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2023 CASE CX42D Mini Excavator, available for sale at Luby Equipment – Cab, HVAC, Hydraulic Thumb, Werk Brau Manual Coupler, 12″ Tooth Bucket.












   43.2 hp




   9,259 lbs


   Mini Excavator


   Springfield, MO

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2023 CASE CX42D Mini (Compact) Excavator For Sale

Cab, HVAC, Hydraulic Thumb, Werk Brau Manual Coupler, 12″ Tooth Bucket.

The CASE CX42D Mini Excavator, available for sale at Luby Equipment, is a 4.2-metric-ton machine that sets the benchmark with its zero tail-swing design for unparalleled proximity to tasks. Standardized with top-tier features and enhanced by performance-boosting options, it promises automotive-like cab comfort, prioritizing the operator’s experience. Equipped with standard auxiliary hydraulics, the CX42D is a versatile attachment platform, elevating service capabilities and driving project profitability.

Advanced Control and Customization:

  • Dynamic Performance: Choose three power modes to match the task, optimizing efficiency and power.
  • Proportional Hydraulic Controls: Enjoy smooth, precise control over attachments, enhancing task accuracy and reducing operator fatigue.
  • Seven-inch Color LCD Monitor: A large, easy-to-read display puts critical machine data and settings at your fingertips, allowing for personalized machine operation.

Versatile Attachment Integration:

  • Multifunctional Auxiliary Hydraulics: Comes standard with multifunction auxiliary hydraulics and a second auxiliary circuit, with an optional third circuit, making it an ideal platform for a wide array of attachments.
  • All-Purpose Capability: The CX42D can be a versatile tool for various applications, from digging and trenching to breaking and grading.

Enhanced Stability and Efficiency:

  • Adaptable Blade Options: The standard two-way and optional six-way blade provides exceptional backfilling capabilities and added stability for complex excavations, ensuring precision in every move.

Intelligent Fleet Management:

  • CASE SiteWatch Telematics: Standard on the CX42D, this technology offers valuable insights into machine performance and utilization, helping to streamline service schedules and optimize fleet management.
  • Dealer Collaboration: Connect seamlessly with your local CASE dealer for comprehensive support and fleet management solutions, ensuring your equipment operates efficiently.


  • Model: KUBOTA D1803 for reliable power.
  • Cold Weather Starting: Equipped with Glow Plugs.
  • Air Filtration: Dry air filter with a warning for clogged filter visible on the control panel.
  • Cooling: Variable Speed Hydraulic cooling fan with reverse function to maintain optimal engine temperature.


  • System: a 12-volt electrical system for consistent power delivery.
  • Battery: Heavy-duty battery ensuring reliable starts and operation.
  • Safety: The battery disconnect switch is for enhanced safety.
  • Convenience: Auxiliary Power Socket and USB type A power socket for operator devices.
  • Start: Key Start Switch for easy operation.
  • Beacon Power: An auxiliary power socket on the roof is used for beacon installation.
  • Efficiency: Auto-idle feature with on/off switch to save fuel.
  • Alert: Horn for safety and communication on site.
  • Future-Ready: Pre-wired for Telematics, facilitating easy upgrades and connectivity.


  • Versatility: Standard 1st and 2nd auxiliary hydraulics for various attachments.
  • Cooling: Large hydraulic oil cooler to prevent overheating during heavy use.
  • Control: Control pattern selector valve to suit operator preferences.
  • Protection: Cylinder guard on boom and dozer blade cylinder to prevent damage.

Track Drive:

  • Tracks: Rubber belt tracks for versatility across different terrains.
  • Speed: 2-speed travel with an auto-shift feature for optimal speed control.
  • Drive: Fully hydrostatic drive system for smooth operation.
  • Maintenance: Track Tensioner Hydraulic adjustment with grease for easy maintenance.


  • Visibility: LED light under boom and LED strip lights on the right-hand side engine cover for enhanced visibility.
  • Convenience: Courtesy Light with settings including automatic mode when the door opens (cab models only).

Upper Structure:

  • Design: Zero Tail Swing with standard counterweight for tight space operation.
  • Utility: This standard arm, with a length of 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m), is equipped with a linkage and lifting hook for versatility.
  • Attachment Readiness: Thumb bracket for attachment support.
  • Backfill Blade: Equipped with a float function for efficient backfilling.

Other Features:

  • Swing Boom: Offers 71° left and 56° right swing for enhanced maneuverability around obstacles.

Canopy and Cab Options:

  • ROPS/FOPS Four Post Canopy: Features an adjustable vinyl mechanical suspension seat with automatic weight control for enhanced comfort and safety.
  • ROPS/FOPS Enclosed Cab: Includes an overhead opening front window, sliding right side window, and tipping cab/canopy for easy servicing.

Comfort and Climate Control:

  • Seat: The enclosed cab option includes an adjustable cloth mechanical suspension seat with automatic weight control.
  • Climate Control: Heat and A/C with automatic climate control or manual operation with 6 adjustable vents ensure a comfortable operator environment regardless of weather conditions.
  • Front Wiper and Washer: This is for clear visibility in all weather conditions.

Safety and Convenience:

  • Emergency Hammer: Readily accessible for emergency exits.
  • Rear View Mirrors: Mounted on the left and right for improved visibility and safety.
  • Controls Cut-Out Lever: A safety lever that ensures secure operation.
  • Height Adjustable Arm Rests: To enhance operator comfort during extended use.
  • 2 in (51 mm) Seat Belt: For operator safety and regulation compliance.

Controls and Instrumentation:

  • Auto-Idle/Manual Idle Button: The operator can control engine idle settings for fuel efficiency.
  • Engine RPM Hand Dial: For precise control over engine speed.
  • Travel Levers and Foldable Foot Pedals: For intuitive operation and control over movement.
  • Pilot Controlled Joysticks: For precise manipulation of boom, arm, bucket, and swing.
  • Blade Control Lever: Dedicated lever for precise blade operations.

Connectivity and Storage:

  • Bottle/Cup Holder: Integrated into the console for convenience.
  • Keyed Locks: Common with the starting key for security.
  • Foot Rests: For added comfort during operation.
  • Power Sockets: Includes 2- 12V auxiliary sockets and a USB-type power socket for charging devices.

Advanced Display Panel:

  • 7 in LCD Control Panel: Provides comprehensive information on machine status, including coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, machine hours, time, climate control settings, engine RPM, and warning and function indicators.

Operator Environment Enhancements:

  • Seat: Fabric Pneumatic Seat with automatic weight control for improved comfort (available in cab models only).
  • Safety Feature: Travel Alarm to alert nearby personnel when the excavator moves.

Track Options:

  • Tracks: Option for Steel Tracks to provide better durability and traction in tough terrains.

Visibility Improvements:

  • Rear View Camera: This camera enhances safety and operational efficiency by providing a clear view of the area behind the machine.
  • LED Lights: Additional lighting on top of the cab/canopy, both front and rear, for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Beacon: A high-visibility alert system for increased safety on busy sites.

Hydraulics Upgrades:

  • 3rd Auxiliary Hydraulics: Adds versatility with a two-way operation for more attachment options.
  • Direct Drain to Tank: This is for more efficient hydraulic operations and system protection.
  • Load Holding Valves: Installed on the boom and arm for enhanced safety and control.
  • Mulcher Hydraulics Package: Specifically designed for powering mulching attachments.
  • Bio Hydraulic Oil: An eco-friendly option for the hydraulic system.

Other Options:

  • 6-Way Backfill Blade: Provides greater versatility and precision in grading and backfilling tasks.
    Additional Counterweights: For increased stability and lifting capacity, choose from 617 lb (280 kg) or a heavier option of 926 lb (420 kg).
  • Optional Long Arm: Extends reach and depth with a 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) arm, enhancing the excavator’s versatility.

Attachment Choices:

  • Mechanical Quick Coupler: This is for easy and quick attachment changes, improving job site efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler: Offers a more seamless and faster switch between attachments.
  • Digging Buckets: A variety of bucket sizes to suit different digging requirements.
  • Thumb: This is for improved material handling and precise control over lifting and placement tasks.

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Weight 2000 lbs



Springfield, MO