Fecon FTX300 Mulching Tractor


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The FECON FTX300 Mulching Tractor is a true powerhouse in the forestry and land-clearing industry. Designed to deliver exceptional power and performance with a focus on operator comfort and ease of maintenance, the FTX300 sets a new standard in the 300HP class.

FTX300 BROCHURE: FTX300-Trifold-V4

FTX300 TIER 3 BROCHURE: FTX300-TIER-3-300R_072622

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FECON FTX300 Mulching Tractor

The FECON FTX300 Mulching Tractor is a true powerhouse in the forestry and land-clearing industry. Designed to deliver exceptional power and performance with a focus on operator comfort and ease of maintenance, the FTX300 sets a new standard in the 300HP class.

Fecon FTX300 features

Outstanding Performance and Traction:

  • Low Ground Pressure: At an impressive 3.9 psi, the FTX300 allows minimal ground disturbance, providing balanced traction in hard and soft conditions.
  • Oscillating Carriage & 30″ Track Shoes: These features offer superior stability and traction, allowing for efficient operation across various terrains.
  • Fecon Power Management System: This advanced system optimizes the tractor’s performance by constantly monitoring and adjusting the hydraulic circuits, ensuring engine horsepower is directed where needed most for unmatched efficiency and productivity.

Engineered for Comfort and Control:

  • Spacious Cab: Equipped with air suspension and a heated seat to guarantee operator comfort throughout long working hours.
  • New Larger Touchscreen IQAN Display: Offers intuitive control and monitoring of the tractor’s functions, enhancing the operating experience.
  • Keyless Ignition with Security: Ensures ease of use while providing enhanced security for the machinery.

Unparalleled Serviceability:

  • Accessible Engine Bay: Large doors and a tilting cab design simplify access for maintenance and service, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Ground-Level Service Points: All filters and service points are easily accessible from the ground, making routine maintenance hassle-free.

Superior Cooling Capacity:

  • Oversized Cooling Capabilities: The FTX300’s cooling system is designed to keep the machine operating at full power, even in the most demanding conditions, extending the lifespan of engine and hydraulic components.
  • Automatic Hydraulic Reversing Fans: Keep the radiators clean and operating efficiently, with adjustable timers to suit specific applications.

Enhanced Productivity with Expanded Range of Motion:

  • Increased Lift and Range of Motion: Achieve higher productivity with a reach of 55″ for handling standing vegetation and a below-grade capability of 32″ for optimal ditch work.
  • Precise Control Over the Mulching Head: Offers operators enhanced control, significantly boosting productivity.

Powerful Engine Specifications:

  • CUMMINS 6.7L Tier 4 Final, Stage V Engine: Delivers more power with less fuel consumption than previous models, ensuring consistent performance across all tasks.

The FECON FTX300, combined with the RK8620 mulching head, achieves a remarkable recovery time of less than 8 seconds, illustrating the seamless integration of power and efficiency. Backed by FECON’s standard warranty of 12 months / 1,000 hours, the FTX300 is built to endure, making it the ideal choice for professionals seeking reliability and high performance in land clearing and forestry mulching operations.

Fecon FTX300 standard equpment

Operator Comfort and Efficiency:

  • Pressurized Cab: Maintains a clean, controlled environment, minimizing dust and noise intrusion.
  • Air Suspension Seat – Heated: Allows operator comfort during long hours of operation, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Bluetooth Radio & USB Charging Ports: Provides entertainment and connectivity, keeping devices charged and within reach.
  • Rearview Camera: Enhances safety and situational awareness, making it easier to navigate tight spaces.
  • 7″ Touch Screen Monitor & Job Timers: Allows for easy monitoring and management of operational metrics.
  • Keyless Start with PIN Protection: Enhances security and convenience, preventing unauthorized use.

Performance and Productivity:

  • Fecon Power Management: Optimizes performance by efficiently directing power to where it’s needed most.
  • 15,000lbs Winch: Offers powerful recovery capabilities and operational versatility.
  • Dual Engine Air Cleaner with Pre-Cleaner and Reverse Cooling Fan: Allows clean air intake and optimal temperature regulation, even in dusty conditions.
  • Clipped Corner Grousers & Trapezoidal Track Mud Reliefs: Improve traction, reduce mud build-up, and enhance mobility across various terrains.
  • SALT Track Chain with 4 Single, 4 Double Flange Rollers: Delivers durability and stability, ensuring reliable performance.

Safety and Accessibility:

  • 3 Points of Egress & Roof Skylight: Enhances safety and natural lighting within the cab.
  • Adjustable Joystick Pods: Customizable controls improve operator comfort and control precision.
  • Forward and Rear LED Lights & Cab Debris Screen: Improve visibility and protect against airborne debris.
  • In Cab Fire Extinguisher & Emergency Stop Button: Essential safety features for immediate hazard response.

Maintenance and Connectivity:

  • Connectivity with Phone App: Facilitates remote monitoring and diagnostics, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Large Service Doors on Engine Compartment: Provide easy access for maintenance, with lockable doors for added security.
  • High Capacity HVAC with Climate Control: Ensures a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions.

Enhanced Operational Features:

  • Standard Forestry Features & Final Drive Towing Disconnect: Prepare the FTX300 for the harshest jobs and simplify transportation.
  • Tinted Polycarbonate Windows: Reduce glare and enhance operator comfort without compromising visibility.

Fecon FTX300 optional equipment

Enhanced Durability and Protection:

  • Severe Duty Forestry Skids: Reinforce your tractor’s undercarriage against the rigors of harsh terrain, ensuring prolonged durability and stability in severe applications.
  • 1.25″ Thick Windshield: Upgrade to a thicker, more durable windshield, providing additional protection against flying debris for enhanced safety and peace of mind.
  • Side Mirrors: Improve visibility and operational awareness with added side mirrors, which are essential for navigating tight spaces and maintaining situational awareness.

Safety Enhancements:

  • Fire Suppression System: A crucial addition to working in high-risk environments, this system automatically detects and extinguishes fires, safeguarding the operator and the machinery.
  • Positive Air Shut Off: Protect your engine from external threats such as dust ingress or hydrocarbon ingestion, which is crucial for preventing potential damage and ensuring operational integrity.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Auxiliary Engine Heater: Allows for reliable performance in cold weather conditions with an engine heater, facilitating easier starts and reducing wear on the engine during cold starts.
  • Auxiliary Battery Group: Enhance the electrical system’s reliability and capacity, ensuring that your tractor remains operational and efficient, even during long, demanding workdays.

Compliance and Certification:

  • CE Certification: For operations within the European Economic Area, this certification ensures the FTX300 meets all applicable EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements, facilitating compliance and expanding operational horizons.

Fecon FTX300 engine specs

MakeCummins QSB6.7
After TreatmentTier 4 Final, Stage V
Max Horsepower310HP231 kW
Max Torque950 ft*lb @ 1500 RPM1,288 Nm @ 1500 RPM
Fuel Consumption7-9 gph27-34 Lph
Fuel Tank Capacity100 gallons379 Liters
DEF Consumption0.4-0.5 gph1.5-1.9 Lph
DEF Tank Capacity15 gallons57 Liters
Electrical System24V
BatteryDual 24V
Slope Rating50° fore/aft, 43° side/side


MakeCummins QSB6.7
After TreatmentTier 3 Final, Stage V
Max Horsepower270HP201 kW
Max Torque730 ft*lbs @ 1500 RPM990 Nm @ 1500 RPM
Fuel Consumption7-9 gph27-34 Lph
Fuel Tank Capacity100 gallons379 Liters
Electrical System12V
BatteryDual 24V
Slope Rating50° fore/aft, 43° side/side

Fecon FTX300 dimensions

Overall Height125″ (10′ 5″)3,1750 mm
Overall Width94″ (7′ 10″)2,390 mm
Overall Width with Bullhog101″ (8′ 5″)2,570 mm
Overall Length185″ (15′ 5″)4,670 mm
Overall Length with Bullhog232″ (19′ 4″)5,890 mm
Weight26,980 lb12,238 kg
Weight with Bullhog32,092 lb14,557 kg
Ground Pressure with Bullhog4.1 psi (SAE J1309).29 kg/cm^2
Travel Speed4.5 mph7.2 kph
Cab CertificationsROPS (ISO 8082), FOPS (ISO 8083) and OPS (ISO 8084)

Fecon FTX300 attachments

Mounting StylePin-OnPin-On
Lift StyleRadial Lift GearRadial Lift Gear
Max Reach with Bullhog55″ / 1,397 mm
Max Below Grade with Bullhog32″ / 813 mm

Fecon FTX300 undercarriage

Track Width30″760 mm
Standard GrouserSingle
Rollers2 top/9 bottom
Ground Clearance23″584 mm

Fecon FTX300 performance

Mulcher Circuit115 gpm @ 5400 psi435 Lpm @ 372 Bar
Hydraulic Tank Capacity49 gallons186 Liters