CASE CX290D Material Handler


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The CASE CX290D Material Handler and Scrap Loader boasts a 177 HP Tier 4 Final engine. Equipped with a hydraulically controlled elevating cab, these models offer unmatched visibility and operational efficiency. The more extended arm and boom, coupled with optimized hydraulic circuits, allow for superior attachment performance, making these machines ideal for intense waste and scrap handling applications.

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CASE CX290D Material Handler

The CASE CX290D Material Handler and Scrap Loader boasts a 177 HP Tier 4 Final engine. Equipped with a hydraulically controlled elevating cab, these models offer unmatched visibility and operational efficiency. The more extended arm and boom, coupled with optimized hydraulic circuits, allow for superior attachment performance, making these machines ideal for intense waste and scrap handling applications.

CX290D Features

Innovative Productivity Features:

  • Intelligent Hydraulic System: The CASE CX290D models feature an advanced hydraulic system for faster cycle times, ensuring efficient material handling and loading operations.
  • Specialized Boom and Arm: The Material Handler version has a reinforced curved boom for optimal reach and a 16’5″ straight arm with a bucket tilt cylinder for precise attachment operation. The Scrap Loader variant utilizes a straight boom and goose-neck arm, perfect for efficiently handling and loading scrap and waste material.
  • Auxiliary Lines and Anti-Interference Device: Both models have auxiliary lines for easy attachment connectivity and an anti-interference device to prevent contact between the boom, arm, and machine structure during operations.

Unmatched Fuel Efficiency:

Leveraging SCR and DOC technologies, the CX290D models meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards without needing a DPF, eliminating the associated replacement and regeneration costs. The three power modes—Automatic (A), Heavy Duty (HD), and Speed Priority (SP)—allow operators to optimize fuel economy based on the task at hand.

Operator Comfort and Elevated Visibility:

  • Elevating Cab: The elevating cab feature raises the operator 7.5 feet from its stowed position, offering an elevated eye level of over 16 feet. This enhanced visibility facilitates quicker and safer material movement.
  • Spacious Cab and Advanced Monitoring: The spacious cab is complemented by a 7-inch widescreen monitor that displays crucial performance parameters, including fuel consumption and operating hours. The optional CASE Max View Monitor extends visibility to 270 degrees, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness.

Ease of Serviceability:

The CX290D models emphasize ease of maintenance with features like hydraulic oil site gauges, grouped service points, and auto-locking side panels. Extra-large DEF tanks reduce refill frequency, while increased handrails around the machine enhance safety during daily inspections and service checks.

CASE CX290D: The Ultimate Material Handling Solution

With its powerful engine, specialized handling features, and commitment to operator comfort and machine serviceability, the CASE CX290D Material Handler is a testament to its engineering excellence.

CX290D Standard Equipment

Engine and Performance:

  • Model: The Isuzu AQ-4HK1X is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Certified engine that utilizes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for emissions control. This four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine features a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and an Electronic Fuel Injection system for optimal performance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Enhanced by the Fuel Economy Assist System (FEA) and Engine Protection Feature (EPF), with a dual-stage fuel filtration system ensuring clean fuel delivery.

Fuel Economy Systems:

  • Optimized Operations: Includes Auto-idle, One-touch idle, and Auto-idle shut-down, complemented by the Boom Economy Control (BEC), Auto Economy Control (AEC), Swing Relief Control (SWC), and Spool Stroke Control (SSC) for maximized efficiency.

Upper Structure:

  • Durability and Visibility: The upper structure includes ISO mirrors, a 70-watt work light, a swivel guard belly pan, and additional protective features. Lockable fuel caps and service doors enhance security while lifting eyes and handrails improve safety and utility.

Attachments for Versatile Operations:

  • Reach and Precision: Features a 23 ft 4 in boom and a 15 ft 6 in arm with auxiliary pipe brackets and centralized grease fittings. The attachment cushion valve and arm/boom regeneration enhance control and durability.

Hydraulic System:

  • Advanced Control: The hydraulic system includes auto power boost, auto swing priority, and electronically controlled hydraulic pumps. An Anti-interference Device prevents contact between the boom/arm and the machine’s structure.


  • Stable and Durable: The long undercarriage with 23-inch flat steel shoes is designed for stability. Hydraulic track adjustment and a sealed link chain ensure reliability and ease of maintenance.

Operator Environment:

  • Comfort and Safety: The pressurized ROPS-protected cab features a high-back heated cloth seat, an advanced LED color monitor, low-effort joystick controls, and comprehensive safety features, including an emergency cab lowering device.
  • Connectivity and Convenience: Bluetooth capabilities, a rear-view camera, and CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics enhance the operating experience and machine management.

Telematics for Smart Fleet Management:

  • CASE SiteWatch™: This advanced system offers a 3-year Advanced data subscription, enabling effective fleet management, remote diagnostics, and performance monitoring.

The CASE CX290D Material Handler: Built to Tackle Tough Applications

Equipped with a powerful engine, advanced hydraulic controls, and a range of operator-focused features, the CASE CX290D Material Handler is designed to excel in demanding waste and scrap handling applications.

CX290D Optional Equipment

Enhanced Engine Protection:

  • Air Pre-cleaner – Cyclone: Extend engine life by filtering out dust and debris before it reaches the engine.
  • Reversible Fan: Helps maintain optimal engine temperature and efficiency by automatically adjusting the airflow.

Advanced Hydraulic System Customization:

  • Versatile Auxiliary Hydraulics: Choose from single-acting, double-acting (ideal for use with a thumb), multi-function with electronic pressure control, and secondary low-flow options for precise control of various attachments.
  • Proportional Hydraulic Controls: Allow for smooth and precise operation of attachments, enhancing job site efficiency.
  • Hose Burst Check Valve (HBCV): Enhances safety by preventing the accidental dropping of attachments.

Robust Upper Structure Protection:

  • Rubber Bumper Guard: Minimize damage to the machine’s upper structure during operation; available through Service Parts.

Undercarriage Options for All Terrains:

  • Steel Shoes: Select the ideal shoe width (23.6 in, 27.6 in, or 31.5 in) with triple semi-grousers for excellent traction and stability on various ground conditions.
  • Track Guides – Triple: Ensure optimal alignment and durability of the track system.

Operator Environment Enhancements for Safety and Comfort:

  • FOPS Cab Top Guard – Level 2: Provides additional protection against falling objects.
  • Front Grill Guard: A 2 x 2-inch screen mesh protects against debris while maintaining airflow.
  • Front Rock Guards: For added protection, they are available in two-piece (OPG 1) or fixed one-piece (OPG 2) configurations.
  • Vandal Guard for Front Window: Secures the cab against unauthorized access with a standard key system.
  • Rain Deflector: (Not available with front guards) Improves visibility by diverting water from the front window.
  • Sun Visor: Reduces glare, enhancing operator comfort and visibility.
  • Side-View Camera: Offers enhanced visibility on the machine’s side for safer operation.
  • LED Package: Illuminates the work area with 6 LED lights (2 front cab-mounted, 2 rear-mounted, and 1 on each side), including an additional side-view camera for improved visibility.

CX290D Engine Specs

Engine SpecificationDetails
ModelIsuzu AQ-4HK1X
Emissions CertificationTier 4 Final
FuelRequires ultra-low sulfur fuel, B5 biodiesel tolerant
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle diesel, high-pressure common rail system with electric control, VGT Turbocharger with air-cooled intercooler, SCR system
Cylinders4-cylinder in-line
Displacement317 in³ (5.2 L)
Bore/Stroke4.53 x 4.92 in (115 x 125 mm)
Fuel InjectionDirect injection – electronic
Fuel FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Air FilterDry type element with warning restriction indicator
Oil FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Engine GradeabilitySide-to-side 35°, Fore and aft 35°
Net Horsepower – SAE J1349 @ 2000 RPM177 hp (132.1 kW)
Net Max. Torque – SAE J1349 @ 1800 RPM458 lbf·ft (621 N·m)
Cooling Operating Range113° to -4°F (45° to -20°C)
OilRequires low-ash oil CJ-4

CX290D Dimensions

A. Overall Height – To Top of Boom10 ft 0 in (3,040 mm)
B. Cab Height10 ft 6 in (3,190 mm)
Overall Height to Top of Guardrail11 ft 0 in (3,360 mm)
C. Overall Length – With Attachment33 ft 7 in (10,230 mm)
D. Overall Length – Without Attachment17 ft 6 in (5,330 mm)
E. Width of Upper Structure9 ft 9 in (2,970 mm)
F. Track Overall Length15 ft 4 in (4,680 mm)
G. Track Overall Width with 24 in (600 mm) Shoes10 ft 6 in (3,190 mm)
H. Track Shoe Width24 in (600 mm)
J. Center to Center – Idler to Sprocket12 ft 7 in (3,840 mm)
K. Upper Structure Ground Clearance3 ft 9 in (1,140 mm)
L. Minimum Ground Clearance20 in (500 mm)
M. Rear Tail Swing Radius9 ft 8 in (2,950 mm)
Note: These measurements are based on the configuration with a 16 ft 5 in (5.0 m) boom, 24 in (600 mm) flat shoes, and a grab mass for garbage weighing 3,880 lb (1,760 kg), including full fuel and an operator.


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare applicable on select new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.