72″ Vail Drum Mulcher Super Drive 40 – XDR-7240-D1-CP


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Introducing the Vail Products® Forestry Drum Mulcher, now in-stock at Luby Equipment! The Vail Drum Mulcher is fully equipped to mulch trees efficiently and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Location: Springfield, IL
Model: XDR-7240-D1-CP

Luby Equipment is the authorized CASE CE, Takeuchi & Vail Attachment dealer of Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas that has been in business for 50 years. We have the knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind when purchasing new and used equipment. Always Transparent, Globally Trusted. Call us today!


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72″ Vail Forestry Drum Mulcher Super Drive 40

Experience Unmatched Performance with the Vail Products® Drum Mulcher

In-Stock at Luby Equipment, the Vail Products® Drum Mulcher is engineered to prioritize operator comfort and efficiency.

Crafted to be the most robust and powerful Drum Mulcher available, our severe-duty design incorporates premium materials and components while maintaining a compact working envelope. The Vail SuperDrive System delivers superior torque, reducing stalling and automatically adjusting to ensure maximum torque for continuous chipping. With its center of gravity positioned close to the loader hitch, this mulcher offers exceptional maneuverability, visibility, and performance.

Featuring eight independent bolt-in wear plates made of abrasion-resistant steel, the Vail Drum Mulcher allows end-users to replace only the necessary liners. The quick-stop brake system ensures safety by halting the drum within 10-15 seconds from the top end of 2700 rpm. Additional features include bolt-on replaceable skid shoes crafted from T1 steel, multiple Quadco teeth options, bite depth limiters, and an exclusive hose management system.

Equipped to efficiently mulch trees, the Vail Drum Mulcher ensures smooth equipment operation. Available in 50″, 60″, and 72″ models, with 23-50+ GPM required.


Key Features:

  • Motor Protection System with Integrated Safety Brake
  • Multiple Quadco Teeth Options
  • Self-Regulating Variable Displacement Motor
  • Exclusive Hose Management System
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes & Abrasion-Resistant T1 Steel Zoned Liner
  • 23-50+ GPM Required
  • Available Models: 50″, 60″, and 72″ Wide

Specs and Dimensions:

Drum Width: 72″
Flow Rate: 23-50+ GPM hydraulic output
Overall Width: 89″
Weight: 3000 lb
Depth: 63″
Height: 50″

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