CASE Full-Size Excavators

speed, power, efficiency, reliability, comfort.

When you’re looking for an excavator, you want speed, power, efficiency, reliability, comfort, and the precision to place your equipment exactly where you need it. CASE excavators deliver on these essentials and more. The all-new E Series from CASE introduces seven new models, including two new class sizes, each crafted to transform the operator experience. These models are engineered with a laser focus on the aspects operators value most: reliability, cab comfort, and performance.

Available now at Luby Equipment, the CASE E Series excavators are designed from the ground up to meet modern demands, ensuring that every job is handled with the utmost efficiency and ease. Experience the next level of excavation technology with the CASE E Series at Luby Equipment, where we help you achieve more with every dig.

CASE Large Crawler Excavators

Features That Set CASE Excavators Apart

  • Advanced Hydraulic Systems: CASE Full-Size Excavators feature state-of-the-art hydraulic systems that ensure precise control and efficient operation, allowing smoother movements and faster cycle times.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Focusing on environmental sustainability and lowering operating costs, CASE Full-Size Excavators are designed for maximum fuel efficiency without compromising power or performance.
  • Operator Comfort and Safety: Spacious cabs, ergonomic controls, and excellent visibility enhance operator comfort and ensure safety on the job site. Advanced noise and vibration reduction technologies create a more comfortable working environment.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, CASE Full-Size Excavators are equipped with high-quality components and reinforced structures, ensuring long-lasting reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Technology and Innovation: Integrating the latest construction technology, including GPS and machine control systems, CASE Full-Size Excavators offer enhanced precision in digging and grading, optimizing productivity and results.

Our CASE Excavator Lineup

Luby Equipment offers the full CASE Excavator lineup, from the agile and versatile CX17C mini excavator to the powerful and efficient CX350D designed for heavy excavation. Each model is tailored to meet specific project requirements, ensuring that you have the right equipment for the job:

  • Compact Excavators: Ideal for tight spaces and urban environments, offering ease of transport and exceptional maneuverability.
  • Mid-Size Excavators: Perfect balance of power and precision for utility work, residential construction, and more.
  • Large Excavators: Engineered for heavy-duty applications, delivering exceptional strength and performance for large-scale projects.

Why Choose CASE Excavators from Luby Equipment

Choosing CASE Full-Size Excavators from Luby Equipment ensures you get access to industry-leading machinery and benefit from our unparalleled customer service and support. We provide:

  • Professional Consultation: Our expert team will help you select the right excavator model that fits your needs and budget.
  • Flexible Financing Options: We offer a variety of financing solutions to make your investment in CASE equipment manageable and affordable.
  • Dedicated Service and Support: With a comprehensive inventory of genuine CASE parts and a team of certified technicians, we ensure your equipment remains operational, maximizing uptime and productivity.

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