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The CASE 650M stands out as a dozer that can access areas where others can’t, packed with numerous features despite its compact size. It offers best-in-class pushing power of 39,086 lbs, making it a powerhouse for moving dirt and capable of fine grading with precision.

Horsepower: 74 hp | Operating Weight: 15,997 lb

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CASE 650M Dozer For Sale

For sale at Luby Equipment: CASE 650M Crawler Dozer
Horsepower: 74 hp | Operating Weight: 15,997 lb

The CASE 650M stands out as a dozer that can access areas where others can’t, packed with numerous features despite its compact size. It offers best-in-class pushing power of 39,086 lbs, making it a powerhouse for moving dirt and capable of fine grading with precision.

This machine boasts a roomy cab designed to minimize vibration and keep out dirt, enhancing comfort during operation. Its design features include floor-to-ceiling door glass, a sloped hood, and a reduced idler diameter, all of which contribute to unmatched visibility to the blade. Additionally, the blade controls have been upgraded to reduce lever effort by 20%, making operations smoother and less strenuous for the operator.

Now available at Luby Equipment, the CASE 650M is perfect for those who need a robust, efficient dozer capable of both heavy-duty pushing and precise grading. Whether you’re clearing land or preparing job sites, this dozer provides the power and visibility needed to get the job done effectively.

650M Features

New Blade Control Update & Product Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Hydraulics: Improved mechanical valve and linkages for blade control reduce lever effort by 20% and float time, minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Redesigned Systems: Electrical routings and hydraulic systems have been revamped to ensure extended machine reliability and serviceability.
  • Standard Features: Premium LED lights, a rear-view camera, an undercarriage spade holder, and a Bluetooth radio are now standard, enhancing the machine’s utility and convenience.

Power and Productivity:

  • Impressive Capability: Boasts over 39,000 pounds of drawbar pull in a transport-friendly package, requiring no permit for movement in many cases.
  • Customizable Configuration: Offers three-track configurations, two-track gauges, and four-blade sizes, all powered by a robust hydrostatic system for unparalleled power and adaptability.

Total Control for the Operator:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Allows operators to tailor shuttle and steering sensitivity to match job site conditions, ensuring optimal control and efficiency.
  • Advanced Load Monitoring: Automatically adjusts track speed and torque based on blade load, maintaining peak power and efficiency.

Operator Comfort and Jobsite Visibility:

  • Superior Visibility: Industry-leading sight lines to the blade, tracks, and site, complemented by a spacious cab with extensive glass coverage.
  • Sealed Positive-Pressure Cab: Advanced sealing keeps out dirt and noise, providing one of the quietest and cleanest operating environments available.
  • Smooth Ride: The isolated cab design reduces vibration and enhances ride smoothness.

Ease of Maintenance and Service:

  • Service-Friendly Design: Features grouped service points and easy access for quick maintenance alongside a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution.
  • CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics: Offers valuable insights into machine performance and maintenance needs, promoting optimal uptime.

Protected by CASE ProCare:

  • Comprehensive Warranty: Three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Planned Maintenance Contract: Three-year, 2,000-hour agreement, controlling owning and operating expenses.
  • Telematics Subscription: Three-year Advanced CASE SiteWatch™ subscription, providing crucial operational data.

650M Standard Equipment

Operator Environment:

  • ROPS Canopy: Isolation-mounted for reduced vibration and increased comfort.
  • Controls: Single lever for speed, steering, and direction, alongside vinyl mechanical suspension seat with tilt access, retractable seat belt, and adjustable armrests for optimum control and comfort.
  • Visibility and Convenience: Footrests, rearview mirror, and optional features like a ROPS cab, cloth air suspension seat, windshield wipers, dome light, 12-volt accessory outlet, and more ensure all-day comfort and visibility.
  • Information and Entertainment: Equipped with Bluetooth radio, heat/AC, additional rear mirror, and a comprehensive set of warning lights and gauges for critical system statuses and audible warnings for immediate issues.

Engine Specifications:

  • Model: FPT F5C F5HFL463D*G003, Tier 4 Final Certified with CEGR + DOC for reduced emissions.
  • Features include a cold start aid with glow plugs, an automatic fan belt tensioner, integral engine oil cooling, a dual-element radial seal air cleaner, and a 120 amp alternator, among others, which ensure reliable performance under various conditions.


  • Hydrostatic Drive: Dual path infinitely variable drive with electronic straight tracking and counter-rotation for precise maneuvering.
  • Final Drive: Triple reduction with helical gear/planetary and an automatic spring-applied parking brake for enhanced durability and safety.

Blade and Undercarriage:

  • Blade Control: Blade pitch is 52°—60° variable, and a single lever controls lift, angle, and tilt, allowing for versatile operation.
  • Undercarriage: Features hydraulic track adjusters, sealed and lubricated track chain (SALT), easy-clean track covers, and heavy-duty components for maximum durability and reduced maintenance.

Additional Features:

  • Safety and Convenience: Backup alarm, horn, premium LED work light package, front pull hook, drawbar, sweeps, and turbine pre-cleaner, among other things, are included.
  • Hydraulics: 4 spool valves with field-installable ripper option and transport protection.
  • Security: Anti-vandalism package, rear transmission guard, and operator’s manual enclosure for enhanced security and information accessibility.

Telematics and ProCare:

  • CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics: Includes hardware and a 5-year Advanced data subscription for comprehensive machine monitoring and management.
  • ProCare: Offers a 3-year/3000-hour factory warranty, 3-year/2000-hour planned maintenance contract, and SiteWatch™ 4G Telematics subscription, ensuring peace of mind and controlled operating expenses.

650M Optional Equipment

Rear Mounted Equipment:

  • Ripper: Comes in a 5-position configuration with three shanks, providing exceptional ripping capability for harsh terrains.
  • Hydraulic Pump with PTO: Enhances the dozer’s versatility by allowing the operation of hydraulic rear attachments.

Blade Options:

  • 96 in (2.29 m) LT Blade: Suitable for Long Track (LT) configurations, offering fine grading and finish work precision.
  • 108 in (2.73 m) LT/WT Blade: A versatile option for both Long Track and Wide Track (WT) setups, balancing width and maneuverability.
  • 124 in (3.16 m) WT/LGP Blade: Ideal for Wide Track and Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations, maximizing the dozer’s pushing capability on soft or sensitive surfaces.

Protective Screens:

  • Radiator Brush Screen: Protects the radiator from debris, ensuring optimal cooling performance.
  • Side ROPS Screen: Offers additional protection for the operator and the cab in environments with side-impact risks.
  • ROPS/Cab Rear Screen: Enhances rear protection, which is beneficial in reverse operation or near potential hazards.

Other Optional Features:

  • CASE Max-Life Track: Engineered for extended wear life and durability, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Front Counterweight: Provides additional stability and weight distribution, enhancing the dozer’s pushing power.
  • Severe Cold Weather Package: Ensures reliable performance in icy conditions, including a cold start feature with CCV heated lines for optimal engine protection.
  • Rear-view Camera (Cab only): Enhances visibility and safety on the jobsite, allowing operators to monitor the rear of the machine directly from the cab.

650M Engine Specs

ModelFPT F5C F5HFL463D*G003
Emissions CertificationTier 4 Final Certified
Displacement207.5 in³ (3.4 L)
Fuel InjectionCommon rail
Fuel#2 Diesel
Fuel FilterSpin-on with in-line strainer
Air IntakeCross-flow
Engine Speeds RPMHigh idle – no load: 2340 +/- 50, Rated – full load: 2200, Low idle: 1100 +/- 25
Horsepower @ 2200 RPM – SAE J1349Net: 68 hp (50.6 kW), Gross: 73.8 hp (55 kW)
Engine LubricationPump: Deep sump plate cooler with pressurized under-piston nozzles
Pump Operating Angle RatingsSide-to-side: 35°, Fore and aft: 45°
Oil FiltrationReplaceable, spin-on full-flow cartridge
RadiatorCore size area: 367.5 in² (2,370.8 cm²), Rows of tubes: 24
FanDiameter: 20 in (500 mm), Ratio: 1.1:1

650M Dimensions

DimensionLong Track (LT)Wide Track (WT)Low Ground Pressure (LGP)
Blade Width96 in (2,438 mm)108 in (2,731 mm)124 in (3,160 mm)
SAE Blade Capacity1.69 yd³ (1.29 m³)1.89 yd³ (1.44 m³)2.22 yd³ (1.70 m³)
A. Blade Height33.1 in (841 mm)33.1 in (841 mm)33.1 in (841 mm)
B. Blade Lift Above Ground35.1 in (892 mm)35.1 in (892 mm)35.1 in (892 mm)
C. Blade Depth Below Ground21.0 in (533 mm)21.0 in (533 mm)21.0 in (533 mm)
Blade Angle Both Directions22.7°22.7°22.7°
D. Cast Reach14.1 in (358.7 mm)11.4 in (290.5 mm)16.3 in (413.3 mm)
E. Cut Reach2.4 in (60.8 mm)-0.3 in (-7.4 mm)4.5 in (115.2 mm)
Blade Tilt, Each End (+/- 9°)7.64 in (194 mm)8.54 in (217 mm)9.86 in (250 mm)
Track Gauge56.47 in (1.43 m)68 in (1.73 m)68 in (1.73 m)
Maximum Shoe Width15.6 in (395 mm)20 in (508 mm)24 in (610 mm)
F. Length of Track on Ground85 in (2.16 m)85 in (2.16 m)85 in (2.16 m)
Area of Track on Ground2,644 in² (1.71 m²)3,400 in² (2.19 m²)4,083 in² (2.63 m²)
Ground Pressure5.98 psi (0.412 bar)4.82 psi (0.332 bar)4.12 psi (0.284 bar)
G. Height to Top of ROPS Canopy8 ft 8 in (2,648 mm)8 ft 8 in (2,648 mm)8 ft 8 in (2,648 mm)
with Air Conditioning8 ft 9 in (2,653 mm)8 ft 9 in (2,653 mm)8 ft 9 in (2,653 mm)
H. Ground Clearance13.07 in (332 mm)13.07 in (332 mm)13.07 in (332 mm)
Length (Blade Straight with Drawbar)13 ft 8 in (4,180 mm)13 ft 8 in (4,180 mm)13 ft 8 in (4,180 mm)
I. Blade Straight with Ripper16 ft 3 in (4,951 mm)16 ft 3 in (4,951 mm)16 ft 3 in (4,951 mm)
Width (J. Blade Straight)8 ft 0 in (2,438 mm)9 ft 0 in (2,731 mm)10 ft 4 in (3,160 mm)
Blade Angled (Transport Width)7 ft 7 in (2,299 mm)8 ft 5 in (2,568 mm)9 ft 9 in (2,965 mm)
K. Over Track6 ft 0 in (1,829 mm)7 ft 4 in (2,228 mm)7 ft 8 in (2,337 mm)


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare applicable on select new heavy machine orders

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing

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