict emissions regulations.
  • Comprehensive Support and Warranty: CASE provides excellent customer support, including access to a wide network of dealers, extensive parts availability, and professional maintenance services. Additionally, comprehensive warranty options safeguard your investment.

Why Choose CASE Compaction Equipment from Luby

Opting for the CASE Compaction Equipment from Luby Equipment means acquiring a top-tier piece of compaction equipment and gaining a partner dedicated to your success. We offer:

  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable sales team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect compaction solution tailored to your project’s specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Service and Support: We offer extensive after-sales support, including maintenance, repairs, and genuine CASE parts, to ensure your Compaction Equipment remains in optimal condition.
  • Flexible Financing Options: Understanding the importance of budgeting in your projects, Luby Equipment provides various financing solutions to make your investment in CASE Compaction Equipment affordable and straightforward.

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