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The CASE TL100 Mini Track Loader, a compact yet robust machine, is your gateway to quickly taking on larger projects. Its small footprint and construction-grade features make it a formidable ally in diverse work environments. Transport it effortlessly with just a pick-up truck and trailer, and prepare to tackle tasks that belie its size.

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2024 CASE TL100WT (Wide Track) Mini Track Loader for sale

CASE TL100 Mini Track Loader For sale at Luby Equipment: Elevate your operational capacity with this multi-functional powerhouse. Ideal for tasks ranging from loading, lifting, and digging to dozing, sweeping, and grinding, this machine simplifies complex jobs with its easy operation and versatile capabilities. Navigate tight spaces effortlessly and take advantage of its robust 1,000-pound lifting capacity. Featuring over 40 unique attachments, a standard Common Industry Interface (CII) coupler, and essential auxiliary hydraulics, this equipment is engineered for compatibility and convenience. Optional enhancements include a 14-pin connector for high-end attachment compatibility. The intuitive pilot joystick control ensures smooth operation.

Proudly supported by CASE, this durable machine not only meets the demands of heavy-duty tasks but also comes with a commitment to boosting your business’s growth, available now at Luby Equipment.

Unmatched Capability:

Boasting a 1,000-pound lifting capacity, the TL100 is not just about lifting and loading. Thanks to over 40 available attachments, its versatility extends to digging, dozing, augering, sweeping, and more. The Common Industry Interface (CII) coupler, complemented by standard auxiliary hydraulics and an optional 14-pin connector, ensures seamless attachment integration.

Operator-Centric Design:

Ease of use is at the heart of the TL100’s design. The pilot joystick control provides intuitive operation, while the thumbwheel auxiliary hydraulics and advanced instrumentation enhance efficiency. The ergonomic layout and clear sightlines to crucial areas like tracks and bucket edges ensure high productivity.

Power and Efficiency:

At the core of the TL100 lies a Tier 4 Final engine that epitomizes efficiency and power. This quiet, smooth engine keeps operational costs and uptime high without needing DEF or regeneration. Whether concrete, mud, or snow, the TL100 ensures optimal surface traction.


Navigate through narrow passages with the 7-inch track or opt for the 10-inch variant to minimize ground pressure and maximize stability. The machine’s radial linkage loader arm and a hinge pin height 7’2″ facilitate easy clearance, making the TL100 adaptable to various job site requirements.

Ready for Any Challenge:

The TL100 is not just a machine; it’s a toolset. With over 40 attachment options and the capability to handle complex attachments via optional connectors, it’s ready for any challenge. From soil conditioners and grapples to trenchers and mowers, the TL100 is designed to meet your project’s needs head-on.

Your Growth Partner:

Backed by CASE’s heavy-duty commitment, the TL100 Mini Track Loader is more than a piece of equipment—it’s a partner poised to help you grow your business.

Operator Environment:

  • Precision Control: Hydraulic pilot joystick ensures precise control over loader and ground drive functions.
  • Safety Features: Includes an operator presence sensor and control lockout for loader and ground drive, enhancing operational safety.
  • Comfort and Convenience: The cushioned operator platform, grab handles, key start, hand throttle, cup holder, and pocket for a cell phone are designed to ensure operator comfort and convenience during long working hours.


  • Reliable Performance: Engine tip-over shut-off and a glow plug starting aid ensure the TL100 is ready to work in any condition.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Comes with a locking fuel cap, fuel filter with water separator, and an electric fuel pump for efficient and secure fuel management.
  • Security: A lockable hood compartment protects vital engine components and provides peace of mind.


  • Smooth Operation: Dual hydrostatic drive motors and a SAHR parking brake offer smooth and reliable operation.
  • Stable Mobility: The five roller undercarriage and narrow rubber track belt ensure stability and reduced ground pressure, allowing access to sensitive surfaces without damage.


  • Versatile Performance: The 3-spool loader control valve and dual-acting auxiliary hydraulics facilitate various attachments.
  • Enhanced Control: Joystick features proportional auxiliary hydraulic control with a detent and a selector valve for 1-way or 2-way auxiliary hydraulic operations, providing versatility for various attachments.


  • Intelligent Monitoring: CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics comes standard, offering hardware and a 5-year data subscription for enhanced machine management and preventive maintenance.


  • Efficient Lifting: Radial lift geometry and a CII mechanical attachment coupler ensure effective material handling and easy attachment changes.
  • Additional Support: Loader lift arm support strut and additional counterweights enhance lifting capabilities and stability.


  • Convenience and Visibility: Equipped with a 12V power plug socket, front and rear LED work lights for enhanced visibility, a master battery disconnect, and a horn for safety and operational convenience.

The CASE TL100 Mini Track Loader is not just equipped; it’s ready to tackle any challenge with its comprehensive suite of standard features designed for performance, comfort, and efficiency.

Drivetrain Enhancements:

  • Adaptability: The wide rubber track belt increases stability and lowers ground pressure, making the TL100 even more versatile across various terrains and sensitive surfaces.

Hydraulic Options:

  • Advanced Connectivity: A case drain attachment connection is available for running high-flow hydraulic attachments, expanding the TL100’s versatility.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Choose bio-hydraulic oil and lubricants for environmentally conscious operation without compromising performance.

Loader Upgrades:

  • Customized Bucket Options: Enhance your material handling capabilities with a 36-inch or 42-inch dirt bucket tailored to your job requirements.
  • Durability Add-Ons: Bolt-on bucket teeth and cutting edges are available to extend the lifespan of your buckets and improve performance in harsh digging conditions.
  • Stability Boost: Six additional counterweights can be added to enhance the loader’s lifting capacity and overall stability, making it suitable for heavier loads.

Electrical Additions:

  • Attachment Compatibility: A 14-pin electrical auxiliary connection allows for the use of advanced electrical attachments, providing greater functionality and control.

Other Options:

  • Customized Support: The operator manual is available in English, Spanish, or French, ensuring comprehensive support and guidance tailored to diverse operator needs.
Displacement/Cylinders77.0 in³ (1.261 L)
Emissions CertificationStage V
Gross Horsepower24.8 hp (18.5 kW)
Net Horsepower24 hp (18.0 kW)
Peak Torque59.1 lb·ft (80.1 N·m)
Narrow Track Performance
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 35%992 lb (450 kg)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50%1,416 lb (643 kg)
Tipping Load2,833 lb (1,285 kg)
Wide Track Performance
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 35%1,102 lb (500 kg)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50%1,574 lb (714 kg)
Tipping Load3,148 lb (1,428 kg)
Additional Specifications
Lift ConfigurationRadial
Max Travel Speed4.7 mph (7.5 kph)
Fuel Tank (Diesel)7.9 gal (30 L)
Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics13.2 gpm (50 L/min)
Narrow Track Operating Weight3,536 lb (1,604 kg)
Wide Track Operating Weight3,783 lb (1,716 kg)
Note*Measured using standard equip bucket
Overall Height56.5 in (1,435 mm)
Overall Length (Without Bucket)85.6 in (2,175 mm)
Narrow Track Specifications
Machine Width35.0 in (890 mm)
Bucket Width36.0 in (914 mm)
Wide Track Specifications
Machine Width40.4 in (1,026 mm)
Bucket Width42.0 in (1,067 mm)
  • Base warranty coverage: 2-Year/2,000-Hour
  • Full Machine Limited Warranty

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