CASE 580SV Center Pivot Construction King Backhoe Loader


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The CASE 580SV Construction King Backhoe Loader is a groundbreaking addition to the construction industry. It embodies versatility, power, and innovation in one machine. Designed for operators and owners who demand flexibility and efficiency, the 580SV transitions effortlessly from task to task, embodying the essence of a multi-functional powerhouse.

Horsepower: 97 hp | Dig Depth: 14’5”

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CASE 580SV Center Pivot Construction King Backhoe Loader For Sale

For sale at Luby Equipment: CASE 580SV Center Pivot Construction King Backhoe Loader

Empower yourself to be a one-person crew with the CASE 580SV Center Pivot Construction King. This versatile backhoe loader is designed to handle your entire workload with just one operator and one machine. Equipped with a robust 97 hp engine, this machine is ready to bust, dig, or haul whatever you throw at it.

Enhance your machine’s performance with optional features like the Extendahoe® for increased digging depth and reach, and Ride Control for smoother operation when moving loaded. It features a traditional center pivoting boom that provides agility and precision. The tool carrier linkage is especially beneficial for those who frequently use the loader end for primary material handling tasks, such as loading pallets or moving pipes.

With a vast array of attachment options, the CASE 580SV can adapt to virtually any job, making it the ultimate tool for conquering the demands of any jobsite.

Now available at Luby Equipment, the CASE 580SV Center Pivot Construction King is ready to boost your productivity and simplify your workday. Whether you’re digging, lifting, or moving materials, this backhoe loader offers the power and versatility you need to tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently and effectively.

580SV Features

  • Versatile Tool Carrier Linkage: Optimized for those prioritizing the loader end for material handling, the tool carrier linkage enhances the backhoe’s capability to handle loading and unloading tasks, including pallets and pipes. Compatibility with various attachments, including 4-in-1 and 6-in-1 buckets, transforms the 580SV into a versatile unit capable of dominating any jobsite.
  • Sleek and Powerful Design: With an automotive feel that belies its robust capability, the 580SV boasts 97 horsepower, along with optional features such as Extendahoe and Ride Control, ensuring top-notch performance across various tasks.
  • Enhanced Stability and Material Retention: The innovative tool carrier loader design boosts the machine’s stability and material handling efficiency and improves visibility down to the bucket, ensuring safer and more precise operations.
  • Unparalleled Visibility: The spacious cab, characterized by its significant glass area and tool carrier design, offers exceptional visibility to all work areas, enhancing operator confidence and safety.
  • Advanced Boom Options: The 580SV features a curved boom for improved clearance and an inner Extendahoe extension that minimizes weight projection for enhanced performance and easier maintenance. An optional overlapping cylinder boom design further enhances the machine’s versatility.
  • Intelligent Operation: Each CASE 580SV Construction King comes standard with a CASE SiteWatch telematics subscription, which offers advanced fleet management, improved uptime, and a proactive support platform for equipment owners and CASE dealers.

The CASE 580SV Construction King Backhoe Loader stands as a testament to CASE’s commitment to innovation, offering a single-machine solution that addresses a wide range of construction needs with unmatched efficiency and versatility.

580SV Equipment Details

Operator Environment:

  • Safety and Comfort: The ROPS/FOPS-certified cab is equipped with heating, A/C, defroster, Bluetooth radio, and more, ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment.
  • Visibility and Convenience: Features include front and rear wipers, an interior rearview convex mirror, a deluxe mechanical suspension seat, and a 2-inch retractable seat belt for enhanced comfort and visibility.
  • Control and Storage: It is equipped with convenient cup holders, storage trays, an enclosed storage compartment, intuitive gauges, and warning lights for engine water temperature, fuel level, DEF level, and more, ensuring operational control and convenience.


  • Power and Efficiency: It is powered by an FPT F5 diesel engine with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and features like ECO Power Mode, Auto Engine Idle, and Shutdown for improved efficiency and performance.
  • Advanced Filtration: A full-flow engine oil filter, a dual-element dry-type aspirated air cleaner, and a fuel filter with a water trap ensure clean operation and longevity.


  • Robust Transmission: Power Shuttle 4F-4R synchromesh transmission, mechanically driven 4WD front axle, and heavy-duty outboard planetary drive rear axle ensure reliable and smooth power transfer.
  • Enhanced Control: This model features electric 4WD control, F/R shuttle control, and electric differential lock control for superior maneuverability.


  • Precision and Power: Load-sensing closed-center hydraulics with a Variable-Volume Pump and a heavy-duty oil cooler ensure responsive and powerful operation.

Loader and Backhoe:

  • Versatile Performance: Tool carrier loader arms with self-leveling, in-line cylinder curved boom backhoe design, and cleated dirt stabilizer pads exemplify versatility and efficiency.
  • Ease of Use: Single lever 4-function loader control and mechanical transport lock enhance operational ease and safety.

Other Features:

  • Convenience and Safety: Includes forward tilt engine hood, tie downs, reflective logos, signal and working/driving lights, master disconnect switch, and remote jump-start terminals.
  • Steering and Maintenance: Hydrostatic steering and vertical spin-on filters for engine oil, fuel, and hydraulics facilitate easy maintenance and operation.

580SV Optional Equipment Details

Operator Environment:

  • Auto Ride Control: The speed-selectable feature ensures a smooth ride over rough terrain, enhancing operator comfort and load retention.
  • Safety Standards: Equipped with a ROPS/FOPS certified protective canopy, ensuring operator safety under various working conditions.


  • Advanced Transmission: This model features an H-Type Powershift transmission with 4F-3R, hydraulic clutch shifting, and a kick-down function. The transmission disconnect and FNR (forward-neutral-reverse) switch are conveniently located in the loader control lever, and there is also an auto-shift mode for optimized operation.


  • Versatile Hydraulic System: Offers auxiliary hydraulics for loader-mounted equipment with thumb-operated proportional control for precise operation.
  • Quick Coupling: Equipped with a hydraulic front quick coupler and a wide tool portfolio for additional attachments, enhancing the loader’s versatility.


  • Multiple Design Styles: Options include Side Shift, Center Pivot, and Overlapping Cylinder Boom with Extendahoe®, catering to various job requirements.
  • Hydraulic Options: Features 1-way and 1-way/2-way auxiliary backhoe hydraulics for various attachments, from hammers to augers.
  • Extendahoe® Options: Available with 14 ft Standard Boom, 14 ft Extendahoe®, and 15 ft Extendahoe® for extended reach and digging depth.
  • Pilot Operated Controls: This includes thumb-operated proportional controls for the Extendahoe®, auxiliary hydraulic control, and a switchable control pattern from excavator to backhoe.

Other Features:

  • LED Lighting Package: Equipped with four front and four rear LED lights for optimal visibility during night operations or in low-light conditions.
  • Enhanced Power Supply: Dual 12-volt batteries ensure reliable machine start-up and operation.
  • Cold Weather Adaptability: Cold weather lubricants for reliable performance in low temperatures.


  • CASE SiteWatch™: Comes standard with CASE SiteWatch™ telematics for advanced fleet management, operational monitoring, and maintenance scheduling.

Service Parts:

  • Safety Measures: A 3-inch seat belt for enhanced operator safety.
  • Compatibility: N Series compatible backhoe coupler for in-line cylinder backhoe designs, ensuring a wide range of attachment options

580SV Warranty

Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

  • 1-Year/Unlimited-Hour Full-Coverage Base Limited Warranty
  • 2-Year/2,000-Hour Extended Engine Warranty

Engine Warranty – Warrants all internal, lubricated parts that are captured between the valve cover and oil pan, cylinder block and head, exhaust manifold, front cover and flywheel housing, turbocharger, engine oil cooler and water pump. Drive Train Warranty – Drive (flex) plates / flywheel, drive axle assembly, drive couplings, drive shafts / universal joints, final drive / planetary, hydraulic drive motor, hydraulic drive pump, hydraulic pump when used as a power source for drive pump or drive motor, propulsion planetary drive, pump drive coupling, pump drive gearbox, seals in idlers and rollers, swing reducer transmission, torque converter, track steering brakes and clutch, transfer gear group, transmission charge pump, transmission / transmission control valve, transmission electronic controller, trencher drive gearbox, turntable bearing / swing gear / hydraulic swivel, and wet brakes / wet clutch.

Purchased Protection Plan

Purchased Protection Plan is an extension of the factory base and extended coverage available at an additional cost. Your CASE dealer can help you determine the plan that fits your needs. Plans are available up to six-years / 7,500 hours on CASE Loader/Backhoe models.

Please see your CASE dealer for limitations, exclusions, and confirmation of policies in effect. The CASE Warranty remains in effect during the Warranty Period if the owner performs the required maintenance at the recommended intervals outlined in the product’s operator’s manual and the unit is operated within its rated capacity. Genuine CASE service parts or CASE approved service parts that meet CASE specifications must be used for maintenance and repairs.

580SV Dimensions

Loader DimensionHeavy Duty Bucket4 IN 1® Bucket
A. Overall Operating Height – Fully Raised13 ft 11 in (4.25 m)14 ft 5 in (4.38 m)
B. Height to Bucket Hinge Pin Fully Raised11 ft 1 in (3.38 m)11 ft 1 in (3.38 m)
C. Dump Angle at Full Height47°47°
D. Dump Clearance at Full Height, 45° Dump10 ft 7 in (3.22 m)8 ft 4 in (2.55 m)
E. Dump Reach at Full Height, 45° Dump – From Bumper2 ft 9 in (829 mm)2 ft 8 in (824 mm)
Bucket Rollback:
F. @ Groundline42°42°
G. @ Full Height50°50°
H. Digging Depth Below Grade, Bucket Flat5.0 in (120 mm)8.6 in (219 mm)
I. Reach from Front Axle Centerline – Bucket on Ground6 ft 10 in (2.07 m)
Lift Capacity to Full Height7,606 lb (3 450 kg)7,044 lb (3 195 kg)
Breakout Force:
Lift Cylinders8,014 lbf (3 565 daN)8,041 lbf (3 577 daN)
Dump Cylinders14,711 lbf (6 544 daN)14,950 lbf (6 650 daN)
Raising Time to Full Height3.4 sec3.4 sec
Bucket Dumping Time2.3 sec2.3 sec
Lowering Time, Power Down2.8 sec2.8 sec
Open Time1.9 sec
Close Time1.4 sec
Note: Loader dimensions taken with 4WD, 14 x 17.5 front tires and 16.9 L x 28.0 rear tires.

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