CASE 856C Motor Grader


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The CASE 856C Motor Grader is a mid-sized powerhouse designed to tackle various grading tasks with precision and efficiency. Boasting 173 horsepower and equipped with advanced technological features, it is engineered to deliver unmatched performance in even the most challenging conditions.

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CASE 856C Motor Grader

The CASE 856C Motor Grader is a mid-sized powerhouse designed to tackle various grading tasks with precision and efficiency. Boasting 173 horsepower and equipped with advanced technological features, it is engineered to deliver unmatched performance in even the most challenging conditions.

856C Features

Purpose-Built Performance:

  • Ergopower Transmission: Ensures smooth automatic shifting for consistent performance, adapting seamlessly to changes in acceleration, deceleration, or grade.
  • Automatic Differential Lock: A 100-percent automatic system that manages tractive effort for optimal power splitting, enhancing traction in demanding situations.
  • High-Flow Floor Switch: Allows operators to maximize hydraulic output, ensuring peak performance when needed instantly.
  • Exclusive A-Frame Design: Provides exceptional stability, supporting precise and balanced blade operations across various terrains.
  • Moldboard Versatility: Designed for flexibility, the moldboard can tilt, pitch, and move laterally and is supported by a 5-position saddle, allowing for bank-cutting angles up to 112 degrees.
  • Precision Controls: Direct-mounted hydraulic controls offer reduced play, giving operators enhanced feedback and control for precision tasks.

Innovative and Efficient Emissions:

  • The CASE 856C meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards with a combination of FPT catalyst and filter solutions and an Automatic Catalyst Management (ACM) system that operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring no impact on performance.

CASE Comfort & Visibility:

  • Optimal Visibility: The rear-mounted cab design and large floor-to-ceiling safety glass provide an expansive view of the moldboard and surrounding area.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Options like a rearview camera, a 7-inch LCD monitor, and an advanced lighting package improve jobsite visibility and safety.
  • Operator Comfort: The ROPS/FOPS cab has a heated air-ride seat, adjustable control console, CD radio, and sun shields to ensure operator comfort throughout the workday.

Simple Serviceability:

  • Accessible Maintenance: The engine hood opens hydraulically with a simple lever pull inside the cab, offering easy access to key components.
  • Convenient Checkpoints: All maintenance points are strategically located at ground or fender level for quick daily checks.
  • Automatic Lubrication: An optional system that further simplifies maintenance, ensuring the machine is adequately cared for with minimal effort.

ProCare Protection:

  • The CASE 856C comes with the industry-leading ProCare program, offering three years of planned maintenance for peace of mind and predictable operating costs.

856C Standard Equipment

Operator Environment:

  • Safety and Comfort: ROPS/FOPS cab compliant with SAE J231, ISO 3449, featuring fully swinging doors, tinted safety glasses, sun shields, and openable front windows for enhanced visibility and operator comfort.
  • Adjustable Operator’s Console: Includes hydraulic control levers, a steering wheel, and indicator lights, all designed for ergonomic operation and control.
  • Seating: Air suspension seat with a retractable seat belt and movable armrests, ensuring comfort during long hours of operation.
  • Additional Features: Dome light, rearview mirrors, cup holder, storage tray, 12-volt outlet, automatic electrical master switch, heater/defroster/pressurizer, sound suppression, Delphi AM/FM Radio with CD, and convenient steps for easy cab access.


  • Power and Efficiency: F4HFE613Y*B005 NEF 6-cylinder, Common Rail, Turbocharged Diesel Engine, Tier 4 Final Certified, ensuring powerful performance with efficient fuel use and reduced emissions.
  • Innovative Cooling and Emissions Systems: Features a temperature-controlled cooling fan, SCR-only exhaust gas after-treatment, and various features like the charge air cooler and air intake grid heater for optimized engine performance in all conditions.


  • Advanced Transmission: Powershift transmission with six forward and three reverse speeds, hydraulic differential lock, and a caliper parking brake on the transmission for smooth operation and control.
  • Hydrostatic Features: Hydrostatic front-wheel drive, power steering, and circle drive without an overload clutch, enhancing maneuverability and grading precision.


  • Versatile Moldboard Control: 12 ft x 23.7 in moldboard with hydraulic side shift, pitch, and a 5-position saddle for versatile grading tasks.
  • Advanced Hydraulic System: Closed-center, a load-sensing system with a 10-section control valve and additional features for comprehensive control over grading operations.


  • Robust and Reliable: 17.5 – 25 EM SGL TL Goodyear tires designed for durability and traction across various terrains.

Electrical and Instruments:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Equipped with heavy-duty batteries, an electronic systems monitor, a wide array of analog displays, and gauges for real-time monitoring of critical systems.
  • Lighting and Safety Features: Includes headlights, turn signals, tail lights with brake lights, cab-mounted floodlights, and a backup alarm for enhanced visibility and safety on the job site.

Additional Features:

  • Convenience and Maintenance: Front and rear counterweights, fenders with hinged mudflaps, wheel chocks, standard tooling, and maintenance-free components such as the drive shaft, rear ripper, and dozer.


  • CASE SiteWatch™: Includes hardware and a 3-year advanced data subscription, providing comprehensive machine monitoring and management capabilities.

856C Optional Equipment

Moldboards Options:

  • 11 ft x 23.6 in (3,355 x 600 mm) and 13 ft x 23.7 in (3,962 x 603 mm) moldboards, each with a single radius curve.
  • Extensions are available in 2 ft (610 mm) increments.
  • Front Float Control and Moldboard Float Control (Hydraforce/HF22484-03).
  • Lift cylinder/side shift accumulators and lift cylinder accumulators for enhanced control.
  • Optional moldboard with overload clutch and side plates for added durability.

Operator Environment Enhancements:

  • Openable front windows with rear window defroster for improved visibility and ventilation.
  • Lower front wiper/washers and rear windshield washer.
  • Air conditioning for operator comfort in various climates.
  • Low Profile Cab option available.
  • Upgraded air suspension seat, heated, with movable armrests.
  • Radio prepared for in-cab entertainment.

Hydraulic System Customization:

  • Rear ripper hydraulic predisposition for easy attachment of rippers.
  • Option to use environment-friendly hydraulic oil panolin.

Tire Options:

  • For various operational needs, 17.5 R25 XTLA G2 and 17.5 R25 XHA Michelin tires.

Electrical and Lighting:

  • Two front-mounted working lights for enhanced visibility.
  • Floodlights at the moldboard and articulation points.
  • A snow wing lighting package will improve visibility in snow removal operations.
  • Backup alarm and a beacon for increased safety.

Additional Features and Attachments:

  • Bidirectional engine cooling fan for improved engine performance.
  • Cold weather package for optimal operation in low temperatures.
  • Fire extinguisher and strobe light for safety.
  • Toolboxes are available with or without tools for on-site convenience.
  • Tire inflator kit, spare wheel, and spare wheel support for tire maintenance.
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign and rear pull hook for transportation and towing.
  • Equipment on-road and on-road approval for legal road use.
  • Speed limitation options at 20 km/h and 25 km/h to comply with local regulations.


  • Front pull hook and counterweights for enhanced grading stability.
  • For versatile ground engagement, the front dozer blade, the moldboard scarifier, and the moldboard ripper.
  • The front push plate, front support, and lift cylinder are for added functionality.
  • A rear ripper is available with 3 or 5 teeth, with or without a protective device, for breaking up hard ground.

856C Specs

Specification CategoryDetails
Engine – VHP
ModelF4HFE613Y*B005 NEF 6 cyl. CR TAA 4V, Tier 4 Final, compliant with 97/68/EC standards, electronic control
Type4-stroke, turbocharged and air-to-air cooled
Cylinders6-cylinder in-line
Bore/Stroke4.09 x 5.17 in (104 x 132 mm)
Displacement409 in³ (6.7 L)
Fuel InjectionCommon Rail
Horsepower @ 2100 RPM – ISO 14396/ECE R120Gross: 193/205/220 hp (144/153/164 kW), Net: 173/192 hp (129/142 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1400 RPM627 ft·lb (850 N·m)
Rear AxleGraziano, planetary
DifferentialHydraulic lock, operator controlled
Inboard BrakesWet disc, 5 discs/brake, 2,225 in² (14,336 cm²) brake surface area
TandemsWelded plate, 15° oscillation each way
Front AxleHigh strength, welded steel, 15° oscillation each direction, 20.3° wheel lean left/right
Tires – Standard17.5 – 25 EM SGL TL Goodyear
Rims1-piece, 14/1.3 in x 25 in (38.1 mm x 635 mm)
Transmission TypeDirect drive countershaft Powershift with electronic shift control and inching pedal
Pump Flow @ 2000 RPM22.4 gpm (85 L/min)
Speeds6 forward/3 reverse, Single lever bump style automatic electronic control, On-board diagnostics
Speeds – Forward/Reverse1st: 3.1/3.3 mph (5.0/5.4 km/h), 2nd: 4.8/7.8 mph (7.7/12.6 km/h), 3rd: 7.3/17.3 mph (11.8/27.9 km/h), 4th: 11.1 mph (17.9 km/h), 5th: 16.1 mph (26.0 km/h), 6th: 23.6 mph (38.0 km/h)
Voltage24 Volts, negative ground
Alternator90 amp
Batteries2 – Low-maintenance 1010 CCA – 100 Ah (20 hr rate)
Work LightsHeadlights – 2; Turn signals, front/rear; Stop/tail – 2; Rear mounted floods – 2; Front mounted floods – 2
Backup AlarmStandard

856C Dimensions

Dimension856C856C AWD
A. Blade Width12 ft 0 in (3,658 mm)12 ft 0 in (3,658 mm)
B. Distance Between Outside Edges of Tires8 ft 4 in (2,549 mm)8 ft 5 in (2,555 mm)
C. Wheel Tread – Rim 14/1.3 x 25 – One Piece Rim6 ft 11 in (2,094 mm)6 ft 11 in (2,094 mm)
D. Height to Top of Cab – Low Profile10 ft 4 in (3,150 mm)10 ft 4 in (3,150 mm)
E. Tire Radius – When Static1 ft 11 in (584 mm)1 ft 11 in (584 mm)
F. Blade Base8 ft 3 in (2,504 mm)8 ft 3 in (2,504 mm)
G. Distance Between Tandem Axles5 ft 2 in (1,573 mm)5 ft 2 in (1,573 mm)
H. Distance Between Tandem Center and Wheel2 ft 7 in (787 mm)2 ft 7 in (787 mm)
I. Wheelbase20 ft 3 in (6,023 mm)20 ft 3 in (6,023 mm)
J. Distance Between Tandem Center and Rear End5 ft 10 in (1,785 mm)5 ft 10 in (1,785 mm)
K. Distance Between Front Axle and Rear End25 ft 5 in (7,808 mm)25 ft 5 in (7,808 mm)
L. Overall Length – Without Ripper/Front Attach30 ft 3 in (9,371 mm)30 ft 3 in (9,371 mm)
M. Distance Between Rear Tires and Rear Ripper5 ft 9 in (1,755 mm)5 ft 9 in (1,755 mm)
N. Distance Between Front Tires and Front Dozer5 ft 0 in (1,532 mm)5 ft 0 in (1,532 mm)
Outside Tire Turning Radius23 ft 11 in (7,300 mm)23 ft 11 in (7,300 mm)
Ground Clearance – Rear Axle14.9 in (379 mm)14.9 in (379 mm)
Ground Clearance – Front Axle21.8 in (554 mm)21.8 in (554 mm)
Note: All units are equipped with 17.5 – 25 EM SGL TL Goodyear tires, ROPS cab with heater and A/C, standard battery, full fuel, and a 175 lb (79 kg) operator. Specifications are per ISO 7134.


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare applicable on select new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.