Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tips

Operator Tips

When to refill the tank
  • On CASE equipment, there is a DEF gauge, just like the fuel gauge. It shows the fluid level and indicates when it’s time to refill.
  • When fluid level becomes low in the DEF tank, a series of warnings will alert the operator after DEF reaches less than 10% of capacity.
  • If the DEF tank contains less than 5% of its capacity, the equipment engine power will de-rate. Enough power will be available, however, to travel a short distance, so you can add DEF to the tank.
  • The DEF tank needs to be filled once every 3 to 4 times that you refuel with diesel fuel in CASE machines. The frequency will vary with operating conditions.
How to fill the tank
  • The opening of the DEF tank is sized to accept only a DEF fill nozzle. This constraint ensures that only DEF can be pumped into the DEF tank. A standard nozzle for diesel fuel will not fit into the DEF tank opening.
  • DEF tanks will hold between 15 and 50 gallons, depending on the equipment size and horsepower.

About DEF

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is non-toxic and is made up of purified water and urea. It is stable and colorless. DEF is similar to baking soda in its alkalinity (pH). It is not a fuel but is used to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides in the emissions to meet emissions control standards.

In the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, DEF is injected into the exhaust. It converts the NOx into nitrogen gas and water vapor, which are harmless components of air.

Keep DEF out of direct sunlight. The ideal temperature range for storing DEF is 32° F to 86° F, and its average shelf life is 3 years. DEF begins freezing at 32° F. The DEF tank on the vehicle has a heater that will thaw the DEF quickly. Freezing and thawing does not change its effectiveness.

Because of its alkalinity, it can cause oxidization in the same way that oxygen rusts raw steel, so it needs to be stored in plastic or stainless steel containers.

Available Package Sizes

2.5 Gallon Container
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote
330 Gallon Tote
Part Number R32551
Part Number R32552
Part Number R32553
Part Number R32554

Luby Equipment Services also offers a complete line of DEF transfer pumps and meters, including on-site bulk storage equipment options.

All CASE DEF meets ISO Standards for purity and composition and is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified diesel exhaust fluid. These standards are the highest for quality and safety and ensure optimum SCR system performance.

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