Machine Inspection Checklist


Completed by our factory trained technicians

Engine Compartment

  •  Belts and hoses
  •  Fuel leaks
  •  Coolant leaks
  •  Engine oil leaks
  •  Air induction system
  •  Exhaust system
  •  Charging system and wiring
  •  Brackets, braces, and bolts
  •  Air system

Operator’s Compartment

  •  Safety equipment (seat belt, horn, alarms)
  •  Warning lights and gauges
  •  Windows and wipers
  •  Seat and cushion
  •  Lighting

Exterior of Machine

  •  Undercarriage, tires, wheels, tracks
  •  Suspension, frame, axles
  •  Winch or ripper
  •  Cutting edges, shanks, and teeth
  •  Blade or bucket mounts – arm – boom
  •  Oil or fuel leaks
  •  Hydraulic cylinders

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