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Elevate your fleet’s performance with the CASE 580N Construction King, a backhoe designed to redefine industry standards. Equipped with many advanced features, the CASE 580N is the quintessential choice for operators and businesses seeking a machine that delivers versatile, powerful, and efficient performance across various applications.

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CASE 580N Construction King Backhoe Loader For Sale

For sale at Luby Equipment: CASE 580N Construction King Backhoe Loader

The CASE 580N Construction King is a dual-threat powerhouse, designed to deliver prolific productivity, no matter which end is at work. This machine boasts significant horsepower and impressive lifting capacity, enabling it to dig, trench, and load with ease. With the Extendahoe® configuration, operators can reach depths of up to 18 feet, making it ideal for a variety of demanding tasks.

Equipped with a wealth of standard features that enhance its efficiency and performance, the 580N Construction King includes fuel-saving ECO Mode, which helps reduce operating costs. The ProControl dampening system eliminates unnecessary corrective moves, increasing operational precision. SiteWatch™ Telematics provides valuable data on machine usage and performance, helping you manage and optimize your fleet more effectively. Additionally, Ride Control™ minimizes material spillage during transport, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Now available at Luby Equipment, the CASE 580N Construction King is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a versatile and robust backhoe loader that excels in both performance and operational efficiency. Whether you’re tackling construction, landscaping, or utility work, this backhoe is designed to handle tough jobs with exceptional reliability and effectiveness.

580N Features

Purpose-Built Performance for Unmatched Versatility

The CASE 580N boasts long, heavy-duty loader arms complemented by dual in-line cylinders, empowering it to lift over 6,800 lbs with ease and clear dump truck walls without a hitch. The universal coupler option enhances its versatility, allowing compatibility with a broad range of attachments, and the optional factory-installed thumb enhances functionality. The Comfort Steer option revolutionizes repetitious loading tasks by halving the lock-to-lock turns. In contrast, the exclusive over-center design combined with the Ride Control option minimizes material spillage and bounce, ensuring smooth load-and-carry operations. With the Extendahoe® configuration, the 580N achieves impressive digging depths of over 18 feet, while the standard ProControl system enables precise boom control for expedited cycle times.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

Understanding the importance of fuel economy, the CASE 580N comes standard with the Economy Package, which incorporates ECO Modes for loader and backhoe operations, Engine Auto-Idle, and Auto-Off features customizable to your workflow. The SCR Tier 4 Final after-treatment system ensures optimal fuel efficiency without sacrificing power, making the 580N an intelligent choice for eco-conscious operations.

CASE Comfort & Visibility

Every detail in the CASE 580N is designed with operator comfort and visibility in mind. The integrated loader control lever and the joystick FNR, which are standard on PowerDrive transmissions, allow for seamless shifting. The pilot control towers are infinitely adjustable, with adjustable wrist rests for enhanced operator comfort. Optional LED lights and a low-profile hood improve visibility. At the same time, features like hands-free Bluetooth, USB connectivity, cab options, and a hand-stitched, heated suspension seat make the 580N a pleasure to operate.

Simple Serviceability

Routine maintenance is straightforward with the CASE 580N. Key checkpoints like engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, fuel, and DEF tanks are accessible from the ground level. Externally adjustable Extendahoe wear pads facilitate quick adjustments, while standard features like a battery disconnect and jumpstart terminals enhance security and convenience. Moreover, with the SCR-only Tier 4 Final solution, there’s no need to worry about particulate filter maintenance.

Standard Equipment

Operator Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort with the CASE 580N Construction King, featuring a ROPS/FOPS certified protective canopy and an anti-vandalism cover for the dash. Enhance your working environment with rear fender extensions, a coat hook with a garment strap, an interior rearview convex mirror, and a 180° swivel mechanical suspension seat in vinyl. Safety is prioritized with a 3 in (76 mm) retractable seat belt. Enjoy convenience at your fingertips with a cup holder/storage tray, right-hand storage compartment, tilt-steering wheel (on cab models), and a suite of essential gauges and warning lights for comprehensive control and awareness.


Powered by the robust FPT F5BFL413C diesel engine with cooled EGR and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), the 580N optimizes performance while ensuring fuel efficiency. The engine boasts a high-pressure common rail injection system, engine ECO Mode, Auto Engine Idle and Shutdown, and cold weather starting aids, making it versatile across all working conditions.


Choose from 2WD or 4WD options to suit your project needs, with heavy-duty outboard planetary drive and a range of tires to match. The Power Shuttle Synchromesh transmission, coupled with an 11.8 in (300 mm) torque converter, offers seamless operation, while the on-the-go electric 4WD control and electric differential lock enhance maneuverability and control.


The CASE 580N features a high-capacity 28.5 gal/min hydraulic pump, ensuring smooth and efficient operation—the heavy-duty hydraulic oil cooler and 7-micron spin-on oil filter support prolonged machine life and consistent performance.

Loader and Backhoe

Maximize productivity with the 580N’s loader and backhoe features, including a bucket position indicator, single lever control, and over-center design with the ProControl System. The backhoe’s universal coupler and optional factory-installed thumb expand its versatility, allowing for a wide range of attachments.

Additional Features

The 580N boasts forward tilt engine hoods, reflective logos, signal lights, and adjustable halogen work lights for optimal visibility and safety. The hydrostatic steering, backup alarm, vertical spin-on filters, and locking DEF/Fuel covers underline the machine’s practical and user-friendly design.

580N Dimensions

Loader DimensionLong Lip Bucket4 IN 1® Bucket
A. Overall Operating Height – Fully Raised13 ft 9 in (4.18 m)13 ft 8 in (4.16 m)
B. Bucket Hinge Pin Fully Raised11 ft 3 in (3.42 m)11 ft 3 in (3.42 m)
C. Bucket Hinge Pin at SAE Carry13.6 in (345 mm)13.6 in (345 mm)
D. Dump Angle at Full Height47°47°
E. Dump Clearance at Full Height, 45° Dump – Bucket8 ft 10 in (2.69 m)8 ft 11 in (2.71 m)
E. Dump Clearance at Full Height, 45° Dump – Clam Open9 ft 8 in (2.96 m)
F. Dump Reach at Full Height, 45° Dump – Bucket31.5 in (801 mm)29.1 in (738 mm)
F. Dump Reach at Full Height, 45° Dump – Clam Open15.3 in (388 mm)
G. Bucket Rollback at Groundline42°42°
H. Bucket Rollback at SAE Carry42°42°
J. Bucket Rollback at Full HeightAdjustableAdjustable
K. Digging Depth Below Grade – Bucket Flat6.1 in (155 mm)4.8 in (122 mm)
K. Digging Depth Below Grade – Clam Open4.1 in (103 mm)
L. Reach from Front Axle Centerline – Bucket on Ground6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)6 ft 10 in (2.03 m)
Lift Capacity to Full Height6,803 lb (3,086 kg)6,459 lb (2,930 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift Cylinders9,506 lb (4,228 daN)9,276 lb (4,126 daN)
Breakout Force – Dump Cylinders10,622 lb (4,724 daN)11,312 lb (5,032 daN)
Bucket Cutting Edge Width82.5 in (2.09 m)82.0 in (2.08 m)
Maximum Grading Angle114°114°
Maximum Clam Opening38.3 in (972 mm)
Moldboard Height36.8 in (934 mm)
Raising Time to Full Height4.6 sec4.6 sec
Bucket Dumping Time1.1 sec1.1 sec
Lowering Time – Power Down2.6 sec2.6 sec
Lowering Time – Return-to-Dig3.6 sec3.6 sec
Clam – Open Time1.0 sec
Clam – Close Time1.0 sec

580N Specs

Drivetrain ComponentSpecification
Transmission4F-4R Power Shuttle Synchromesh Transmission (manual gear shift, fully synchronized)
Gear Ratios (Forward/Reverse)1st: 5.603/4.643, 2nd: 3.481/2.884, 3rd: 1.584/1.313, 4th: 0.793/0.657
Travel Speeds – Power Shuttle Transmission (mph (kph))Forward: 1st: 3.8 (6.1), 2nd: 6.1 (9.8), 3rd: 13.1 (21.1), 4th: 24.6 (39.6) <br> Reverse: 1st: 4.5 (7.3), 2nd: 7.3 (11.7), 3rd: 15.7 (25.3), 4th: 29.4 (47.3)
Torque Converter Ratio3.01
Differential-LockOn-the-go push-button activation
Axles (Front/Rear with 4WD 12×16.5 front tires)Differential ratio: 2.0/2.5 <br> Planetary hub ratio: 6.0/6.4 <br> Total reduction ratio: 12.0/16.0
Service BrakesIndividually applied, power assisted, hydraulically actuated, maintenance-free, self-adjusting, outboard mounted, wet disc, 2 per side. Total disc area: 384 in² (0.25 m²)
Parking BrakesTrans Mounted spring-applied hydraulic release – SAHR

Note: Travel speeds are specified at 2293 engine RPM with 19.5 L x 24.0 tires.


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

  • 1-Year/Unlimited-Hour Full-Coverage Base Limited Warranty
  • 2-Year/2,000-Hour Extended Engine Warranty

Engine Warranty – Warrants all internal, lubricated parts that are captured between the valve cover and oil pan, cylinder block and head, exhaust manifold, front cover and flywheel housing, turbocharger, engine oil cooler and water pump. Drive Train Warranty – Drive (flex) plates / flywheel, drive axle assembly, drive couplings, drive shafts / universal joints, final drive / planetary, hydraulic drive motor, hydraulic drive pump, hydraulic pump when used as a power source for drive pump or drive motor, propulsion planetary drive, pump drive coupling, pump drive gearbox, seals in idlers and rollers, swing reducer transmission, torque converter, track steering brakes and clutch, transfer gear group, transmission charge pump, transmission / transmission control valve, transmission electronic controller, trencher drive gearbox, turntable bearing / swing gear / hydraulic swivel, and wet brakes / wet clutch.

Purchased Protection Plan

Purchased Protection Plan is an extension of the factory base and extended coverage available at an additional cost. Your CASE dealer can help you determine the plan that fits your needs. Plans are available up to six-years / 7,500 hours on CASE Loader/Backhoe models.

Please see your CASE dealer for limitations, exclusions, and confirmation of policies in effect. The CASE Warranty remains in effect during the Warranty Period if the owner performs the required maintenance at the recommended intervals outlined in the product’s operator’s manual and the unit is operated within its rated capacity. Genuine CASE service parts or CASE approved service parts that meet CASE specifications must be used for maintenance and repairs.

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