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2021 CASE CX130D Full Size Excavator For Sale – CAB, HVAC, Hydraulic Coupler, Auxiliary Hook Ups, Steel Track (600mm), Dozer Blade, Side View Camera, LED Lights.












   102 hp




   29,131 lbs




   Quincy, IL

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2021 CASE CX130D Full Size Excavator For Sale

CAB, HVAC, Hydraulic Coupler, Auxiliary Hook Ups, Steel Track (600mm), Dozer Blade, Side View Camera, LED Lights.

The CASE CX130D Full-Size Excavator is a powerful and versatile machine designed to meet the demands of utility and residential work. Weighing just under 30,000 pounds, it combines the efficiency and precision of CASE D Series excavators in an easy-to-transport and fully featured footprint.

CX130D Features


The CX130D is engineered for performance, offering:

  • Up to 5% faster cycle times and increased power due to an advanced hydraulic system featuring an electronically controlled pump, larger control valve, and solenoid valve.
  • The standard Free-Swing feature for improved control when craning uneven loads.
  • An optional LED light package for effective night-time operation.
  • A control pattern selector and power mode selector come standard to customize the machine to the operator and the task at hand.

Fuel Efficiency:

  • The excavator operates efficiently with an SCR solution that allows the engine to run at peak performance, maintaining complete throttle response throughout the work cycle while complying with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.
  • The SCR system is straightforward. It requires only the addition of diesel exhaust fluid during fill-ups and does not require a diesel particulate filter replacement.

Comfort and Visibility:

  • The cab has been significantly improved to offer unprecedented comfort. It includes more entry room, increased foot space, and a larger air-ride seat with numerous adjustments to minimize pressure points.
  • Innovations such as adjustable armrests, pedals, a Bluetooth radio, and a climate control system that adapts to sunlight ensure a superior operator experience.
  • A 7″ widescreen color monitor provides a continuous rear camera view, enhancing situational awareness.


  • Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, the CX130D features a standard oil sample port for quick checks, grouped service points, tilt-out coolers, and auto-locking side panels for straightforward routine maintenance.
  • Additional handrails have been added to improve accessibility around the machine.

OEM-Fit Machine Control:

  • The CX130D can be equipped with optional OEM-Fit 2D and 3D machine control solutions installed and tested by certified CASE precision specialists, removing the uncertainty of matching machine and control systems.
  • This integration simplifies the acquisition process by including precision excavation technology in the machine purchase. It enhances the residual/resale value by confirming the system’s compatibility and efficacy with the CX130D.

CX130D Standard Equipment


  • Equipped with an Isuzu AR-4JJ1X four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine featuring advanced technologies like VGT turbocharger, electronic fuel injection, and high-pressure common rail system for exceptional performance and efficiency.
  • Complies with Tier 4 Final emissions standards using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), and Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technologies.
  • Includes features like neutral safety start, auto-engine warm-up, glow-plug pre-heat, and Fuel Economy Assist System (FEA) to optimize operation and fuel efficiency.
  • Engine Protection Feature (EPF), dual-stage fuel filtration, dual-element air filter, and remote oil filter for enhanced protection and maintenance.
  • The system includes a remote engine oil drain, a 500-hour engine oil change interval, a 24-volt system, an engine oil sample port, and external fuel and DEF gauges for simplified servicing.


  • Advanced hydraulic system featuring auto power boost, auto swing priority, arm and boom speed assistance, and auxiliary flow control for superior control and efficiency.
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, holding valves for boom and arm, and selectable work modes, including free swing, to tailor the machine’s performance to specific tasks.
  • Serviceability is enhanced with a 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change interval, 1,000-hour hydraulic filter change interval, and SAHR brake system.

Upper Structure:

  • Equipped with ISO mirrors, viscous cab mounts, an upper-mounted work light, and a swivel guard belly pan for durability and ease of operation.
  • Additional features include a center cover over the main control valve, fuel tank belly pan, right-hand access handrail, ISO guard rails, and lifting eyes for the counterweight.

Operator Environment:

  • The pressurized cab offers ROPS protection, FOPS cab top guard, face vent, interior lighting, and a one-touch lock front window for enhanced operator comfort and safety.
  • Features a high-back heated cloth seat with air suspension, adjustable armrests, tilting consoles, a sliding cockpit, and low-effort joystick controls for ergonomic operation.
  • The 7-inch LED color monitor provides vital information and camera views, while the anti-theft system ensures security. The cab also includes Bluetooth capabilities, a rear-view camera, a travel alarm, and a warm/cool storage compartment.

Fuel Economy Systems:

  • It incorporates multiple fuel economy systems, such as Auto-idle, One-touch idle, Auto-idle shut-down, Boom Economy Control (BEC), Auto Economy Control (AEC), Swing Relief Control (SWC), and Spool Stroke Control (SSC), to optimize fuel usage.


  • Standard equipment includes a 15 ft 2 in boom, an 8 ft 2 in arm, heavy-duty bucket linkage, and a boom-mounted work light for versatility in various applications.
  • Auxiliary pipe brackets, centralized grease fittings, attachment cushion valve, arm and boom regeneration, and bucket anti-clatter device enhance functionality and maintenance.


  • The undercarriage is designed with 23.6-inch steel shoes, a triple semi-grouser, a full-overlap turntable bearing tub, track chain guides, and hydraulic track adjustment for robust performance and stability.
  • Features include a sealed link chain, car body steps, car body belly pan, X-pattern car body, and lashing points for secure transportation.

Front Dozer Blade:

  • Excavator includes an 8 ft 6 in wide dozer blade, which enhances its versatility and productivity on the job site.


  • The excavator is equipped with CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics, which includes hardware and a 3-year advanced data subscription for comprehensive machine monitoring and management.

CX130D Optional Equipment


  • Refueling Pump: This pump facilitates convenient and efficient fuel transfer, allowing your excavator to be ready for operation with minimal downtime.


  • Auxiliary Hydraulics Options: Include single-acting/joystick-activated, double-acting/joystick-activated for thumb operation, multi-function with electronic pressure control and secondary low-flow options for versatile attachment operation.
  • Proportional Hydraulic Controls: Offer precise control of hydraulic attachments, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Hose Burst Check Valve (HBCV): Provides added safety by preventing the collapse of attachments in the event of a hose burst.


  • Arms: Options include a heavy-duty arm (6 ft 11 in) and a long arm (9 ft 11 in) for extended reach and digging depth.
  • Quick Coupler: The CASE multi-pin grabber allows fast and easy attachment changes, increasing job site efficiency.
  • Tools: A wide range of attachments, including heavy-duty/extreme-duty/ditching buckets, hammers, thumbs, and compaction plates, expands the excavator’s versatility.
  • Load Holding Control: Enhances safety by preventing the accidental release of loads.

Upper Structure:

  • Rubber Bumper Guard: Available through Service Parts for added protection against impacts.
  • Vandal Guard: Protects the front window and is keyed like standard CASE security equipment.


  • Rubber Link Chain and Steel Shoes: Options include 19.7 in rubber link chain with bolt-on rubber pads and 27.6 in steel shoes, triple semi-grouser, for varied terrain adaptability.
  • Double Track Chain Guides: Enhance track stability and durability.

Operator Environment:

  • FOPS Cab Top Guard – Level 2: Provides additional protection against falling objects.
  • Front Guards: Options include 2 x 2 in screen mesh grill guard and vertical bars rock guard in two-piece/OPG 1 or one-piece/OPG 2 configurations for enhanced frontal protection.
  • Sun Visor and Side-View Camera: Improve visibility and safety, while the LED Package further illuminates the work area for safe operation in low light conditions.

Front Dozer Blade:

  • Hydraulically Controlled: Available in widths of 8 ft 2 in and 8 ft 10 in to match undercarriage configurations, this system enhances the excavator’s versatility in grading and backfilling operations.

Machine Control:

  • Leica iCON Systems: Available with 2D (iXE2) or 3D (iXE3) machine control systems, pre-installed and calibrated by certified CASE precision specialists, these systems ensure accuracy and efficiency in grading and excavation tasks.

CX130D Specs

Specification CategoryDetails
ModelIsuzu AR-4JJ1X
EmissionsCEGR, SCR, DOC, Tier 4 Final
Fuel RequirementsUltra-low sulfur fuel, B5 biodiesel tolerant
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle, high pressure common rail system, turbocharger with air-cooled intercooler, SCR system
Cylinders4-cylinder in-line
Displacement183 in³ (3 L)
Bore/Stroke3.76 x 4.13 in (95.4 x 104.9 mm)
Fuel InjectionDirect injection – electronic
Fuel FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Air FilterDry type element with warning restriction indicator
Oil FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Engine GradeabilitySide-to-side 35°, Fore and aft 35°
Net Horsepower @ 2000 RPM102 hp (76.4 kW) – SAE J1349
Net Max. Torque @ 1800 RPM257 lbf·ft (349 N·m) – SAE J1349
Cooling Operating Range109° to -13°F (43° to -25°C)
OilRequires low-ash oil CJ-4
Travel ControlDual stage relief/counter balance design
BrakesMechanical disc
Service BrakesSAHR disc – each motor
Two Speed TravelMax. high speed 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h), Max. low speed 2.1 mph (3.4 km/h)
Automatic DownshiftYes
Drawbar Pull26,100 lbf (116 kN)
Gradeability70% – 35° Slope
Voltage24 Volts
Alternator Rating50 amp
Batteries2 x 12 Volt
Battery Reserve Capacity72 Ah/5 hour
Work Lights4 x 24 Volt/70 watt (1 boom, 1 upper, 2 cab)
Air Conditioner Output18,100 BTU/hr
Heater Output20,150 BTU/hr
Sound Level Inside Cab70 dBA – ISO6395
Electrical Outlet12 Volt
Cab Interior Light10 watt
Rear View CameraStandard
SeatHeated, air-suspension

CX130D Dimensions

Dimension8 ft 2 in (2.50 m) Arm9 ft 10 in (3.01 m) Arm6 ft 11 in (2.11 m) Arm
A. Overall Height9 ft 1 in (2,770 mm)8 ft 8 in (2,640 mm)8 ft 10 in (2,680 mm)
B. Cab Height9 ft 3 in (2,830 mm)9 ft 3 in (2,830 mm)9 ft 3 in (2,830 mm)
C. Overall Length with Attachment25 ft 11 in (7,900 mm)25 ft 11 in (7,900 mm)25 ft 11 in (7,890 mm)
D. Overall Length without Attachment13 ft 8 in (4,160 mm)13 ft 8 in (4,160 mm)13 ft 8 in (4,160 mm)
E. Width of Upper Structure8 ft 4 in (2,530 mm)8 ft 4 in (2,530 mm)8 ft 4 in (2,530 mm)
F. Track Overall Length11 ft 6 in (3,500 mm)11 ft 6 in (3,500 mm)11 ft 6 in (3,500 mm)
G. Track Overall Width with 23.6 in Shoes8 ft 6 in (2,590 mm)8 ft 6 in (2,590 mm)8 ft 6 in (2,590 mm)
H. Track Shoe Width2 ft 0 in (600 mm)2 ft 0 in (600 mm)2 ft 0 in (600 mm)
I. Center to Center – Idler to Sprocket9 ft 2 in (2,790 mm)9 ft 2 in (2,790 mm)9 ft 2 in (2,790 mm)
J. Upper Structure Ground Clearance2 ft 11 in (895 mm)2 ft 11 in (895 mm)2 ft 11 in (895 mm)
K. Minimum Ground Clearance1 ft 5 in (425 mm)1 ft 5 in (425 mm)1 ft 5 in (425 mm)
L. Rear Tail Swing Radius7 ft 1 in (2,170 mm)7 ft 1 in (2,170 mm)7 ft 1 in (2,170 mm)
M. Blade Height1 ft 10 in (570 mm)1 ft 10 in (570 mm)1 ft 10 in (570 mm)

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs







Quincy, IL