Toro (Dingo) Compact Utility Loaders, Mud Buggies, Trenchers

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Use Toro (Dingo) compact utility loaders, mud buggies, trenchers, and more to get the job done with precision.

Achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency in your projects with Toro (Dingo) Compact Utility Loaders, Mud Buggies, Trenchers, and an extensive range of cutting-edge equipment.

Count on Toro’s reliability across a spectrum of equipment, including loaders, trenchers, stump grinders, vibratory plows, and more. Each machine is meticulously designed to deliver optimal efficiency and precision, making them indispensable for construction, agricultural, landscaping, utility, and municipal tasks.

Our top-notch Toro equipment ensures that your projects are not just completed but completed with excellence. Trust in the dependability and performance of Toro machinery to elevate the success of your endeavors. Choose Toro for precision, reliability, and excellence in every application.

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Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders

Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders

Dingos Powering Success
Whether it’s wheels or tracks, gas or electric, radial or vertical lifting, Toro Dingo has it all. No matter the task at hand, there’s a Toro Dingo ready to tackle it.

Experience the perfect blend of power and versatility with Toro’s Dingo Compact Utility Loaders. Designed to meet the diverse needs of your projects, Toro Dingos deliver the precise combination of strength and adaptability required to get the job done efficiently.

Toro Material (Mud) Buggies

Material Buggies: Concrete Buggies and Power Buggies
Upgrade your material transport game with a concrete buggy, also known as a power buggy or Georgia buggy. Toro recognizes the critical role these tools play in transporting and pouring materials effectively. Whether it’s rock, sand, gravel, concrete, mulch, or other materials, Toro is dedicated to providing solutions that meet your material hauling requirements.

Toro Walk Behind Trenchers

Toro Walk Behind Trenchers

Toro offers powerful walk-behind trenchers designed to serve a wide range of customers, all available at Luby Equipment. From DIY homeowners to professional contractors, these innovative trenching machines are built to make trenching tasks easier and more efficient. Toro provides customers with the tools they need to tackle trenching projects big or small. These machines, available at Luby Equipment, combine performance, ease of operation, versatility, and durability to make trenching a breeze.

Toro Tree Care Equipment - Stump Grinders, Wood Splitters

Toro Tree Care Equipment – Stump Grinders, Wood Splitters

Elevate your tree care endeavors with Toro® equipment meticulously crafted for optimal day-to-day productivity. Our machines seamlessly blend user-friendly operation with commercial-grade performance, ensuring operators can work efficiently every day. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to tree care, our powerful products are designed to make the learning curve smooth and swift.

Explore our comprehensive lineup for all your tree care needs, from stump grinders to wood splitters. If you’re considering renting equipment, be sure to check out our rental page to access top-quality Toro® tools that guarantee exceptional performance in every job. Upgrade your tree care experience with Toro®—where efficiency meets excellence.

Toro Vibratory Plows

The Toro ride-on vibratory plow is a robust and flexible machine meticulously crafted to elevate productivity and efficiency across diverse applications. Toro accelerates project completion with precision and effectiveness by empowering contractors with the essential tools for seamless underground utility installations. Explore the superior performance of Toro’s ride-on vibratory plow for unmatched results in your projects.

Electric Equipment Soulutions for Indoor Construction

Electric Equipment Solutions for Indoor Construction

Elevate your indoor projects with the cutting-edge Toro® eDingo® 500 and electric Ultra Buggy® e2500. Experience the benefits of zero-turn maneuvering, zero engine exhaust emissions, and zero fuel costs, ensuring unparalleled efficiency on the jobsite. Tackle tight spaces, meet tight timelines, and adhere to indoor jobsite restrictions with these innovative machines’ electric power and flexibility. Embrace a new era of productivity with the eDingo® 500 and Ultra Buggy® e2500, where sustainability meets performance.

Toro’s Line of Dingo Compact Utility Loaders

Get the power and versatility you need with Toro’s line of Dingo Compact Utility Loaders, available at Luby Equipment. Whether you prefer wheeled or tracked, gas, diesel, or electric options, there’s a Dingo perfectly suited for your project and the space you’re working in. Let Toro’s innovative compact utility loaders help you tackle any task with ease and efficiency.


Why Choose Toro at Luby Equipment

When you choose Toro equipment from Luby Equipment, you’re not just getting high-quality machinery; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to providing the best solutions for your projects. Here’s what sets Toro apart:

Advanced Technology: Leverage the latest construction and landscaping equipment advancements for superior efficiency and results.
Versatility: Adapt to any job with Toro’s wide range of equipment and attachments, designed for flexibility and productivity.
Sustainability: Choose equipment that aligns with your environmental values, designed for efficient operation and reduced ecological impact.
Expert Support: Count on Luby Equipment for knowledgeable advice, comprehensive service, and support throughout the lifespan of your Toro equipment.

Innovative Solutions for Every Construction Need

At Luby Equipment, we take pride in offering our customers the best in construction and landscaping solutions, which is why we are a proud dealer of Toro Construction Equipment. With over a century of experience, Toro has established itself as a leading provider of innovative equipment and services to help professionals and homeowners create and maintain beautiful and sustainable outdoor environments.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1914, Toro has built a reputation based on innovation, quality, and service. The company has consistently led the industry in developing cutting-edge equipment to tackle various construction and landscaping challenges. From compact utility loaders like the Toro Dingo to precision aerators, durable Mud Buggies, efficient stump grinders, and versatile tractors, Toro’s product lineup is engineered to increase productivity, minimize downtime, and deliver exceptional results.

Versatile Equipment for Diverse Projects

Toro’s construction equipment is designed with versatility, enabling professionals to perform various tasks with a single machine. The Toro Dingo compact utility loaders, for example, offer unmatched versatility with a wide range of attachments, making them ideal for landscaping, construction, and renovation projects. Toro Aerators are essential for maintaining healthy, breathable soil, while the Mud Buggy offers a reliable solution for transporting and dumping materials in challenging conditions. The Toro Stump Grinder makes tree removal effortless, and Toro Tractors provide the power and performance needed for large-scale projects.

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Discover the difference Toro construction equipment can make for your business. Visit Luby Equipment in St. Louis, Missouri, to explore our selection of Toro Dingo, Aerators, Mud Buggies, Stump Grinders, and Tractors. Let our experts help you select the right tools for your needs, ensuring your projects are completed efficiently and effectively. Together, let’s tackle any challenge and transform your vision into reality.