CASE CX365E SR Full-Size Excavator


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The CASE CX365E SR Full-Size Excavator, this much-anticipated addition to our lineup, is a game-changer in heavy-duty construction equipment, setting new benchmarks for power, efficiency, and operator comfort. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of road and bridge construction, heavy civil work, and tight-space earthmoving, the CX365E SR is your go-to machine for exceptional performance.

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CASE CX365E SR Full-Size Excavator

The CASE CX365E SR Full-Size Excavator, this much-anticipated addition to our lineup, is a game-changer in heavy-duty construction equipment, setting new benchmarks for power, efficiency, and operator comfort. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of road and bridge construction, heavy civil work, and tight-space earthmoving, the CX365E SR is your go-to machine for exceptional performance.

CX365E Features

Key Features of the CASE CX365E SR:

  • Minimum Swing Radius: Ideal for working in constrained environments without compromising power or performance.
  • Massive Weight: Weighing over 78,600 pounds for robust operations in any setting.
  • New Premium Operator Experience: Part of the all-new CASE E Series lineup, offering unparalleled comfort and control.

Operator Comfort and Control:

  • Advanced Command Center: This unit features a 10-inch LCD display for superior access to cameras, machine data, and controls.
  • Customizable Views: Includes rear, side view, and Max View™ perspectives, all customizable for optimal visibility.
  • Operating Modes: Four new modes with up to 10 throttle settings, including a new Eco mode for up to 18% lower fuel consumption.

Hydraulic Flow Control Balance:

  • Customizable Hydraulic Flow: This allows for the prioritization of arm-in/boom-up movements or arm-in/swinging movements based on operator preference.
  • Enhanced Responsiveness: This feature makes the excavator more responsive and efficient, catering to the specific demands of the work at hand.

Attachment Platform and Precision Solutions:

  • Versatile Attachment Settings: Stores numerous LCD monitor attachment settings for one-way and two-way hydraulic attachments.
  • OEM-Fit Machine Control Solutions: 2D and 3D semi-automatic control solutions ensure optimal machine performance, and they are tested and installed by CASE-certified precision field specialists.

Improved Uptime and Fleet Management:

  • Connectivity Capabilities: New SiteConnect Module and SiteManager App for remote analysis and diagnostics by certified CASE technicians.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Service: The SiteConnect Module provides real-time monitoring and management, enhancing collaboration between equipment owners, dealers, and the CASE Uptime Center.

Protected by CASE ProCare:

  • Comprehensive Warranty: Three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty.
  • Planned Maintenance Contract: Three-year, 2,000-hour coverage.
  • Telematics Subscription: Three-year CASE SiteWatch™ subscription for peace of mind.

Experience the Transformation:

The CASE CX365E SR Full-Size Excavator is not just a machine; it’s a transformational force for your jobsite and business. With its historic speed, power, and responsiveness, matched with the latest operator comfort and technological advancements, the CX365E SR is poised to elevate your projects to new heights. 

CX365E Standard Equipment


  • Model: Isuzu AQ-6HK1X, Tier 4 Final Certified
  • Fuel Efficiency Innovations:
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
    • Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) with EGR Coolers
    • Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT)
    • High-Pressure Common Rail System
  • Engine Enhancements:
    • Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Neutral Safety Start
    • Auto-Engine Warm-Up and Glow-Plug Pre-Heat
    • Engine Protection Feature (EPF)
    • Dual-Stage Fuel Filtration & Dual Element Air Filter
    • Remote Oil Filter & Engine Oil Drain
    • 500-Hour Engine Oil Change Interval
  • Operational Efficiency:
    • 24-Volt System with Battery Disconnect Switch
    • Air Pre-Cleaner – Cyclone Type
    • High Ambient Temperature Cooling Package
    • External Fuel and DEF Gauges

Fuel Economy Systems

  • Auto-Idle and One-Touch Idle
  • Timed Engine Shut Down
  • Efficiency Controls: BEC, AEC, SWC, SSC

Upper Structure

  • Safety and Convenience:
    • ISO Mirrors – 3
    • Cab ISO-Mounts – Fluid and Spring
    • Swivel Guard and Belly Pans for Protection
    • Lockable Fuel Cap, Service Doors, and Tool Box
  • Visibility Enhancements:
    • Upper Mounted Work Light – 70 Watt
    • Handrail and ISO Guard Rails for Safe Access


  • Control and Customization:
    • Pilot Pressure Control System
    • Work Mode Select (SP, Power, Eco, Lift)
    • Travel Mode Select – 2-Speed with Auto Downshift
    • Attachment Cushion Control
    • Custom Flow Balance Adjustment for Optimal Control


  • Robust Design:
    • Boom and Arm with Heavy-Duty Bucket Linkage
    • Auxiliary Pipe Brackets and Centralized Grease Fittings
    • Chrome Pins and Easy Maintenance System (EMS) Bushings

Operator Environment

  • Cab Features:
    • Ergonomic Design with Press Work Fabrication
    • 10 Inch Full-Color LCD Monitor Display
    • Auto Climate Control & Polycarbonate Roof Hatch
    • AM/FM/Bluetooth Radio with Hands-Free Phone Capability
  • Operator’s Seat:
    • Low-Frequency Air Suspension
    • Manual Weight Adjustment
    • Adjustable Armrest, Headrest, and Lumbar Support


  • CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics:
    • Includes hardware and a 3-year Advanced data subscription
    • Remote diagnostics with the CASE SiteManager App

CX365E Optional Equipment


  • Refueling Pump: Ensures efficient and convenient fueling operations.
  • Air Pre-Cleaner – Cyclone: Extends engine life by filtering out harmful debris and dust.
  • High Ambient Temperature Cooling Package: Guarantees optimal performance in high-temperature conditions.


  • Auxiliary Hydraulics:
    • Proportionally controlled secondary low-flow auxiliary hydraulics for precise operation.
    • Hose Burst Check Valve (HBCV) enhances safety by preventing hose bursts.

Machine Control

  • Leica iCON iXE2 – 2D System and Leica iCON iXE3 – 3D System: Offers advanced machine control for precision excavation and grading.


  • Versatile Arm Options:
    • Short arm for enhanced digging force and depth.
    • Long arm for extended reach and range.
  • Quick Coupler/Case Multi-Pin Grabber: Allows for rapid attachment changes.
  • Tools: A diverse range of attachments, including heavy-duty/extreme-duty/ditching buckets, hammers, thumbs, and compaction plates for various tasks.

Upper Structure

  • Rubber Bumper Guard: Protects the machine from impacts and damage. Available through Service Parts.
  • Catwalk – Left and Right Side: Provides safe and easy access to maintenance points.


  • Steel Shoes:
    • 27.6 in (700 mm) and 33.5 in (850 mm) options with triple semi-grouser for superior traction and stability.

Operator Environment

  • FOPS Cab Top Guard – Level 2: Ensures operator safety from falling objects.
  • Front Grill Guard and Rock Guards: Protects against impacts from debris. Available in various configurations.
  • Vandal Guard (Front Window) with Common Key: Secures the cab against unauthorized access.
  • Rain Deflector and Sun Visor: Enhances operator comfort by reducing glare and preventing rain entry.
  • Max View Monitor: A 3-camera system offering a 270-degree view around the excavator for unparalleled jobsite awareness.
  • LED Package: Includes six strategically placed LED lights to illuminate the work area for safe and efficient operation during low-light conditions.

CX365E Specs

ModelIsuzu AQ-6HK1X
Emissions CertificationTier 4 Final
FuelRequires ultra-low sulfur fuel, B5 biodiesel tolerant
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle diesel, 6-cylinder in-line with high-pressure common rail system – electric control, VGT Turbocharger w/ air cooled intercooler, ATS
Cylinders6-cylinder in-line
Displacement475 in³ (7.8 L)
Bore/Stroke4.53 x 4.92 in (115 x 125 mm)
Fuel InjectionHigh-pressure common rail system – electronic
Fuel FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Air FilterDry type dual element w/ warning restriction indicator
Oil FilterReplaceable, full flow spin-on cartridge
Engine GradeabilitySide-to-side 35°, Fore and aft 35°
Net Horsepower205 hp (153 kW) @ 1800 RPM according to SAE J1349
Net Max. Torque626 lbf·ft (849 N·m) @ 1500 RPM according to SAE J1349
Cooling Operating Range122° to -4°F (50° to -20°C)
OilRequires low-ash oil CJ-4
Travel ControlDual-stage relief/counterbalance design
BrakesMechanical disc
Two-Speed TravelMax. high speed 2.9 mph (4.7 km/h), Max. low speed 1.7 mph (2.8 km/h), Automatic downshift
Drawbar Pull59,300 lbf (264 kN)
Gradeability70% – 35° Slope
Voltage24 Volts
Alternator Rating90 amp
Batteries2 x 12 Volt
Battery Reserve Capacity128 Ah/5 hour
Work Lights4 – 24 Volt/70 watt (1 boom, 1 upper, 2 cab)
Air Conditioner Output18,100 BTU/hr
Heater Output20,150 BTU/hr
Sound Level Inside Cab71 dBA according to ISO6395
Electrical Outlet12 Volt
Cab Interior Light10 watt
Rear and Side View CamerasIncluded

CX365E Dimensions

Dimension Category10 ft 5 in (3.18 m) Arm8 ft 8 in (2.65 m) Arm12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Arm
A. Overall Height – With Attachment11 ft 1 in (3,380 mm)10 ft 11 in (3,320 mm)11 ft 2 in (3,400 mm)
B. Cab Height10 ft 8 in (3,250 mm)10 ft 8 in (3,250 mm)10 ft 8 in (3,250 mm)
Overall Height to Top of Guardrail11 ft 4 in (3,450 mm)11 ft 4 in (3,450 mm)11 ft 4 in (3,450 mm)
C. Overall Length – With Attachment32 ft 7 in (9,930 mm)32 ft 8 in (9,950 mm)32 ft 7 in (9,930 mm)
D. Overall Length – Without Attachment16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)
E. Width of Upper Structure10 ft 9 in (3,280 mm)10 ft 9 in (3,280 mm)10 ft 9 in (3,280 mm)
Width of Upper Structure with Catwalks11 ft 9 in (3,590 mm)11 ft 9 in (3,590 mm)11 ft 9 in (3,590 mm)
F. Track Overall Length16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)16 ft 4 in (4,980 mm)
G. Track Overall Width – With 31.5 in (800 mm) Shoes11 ft 2 in (3,400 mm)11 ft 2 in (3,400 mm)11 ft 2 in (3,400 mm)
H. Track Shoe Width2 ft 7 in (800 mm)2 ft 7 in (800 mm)2 ft 7 in (800 mm)
I. Center to Center – Idler to Sprocket13 ft 3 in (4,040 mm)13 ft 3 in (4,040 mm)13 ft 3 in (4,040 mm)
J. Upper Structure Ground Clearance3 ft 11 in (1,200 mm)3 ft 11 in (1,200 mm)3 ft 11 in (1,200 mm)
K. Minimum Ground Clearance1 ft 7 in (470 mm)1 ft 7 in (470 mm)1 ft 7 in (470 mm)
L. Rear Tail Swing Radius6 ft 6 in (1,980 mm)6 ft 6 in (1,980 mm)6 ft 6 in (1,980 mm)
Operating Weight*82,483 lb (37,414 kg)82,373 lb (37,364 kg)83,144 lb (37,714 kg)
Ground Pressure7.25 psi (0.5 bar)7.25 psi (0.5 bar)7.25 psi (0.5 bar)
Note: Operating weight includes a 20 ft 2 in (6.15 m) boom, 31.5 in (800 mm) track shoe, 2,050 lb (930 kg) bucket, 165 lb (75 kg) operator, full fuel, and standard equipment.



Each CASE E Series excavator provides peace of mind and controlled owning and operating expenses with ProCare:

  • Three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty
  • Three-year, 2,000-hour planned maintenance contract
  • Three-year CASE SiteWatch™ telematics subscription