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The CASE 1121G full-size wheel loader is a true heavyweight in construction and production environments. It is designed to enhance loading efficiency and maintain productivity around the clock. Luby Equipment is pleased to introduce this powerful machine known for its fast cycle times, extreme power, and comfortable operating environment. It is the go-to choice for demanding applications.

Horsepower: 345 hp | Operating Weight: 61,650 lb

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Case 1121G Full Size Wheel Loader For Sale

For sale at Luby Equipment: CASE 1121G Wheel Loader
Horsepower: 345 hp | Operating Weight: 61,650 lb

The CASE 1121G is truly a mountain mover, designed specifically for loading trucks and maintaining seamless production. With an operating weight of 61,650 pounds and a potent 345 horsepower engine, this loader commands mammoth breakout forces capable of handling the most demanding tasks.

This machine doesn’t just perform; it excels in operator comfort, control, and convenience. The elevated seating position offers enhanced visibility, crucial for efficient and safe operations. The advanced HVAC system ensures the cabin remains comfortable and dust-free, optimizing the work environment. Adjustable electro-hydraulic controls and cutting-edge fleet management technologies provide precise handling and operational efficiency.

Additionally, the 1121G features an 8-inch touchscreen display that offers a wealth of information at the operator’s fingertips, making it easier to manage workloads and maximize productivity.

Now available at Luby Equipment, the CASE 1121G Wheel Loader is prepared to take on the vast challenges of the construction and material handling industries. It’s a big world out there, and with the 1121G, you’re equipped to move it. Whether you’re working in quarrying, mining, or large-scale earthmoving, this loader is your powerhouse partner.

1121G Features

Exclusive CASE G Series Productivity, Efficiency & Performance:

  • Powerful FPT Engine: Equipped with a state-of-the-art FPT engine that uses patented SCR emissions technology, eliminating the need for DPF and regeneration, thus optimizing fuel efficiency.
    Ride Control: This feature ensures a smooth ride and optimum material retention, enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

Operation Made Even Easier:

  • Adjustable Electro-Hydraulic Controls: Allow operators to set boom and bucket responsiveness according to their preference, improving precision in material handling.
  • Touchscreen Display: Provides easy access to all core machine operating information and controls, streamlining the operational process.
    Power Modes and Configurable Buttons: The device Features two power modes (Smart and Max) and three configurable buttons to simplify operations and enhance efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Ensure Greater Uptime:

  • Advanced Connectivity: The SiteConnect Module enhances telematics reporting and enables functionalities like remote diagnostics and software updates, improving fuel efficiency, productivity, and uptime.
  • Integrated Payload System and TPMS: These optional systems improve load accuracy, reporting, and monitoring, further optimizing operational efficiency.

Work in Comfort:

  • Spacious Cab: This cab was designed for operator comfort. It features heating, air conditioning, and an adjustable workstation for optimal ergonomics.
  • Excellent Visibility: A sweeping single-pane windshield and optional rearview camera provide clear sightlines, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Keep it Cool. Keep it Clean:

  • CASE Cooling Cube: This cube offers easy access to fresh air for each cooler and includes a reversible fan to prevent buildup and facilitate cleaning.

Peak Groundline Serviceability:

  • It provides easy access to the engine compartment and all major service points from the ground level, simplifying maintenance tasks and reducing downtime.

Protected by CASE ProCare:

  • Comprehensive Warranty and Maintenance Contract: Includes a three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine warranty, a planned maintenance contract, and a SiteWatch telematics subscription, offering peace of mind and controlled owning and operating expenses.

1121G Equipment Details

Operator Environment:
Experience the ultimate operator comfort and functionality with the 1121 G’s state-of-the-art ROPS cab, complete with AC and heat for year-round comfort. The cab boasts an 8″ LCD touchscreen display, key start, and articulated power steering with a tilt column for effortless operation. The fully adjustable, heated air-ride seat with headrest ensures operator comfort during long working hours, while the AM/FM Bluetooth radio with auxiliary input provides entertainment and connectivity. Convenience features include a cab convenience package, foot throttle, single lever (joystick) loader control, two cup holders, interior rearview mirrors, and more, all designed to enhance the operator’s work experience.

Powered by a CASE/FPT F2CFE614F engine, the 1121G is Tier 4 Final Certified. It employs Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to minimize emissions. The loader offers selectable work modes, including Maximum and Smart Modes, an automatic shutdown idle reduction device, a turbocharger, and many other features to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

The 1121G has 4-wheel drive and a 4F/3R Selectable auto-shift/manual shift transmission, providing versatility and control across various terrains. It features heavy-duty axles with coolers, single-lever electronic shift control, and a comprehensive electronic control module for seamless operation.

With its adjustable Electro-hydraulic (EH) loader control, the 1121G offers customizable operation to match the task, from smooth to aggressive settings. The integrated Payload System and Ride Control™ enhance loading efficiency and ride quality, making material handling smoother and more efficient.

A robust electrical system supports the 1121 G’s operations, featuring a 120 amp alternator, battery isolator, electric starter, and comprehensive lighting for visibility in all conditions. The centrally located fuse box ensures easy maintenance and reliability.

The Z-Bar loader linkage provides powerful lifting and tilting capabilities, complemented by features like automatic return-to-dig, height control, and return-to-travel functions. The brake pedal transmission disconnect and bucket position indicator enhance control and precision during operations.

Equipped with CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics, the 1121G includes hardware and a 3-year Advanced data subscription, offering remote diagnostics capability and ensuring efficient fleet management and operational monitoring.

Additional Features:
The 1121G has additional features, such as an electric hood lift, front and rear fenders, standard counterweight, articulation locking bar, and grouped remote-mounted ecology drains for convenient maintenance.

1121G Optional Equipment Details

Operator Environment Options:

  • Leather-Trimmed Heated Air Seat with Active Suspension: This premium seat option offers unmatched comfort and support and is designed to reduce operator fatigue during long operating hours.
  • In-Cab Powered Cooler Box: This box keeps beverages and snacks cool and within easy reach, enhancing the convenience and comfort of the operator’s environment.
  • In-Cab Accessory Mount: Securely attach and easily access your essential devices, ensuring seamless technology integration into your workflow.
    Rear View Camera and External Heated Rear View Mirrors: Clear visibility around the machine enhances safety and situational awareness, which is crucial for operating in congested sites or challenging conditions.
  • Front LED Driving/Headlights and LED Work Lights: These ensure optimal visibility in early morning, late evening, or low-light conditions, enhancing safety and productivity.

Drivetrain Options:

  • Axle Oscillation Stops: Improve stability and safety on uneven terrain, ensuring consistent performance and reduced wear on components.
  • Cold Weather Package: This package optimizes the 1121G for cold environments, with features like a fuel heater, hydraulic oil cooler bypass, and low-temperature hydraulic oil, ensuring reliable operation in freezing temperatures.

Hydraulics Options:

  • Auxiliary Hydraulics and Secondary Steering: Expand the functionality and versatility of the 1121G with additional hydraulic capabilities and enhanced steering options for precise control.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Maintain optimal tire pressure for increased fuel efficiency, life, and safety.
  • 2-Function and 4-Function EH Loader Controls: For precise material handling, choose the level of control that suits your needs, from basic to more complex operations.

Loader Options:

  • XR Extended Reach Version: This product provides additional lift height and reach for tasks that require extended capabilities, such as loading high-sided trucks or reaching over obstacles.
    Attachment Auxiliary Hydraulics: This will enhance the versatility of the 1121G by allowing it to operate a wide range of attachments, expanding its utility across different tasks.

Tires Options:

  • To suit various ground conditions and applications, you can choose from various tire options, including 26.5 x 25 L3 and L5 Bias and 26.5-R25 L3 and L5 Radial.

Additional Options:

  • 12 MPH (20 KPH) Maximum Speed Control: Ensure safety and compliance with site speed regulations.
  • Special Paint: Customize the appearance of your 1121G to align with your company branding or personal preferences.
  • Wide Full Coverage Fenders with Right and Left-Hand Steps: Protect your machine from debris and facilitate easy access with these practical and durable fenders.

1121G Dimensions

Height to Top of ROPS Cab140.8 in (3,576 mm)
Height to Drawbar44.8 in (1,137 mm)
Wheelbase139.8 in (3,550 mm)
Ground Clearance17.2 in (437 mm)
Angle of Departure, Rear23°
Overall Width Without Bucket117.2 in (2,978 mm)
Tread Width90.6 in (2,300 mm)
Turning Radius – Outside250.6 in (6,366 mm)
Turning Angle From Center40°
Total Turning Angle80°
Rear Axle Oscillation – Total26°

1121G Warranty

Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare is applicable on select new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.

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