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Unlock Optimal Performance with Takeuchi Equipment – Track Loaders, Excavators, and Wheel Loaders

Choose Takeuchi for an exceptional lineup of compact excavators, track loaders, and wheel loaders, celebrated worldwide for their toughness, versatility, and performance. Perfectly suited to address the diverse demands of your job site, Takeuchi equipment
ensures unmatched reliability and productivity. Invest in Takeuchi and elevate your construction experience with machinery that works as hard as you do.

This commitment to excellence is why Luby Equipment proudly stands as the authorized dealer for Takeuchi in Missouri and Illinois.

Browse our in-stock Takeuchi Equipment, including new, used, and rental options, readily available at our 6 locations. Luby Equipment stands as your trusted partner, committed to elevating your productivity, efficiency, and success on every construction jobsite. Experience the excellence of Takeuchi equipment today and witness firsthand the superior quality, service, and durability that differentiate us from the competition.

Takeuchi Equipment Dealer

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Takeuchi Compact Track Loaders

Elevate your construction projects with Takeuchi’s powerful and efficient compact track loaders. Engineered for superior value, durability, power, and maneuverability, our machines are designed to meet your diverse needs. Whether you require radial or vertical lift capabilities, Takeuchi has you covered, ensuring optimal performance on the job site.

Choose excellence in compact track loaders for a seamless blend of power and efficiency.

Takeuchi Compact Excavators - Luby Equipment

Takeuchi Compact Excavators

Experience the epitome of rugged, dependable, and productive excavation with Takeuchi. Our
excavators offer exceptional value, showcasing outstanding performance that stands the test of time in the field. Choose Takeuchi for reliability and longevity, setting the standard for excellence in excavation equipment.

Explore Takeuchi’s extensive lineup of compact excavators, spanning an operating weight range from 2,370 lb to 34,480 lb. Our diverse selection comes equipped with a variety of features tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring versatility and performance across different projects.

Takeuchi Wheel Loaders

Unlock exceptional material handling capabilities with Takeuchi wheel loaders, offering impressive reach and dump height. The elevated and spacious operator’s station ensures enhanced visibility for operators, optimizing efficiency on the job site.

Choose from Takeuchi’s range of compact wheel loaders, spanning an operating weight spectrum from 7275 lb to 12700 lb. Experience the perfect blend of power and performance tailored to meet the demands of your job site. Elevate your productivity with Takeuchi wheel loaders.

TB20e Electric Hydraulic Compact Excavator

Embrace the future of environmentally conscious construction with Takeuchi’s innovative all-electric TB20e compact hydraulic excavator. This electric excavator boasts zero emissions and low noise levels, delivering the same robust performance and capabilities as its diesel-powered counterparts in the same class.

Ideal for areas with stringent noise and emissions restrictions, such as schools, neighborhoods, hospitals, and municipalities, the TB20e features an onboard charger for convenient recharging during breaks and at the end of the workday. Operators can also work while tethered, maximizing productivity. Additionally, an offboard charger is available for rapid charging.

The TB20e showcases Takeuchi’s commitment to quality with its rugged all-steel construction, heavy-duty design, standard long arm with thumb bracket, and retractable undercarriage, allowing it to maneuver in confined areas with openings as narrow as 38.6″.

Why Choose Takeuchi at Luby Equipment

Selecting Takeuchi equipment from Luby Equipment means more than just accessing top-tier compact construction machinery. It means partnering with a team that understands your needs and is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance your operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Advanced Technology: Benefit from the latest compact equipment innovation for performance that exceeds expectations.
  • Reliable Performance: Trust in Takeuchi machinery’s durability and reliability, ensuring your projects progress smoothly.
  • Eco-Friendly Operations: Invest in equipment that aligns with your sustainability goals without compromising power or efficiency.
  • Unmatched Support: Experience the Luby Equipment difference with expert advice, flexible financing, and responsive service and maintenance.

Sustainability and Durability

Understanding the importance of sustainability in today’s world, Takeuchi is committed to producing equipment that has a minimal environmental impact. This commitment is demonstrated through their efficient design, which ensures that their machinery operates with reduced emissions, lower noise levels, and greater fuel efficiency. Takeuchi’s equipment is built to last, offering unparalleled durability and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus contributing to a more sustainable construction industry.

Global Presence, Personalized Service

While Takeuchi operates globally, with a presence in multiple countries and regions, it focuses on providing localized support through dealers like Luby Equipment. This approach ensures that every Takeuchi equipment owner receives personalized service from the initial purchase through the machine’s life. Takeuchi and Luby Equipment are committed to excellence in customer service and provide comprehensive support, including sales, financing options, parts, and maintenance services.

Get in Touch with your Takeuchi Dealer

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