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The Takeuchi TB335R s/n 135300503 Compact (Mini) Excavator with Canopy and Rubber Tracks for sale at Luby Equipment in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO
Rops: Open
S/N: 135300503

✔️ Operating Weight: 7,970 lbs
✔️ Engine Horsepower: 24.4 hp

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Discover the Power and Precision of the Takeuchi TB335R Compact Excavator

The Takeuchi TB335R-RA s/n 135300503 in stock at now at Luby Equipment Services in Cape Girardeau, MO. The TB335R marks a groundbreaking addition to the compact excavator market, especially within the 3.5-ton class. Designed to bring efficiency and precision to every job site, the TB335R is a testament to Takeuchi’s commitment to innovation, offering a combination of advanced technology, comfort, and versatility that sets new standards in the industry.

TB335R Features

Engine and Performance

  • Environmental Compliance: With U.S. EPA Final Tier 4 and EU Stage 5 emission standards, the TB335R demonstrates Takeuchi’s dedication to environmental stewardship while maintaining robust performance.
  • Optimized for Efficiency: Features like the Automatic Fuel Priming System, Double Element Air Filter, and Automatic Idle, along with Standard and ECO working modes, ensure the engine runs efficiently, saving fuel and reducing downtime.
  • Engine Durability: Enhanced with a high-capacity radiator and hydraulic oil cooler, engine safe start system, and engine auto stop feature, the TB335R is built to deliver reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

Undercarriage and Frame

  • Stable and Robust Design: The TB335R boasts triple-flanged track rollers and a 2-speed axial Piston travel motors setup, complemented by a large Wraparound Counterweight for unmatched stability and performance.
  • Versatile and Durable: With its Sloped Frame with Open Centers and 11.8″ Rubber Tracks, the excavator is designed for durability and ease of movement across various terrains.

Operator Comfort and Efficiency

  • Advanced Operator Station: The cabin is designed with the operator in mind, featuring a ROPS/TOPS/OPG certified environment, a Deluxe High Back Suspension Seat, and modern amenities like Air Conditioning, Heat, and an AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth connectivity for unparalleled comfort and productivity.
  • Intuitive Controls and Displays: Updated high-definition monitors and jog dial controls allow for easy operation and monitoring of the excavator’s functions, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Hydraulic and Working Equipment

  • Precision and Versatility: The TB335R is equipped with Proportional Control for the Primary Auxiliary Circuit, Multiple Attachment Presets, and a 3rd Auxiliary Circuit for Quick Hitch on cab models, offering flexibility and precision for various tasks.
  • Easy Maintenance: Excellent service access points ensure routine maintenance and inspections are straightforward and quick, minimizing downtime.

Takeuchi Fleet Management

  • Enhanced Productivity: With two years of standard service, Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) offers features like Remote Diagnostics and Utilization Tracking to maximize uptime and efficiency.
  • Cost Control: TFM also helps manage and control operational costs through proactive maintenance and insights into the excavator’s performance.

Electrical and Safety Features

  • High-Definition Monitors: The TB335R is fitted with a 4.3″ High Definition Multifunction LCD Color Monitor for canopy models and a 7″ Multifunction Touchscreen Color Monitor for cab models, enhancing operational control and monitoring.
  • Safety and Visibility: LED light packages, including boom lights and cab-mounted lights, along with a travel alarm and beacon socket, ensure high visibility and safety on the job site.

The Takeuchi TB335R Compact Excavator is a powerful, efficient, and versatile machine designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s construction, landscaping, and utility projects. With its state-of-the-art features and operator-centric design, the TB335R is ideal for professionals seeking a compact excavator that delivers performance, comfort, and efficiency.

TB335R Specs

Operating Weight – Canopy7,970 lb3,615 kg
Operating Weight – Cab8,310 lb3,770 kg
Maximum Bucket Breakout9,172 lbf4,160 kgf
Maximum Arm Crowd Force4,290 lbf1,946 kgf
Arm Length4′ 7.6″1,410mm
Slew Speed9.0 rpm
Traction Force9,105 lbf4,130 kgf
Ground Pressure – Canopy4.5 psi30.9 kPa
Ground Pressure – Cab4.7 psi32.2 kPa
Max Travel Speed
Low Range1.9 mph3.0 km/h
High Range2.5 mph4.1 km/h
Total Hydraulic Flow31 gpm117 L/min
Auxiliary Flow – Primary Circuit17.0 gpm64.4 L/min
Hydraulic System Pressure3,550 psi24.5 Mpa
Auxiliary 1 Pressure3,050 psi21.0 Mpa
Make/ModelKubota V1505-E4B
Displacement91.4 cu in1.5 L
Horsepower @ 2,300 rmp24.4 hp18.2 kW
Maximum Torque @1,700 rpm70.6 lbf95.8 Nm
Engine Lubrication7.1 qt6.7 L
Cooling System3.3 gal12.5 L
Fuel Tank11.5 gal43.5 L
Hydraulic Reservoir7.5 gal28.4 L
Hydraulic System15.6 gal59.0 L

TB335R Dimensions

Maximum Reach17 ft 9.7 in5,430 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Level17 ft 4.8 in5,305 mm
Maximum Digging Depth10 ft 6.2 in3,205 mm
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth8 ft 2.6 in2,505 mm
Maximum Height of Cutting Edge16 ft 2.6 in4,945 mm
Maximum Dumping Height11 ft 7.0 in3,531 mm
Front Swing Radius7 ft 5.2 in2,265 mm
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset6 ft 1.2 in1,860 mm
Tailswing Radius3 ft 1.4 in950 mm
Transport Length17 ft 10.2 in5,440 mm
Tranport Height8 ft 3.2 in2,520 mm
Ground Clearance11.6 in295 mm
Crawler Base5 ft 8.9 in1,750 mm
Undercarriage Length7 ft 3.2 in2,215 mm
Undercarriage Width5 ft 8.5 in1,740 mm
Track Width (Rubber)11.8 in300 mm

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