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The Takeuchi TB257FR, the latest addition to the FR series, stands out with its side-to-side (STS) offset boom and tight tail swing, revolutionizing visibility and maneuverability on job sites. This 5-ton class excavator boasts an operating weight of 12,930 lb and delivers a bucket breakout force of 10,431 lb. Its versatility is further enhanced by multiple hydraulic auxiliary circuits, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of attachments.

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Takeuchi TB257FR Compact Excavator For Sale

For sale at Luby Equipment: Takeuchi TB257FR Excavator

The latest addition to the FR series, the Takeuchi TB257FR, revolutionizes job site performance with its side-to-side (STS) offset boom and tight tail swing, enhancing visibility and maneuverability in confined spaces. This 5-ton class excavator has an operating weight of 12,930 lbs. It delivers a powerful bucket breakout force of 10,431 lbs., making it a robust choice for various demanding tasks.

Enhanced versatility comes standard with multiple hydraulic auxiliary circuits, which allow for the use of a wide range of attachments. Whether you’re digging, grading, or handling materials, the TB257FR is designed to meet diverse operational needs efficiently and easily.

Now available at Luby Equipment, the Takeuchi TB257FR is the perfect excavator for professionals seeking a high-performance, versatile machine that can tackle anything from urban construction to landscaping projects.

TB257FR Features

Engine and Environmental Stewardship:

  • Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V Compliant: Ensures reduced emissions with a turbocharged diesel engine and advanced exhaust after-treatment.
  • Optimized Performance Features: Electronic fuel injection, an automatic fuel priming system, and a dual-element air cleaner for enhanced efficiency.

Hydraulic and Working Equipment:

  • Advanced Hydraulic System: Features variable displacement axial piston hydraulic pump with tandem gear pumps for smooth operation.
  • Innovative STS Boom Design: Provides unmatched versatility with cushioned boom and offset cylinders.

Undercarriage and Durability:

  • Robust Undercarriage: Equipped with triple flange track rollers and 2-speed axial piston travel motors, ensuring stability and strength on diverse terrains.
  • Enhanced Frame Design: Incorporates a large wrap-around protective counterweight and an option for 15.7″ steel tracks, augmenting its durability and balance.

Operator Comfort and Efficiency:

  • Ergonomic Operator’s Station: Offers a pressurized cab with A/C, heat, defrost, and other amenities for all-day comfort.
  • Advanced Control System: Features multifunction LCD and joystick controls, making operation intuitive and efficient.

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM):

  • Comprehensive Machine Management: With a 2-year standard service, TFM minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency through remote diagnostics, utilization tracking, and proactive maintenance.

Designed for confined spaces yet capable of extensive reach and depth, the TB257FR embodies Takeuchi’s commitment to innovation, operator comfort, and environmental responsibility, making it a perfect fit for Luby Equipment’s discerning clientele.

TB257FR Specs

Operating Weight – Cab (Rubber)12,675 lb(5,750 kg)
Operating Weight – Cab (Steel)12,930 lb(5,865 kg)
Slew Speed9.6 rpm
Travel Speed – Low Range1.6 mph(2.6 km/hr)
Travel Speed – High Range3.0 mph(4.8 km / hr)
Gradeability30 deg
Ground Pressure – Canopy4.7 psi(32.6 kPa)
Ground Pressure – Cab4.8 psi(33.3 kPa)
Maximum Bucket Breakout Force10,431 lb(4,731 kg)
Maximum Arm Digging Force5,190 lb(2,354 kg)
Traction Force15,040 lb(6,822 kg)
Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right)30 deg / 16 deg
Auxiliary Flow – Primary Circuit27.7 gpm(105.0 L / min)
Auxiliary Flow – Secondary Circuit11.8 gpm(44.7 L / min)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,481 psi(24.0 MPa)
Make / ModelKubota V2403-CR-TE5B
Displacement148.5 cu in(2.4 L)
Horsepower @2,200 rpm52.3 hp(39.0 kW )
Maximum Torque @ 1,300 rpm144.3 ft-lb(195.6 Nm )
Engine Lubrication10.0 qt(9.5 L)
Cooling System10.6 qt(10.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gal(70.2 L)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity13.7 gal(52.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity26.4 gal(100.0 L)

TB257FR Dimensions

Maximum Reach20′ 4.6″(6,215 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level19′ 11.4″(6,080 mm)
Maximum Digging Depth12′ 9.4″(3,895 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth10′ 4.6″(3,160 mm)
Maximum Height of Cutting Edge18′ 0.3″(5,495 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height12′ 9.2″(3,890 mm)
Front Swing Radius8′ 5.5″(2,580 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset4′ 8.5″(1,435 mm)
Slew Radius3′ 10.6″(1,180 mm)
Overall Length17′ 8.4″(5,395 mm)
Overall Height8′ 5.4″(2,575 mm)
Upper Structure Overall Width6′ 2.8″(1,900 mm)
Ground Clearance11.8″(300 mm)
Crawler Base6′ 6.0″(1,980 mm)
Crawler Overall Length8′ 2.4″(2,500 mm)
Crawler Overall Width6′ 6.7″(2,000 mm)
Crawler Shoe Width15.7″(400 mm)

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