CASE Minotaur DL550 Vail Forestry Attachment

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Vail Products® leads the industry with top-quality land management attachments, and they’re available in-stock at Luby Equipment. From Land Management to Wildlife Management, Construction to Forestry, and beyond, Vail Products® provides tailored solutions for various industries.

Choose Vail Products® for attachments that redefine industry standards, offering unmatched performance, durability, and innovation. Trust us to be your partner in excellence for all your land management needs.


Explore our extensive inventory of Vail Land Managment Attachments readily available in-stock for
Skid-Steers and Track Loaders


Available Models: 85″ and 77″ Wide

Vail Brush Cutters

Introducing the Vail Products® Brush Cutter – now available in-stock at Luby Equipment. Engineered for tackling challenging terrain, this powerhouse efficiently turns trees up to 10” in diameter into mulch within moments. With a focus on strength and durability, it excels in clearing dense brush, invasive trees, weeds, grass, and undergrowth, redefining land management capabilities.

Available Models: 50″, 60″, and 72″ Wide

Vail Products Drum Mulcher

Discover the Vail Products® Drum Mulcher – a pinnacle of efficiency and operator-focused design. In-stock at Luby Equipment, this mulcher is meticulously engineered with a robust, severe-duty design and the innovative Vail SuperDrive System, delivering unmatched torque for continuous chip-making. Experience superior performance and maneuverability with Vail Products® Drum Mulcher.

Available Model: 79″ Wide

Vail Products Forestry Disc Mulcher

The Vail Products® Forestry Disc Mulcher, available at Luby Equipment. Crafted for precision and durability, this attachment is designed to conquer diverse terrains and challenging conditions. Engineered for high flow compact track loaders with 35+ GPM, it’s available in the 79″ model. Elevate your forestry endeavors with unmatched capabilities.

Available EX Models: 68″ and 78″ Wide

Vail Products Excavator Brush Cutter

Experience enhanced capabilities with the Vail Products® Brush Cutter, available at Luby Equipment. Tailored for Mini, Compact, and Standard Excavators, the EX Series offers extended deck and robust motor features. Seamlessly integrated mounting brackets complement larger frame excavators, weighing 30,000 lbs. and beyond. Elevate your excavating prowess with exceptional performance.

Available in Low and High Flow Models

Vail Products Tree Saws

The versatile range of Tree Saw Attachments by Vail Products®, available at Luby Equipment. Explore customizable options including Rotational or Fixed cutting heads, and choose between High Torque and High-Speed motors to perfectly align with your equipment’s Hydraulic Flow. Tailor features and specifications to suit your needs effortlessly.

Built for Effective Taproot Removal

Vail Skid Steer Grubber

The Vail Products® Skid-Steer Loader Grubber, available at Luby Equipment. Revolutionize your land management with this non-hydraulic attachment designed for swift and effective removal of unwanted trees, shrubs, and brush. Vail’s unique non-hydraulic attachment excels at eliminating unwanted growth from the taproot, ensuring prevention of re-growth and re-invasion, ultimately restoring control over your land and site.

Available Models: 84″, 72” and 66″ Wide

Vail Universal Land Grapple

Experience the unparalleled power and versatility of the Vail Products® Goliath Grapple, available at Luby Equipment. With its cutting-edge skeletal frame design, this grapple maximizes load power and capacity for effortless lifting, carrying, and clearing of extra-large loads. Featuring an exclusive hose management system, it ensures enhanced visibility, safety, and prolonged hose life. Discover unmatched performance and durability with the Vail Products® Goliath Grapple.

Available Models: 78″ and 84″ Wide

Vail Products Rock Buckets

Discover the robust and efficient Vail Products® Rock/Skeleton Bucket, available at Luby Equipment. With its high-strength skeletal design and low profile, this attachment is perfect for removing and separating rocks, stone, concrete, brush, and debris from any property or job site. Built for durability and effectiveness, it enhances operational efficiency, allowing you to elevate your productivity.

Available Model: 78″ Wide

Vail Products Land Planer

Explore the versatile Vail Products® Land Planer, available at Luby Equipment. Known as the Swiss Army Knife of Compact Track and Skid Steer loader attachments, it offers easy-to-use, durable, and customizable solutions for land grading, leveling, scarifying, debris sorting, aerating, pulverizing, and material removal. Experience ultimate versatility and durability with the Vail Products® Land Planer – your all-in-one tool for precision and efficiency in land management.

Available MX Models: 42″, 48″, 60”, 70” Wide

Vail Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

Discover the versatile Vail Products® Brush Cutter, now in-stock at Luby Equipment. Designed for Mini, Compact, and Standard Excavators, it’s renowned for its strength and durability, excelling in clearing dense brush, invasive trees, weeds, and undergrowth. Elevate your land-clearing efforts with this efficient and resilient attachment.

Available Model: 30″ Wide

Vail Mini Excavator Tree Saws

The Vail Products® Tree Saw, available at Luby Equipment for Mini and Compact Excavators. With smooth 180° rotation and in-cab controls, this saw ensures precise tree, limb, and brush removal. Elevate your tree-cutting experience with the advanced features of The Vail Products® Tree Saw, designed for efficiency and

Available for Excavators or Backhoes

Vail Products Excavator Grubber

The Vail Products® Grubber, available at Luby Equipment for Mini and Large Excavators. The Super Grubber Series II offers advanced brush management with minimal ground disturbance. Say goodbye to traditional scalping methods and chemical use concerns. Experience efficiency, precision, and environmental responsibility with Vail’s groundbreaking design.