CASE SV217E Single Drum Vibratory Roller


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The CASE SV217E is the pinnacle of soil compactors in the CASE lineup, combining immense power with precision control. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this 36,500-pound behemoth delivers up to 74,861 pounds of centrifugal force, making it ideal for compacting various soil types efficiently and effectively.

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CASE SV217E Single Drum Vibratory Roller

The CASE SV217E is the pinnacle of soil compactors in the CASE lineup, combining immense power with precision control. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this 36,500-pound behemoth delivers up to 74,861 pounds of centrifugal force, making it ideal for compacting various soil types efficiently and effectively.

SV217E Features

Unrivaled Compaction Dynamics:

  • Powerful Centrifugal Force: With forces ranging from 49,907 to 74,861 pounds, the SV217E ensures deep and uniform soil compaction.
  • Dual Amplitudes and Frequencies: Operators can fine-tune the machine with low amplitudes of 0.037 inches and high amplitudes of 0.087 inches, along with low frequencies of 1,680 vibrations per minute at 28 hertz and high frequencies of 2,100 vibrations per minute at 35 hertz, adapting to specific compaction needs.
  • Intelligent Compaction Solutions: Optional advanced technologies enhance productivity and compaction quality, offering tailored performance for diverse projects.

Superior Gradeability: Take the Hill:

  • Low Center of Gravity: The innovative axle-free design lowers the engine within the frame, enhancing stability and allowing adequate compaction on grades up to 58 percent, exceptionally when equipped with the Automatic Traction Control and HX drive propulsion system.

Sleek Design and Agile Performance:

  • Modern and Efficient: The SV217E features a sleek design with excellent rear visibility due to its low-sloping rear hood. Its hydrostatic drive, four working speeds, and tight turning radius ensure dynamic performance, even for a soil compactor of its size.

Elevated Operator Comfort and Control:

  • Spacious Operator Environment: Available with an open ROPS or an optional pressurized enclosed cab with HVAC and radio, the SV217E offers a comfortable and intuitive workspace. An adjustable seat that swivels up to 80 degrees and an LED display integrated into the steering wheel enhance visibility and control, streamlining operations without additional dashboards.

Consistent Drum-to-Ground Contact:

  • Oscillating Articulated Roller Joint: This feature ensures continuous drum-to-ground contact, enhancing compaction efficiency. An updated drum design minimizes drift and maintains consistent compaction, optimizing performance.

Simplified Maintenance:

  • Groundline Serviceability: The SV217E is designed for easy access to all fluid ports, drains, service checkpoints, and filters at ground level, simplifying maintenance routines. The cab can be tilted forward for convenient access to primary hydraulic components, with optional CASE SiteWatch telematics available to streamline fleet management further.

SV217E Standard Equipment

Safety and Performance:

  • ROPS and FOPS Protection: Ensures operator safety with robust Roll-Over Protective Structure and Falling Object Protective Structure.
  • Hydrostatic Drive: Delivers precise control over the drum and wheels for improved maneuverability and compaction efficiency.
  • Steel Drum Scrapers: Maintain a clean drum surface for consistent performance.
  • Diamond Tread Tires: Offer excellent traction and stability on diverse terrains.
  • Telematics Ready: Facilitates advanced monitoring and management of machine performance and maintenance.
  • Interwheel Differential Lock: Enhances traction on challenging surfaces, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Articulated Chassis: Improves maneuverability, allowing for precise compaction in tight spaces.
  • Front and Rear Tow Points: Provide versatile options for transportation and positioning.
  • 4-Point Lift and Tie-Down Provision: Ensures secure transport and stability during lifting operations.
  • Fan Guard: Protects the cooling system from debris, prolonging the machine’s lifespan.
  • Backup Alarm: Increases job site safety by alerting nearby personnel during reverse operations.
  • Halogen Work Lights (2 Front/2 Rear): Illuminate the work area for safe operation in low-light conditions.
  • Master Disconnect Switch: A secure method to disconnect power for maintenance or security.
  • Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release Parking Brake: Allows the roller to remain stationary when parked, enhancing safety.

Operator Comfort and Control:

  • Lockable Tool Box: Provides secure storage for tools and personal items.
  • 3-Inch Retractable Seat Belt: Ensures operator safety and compliance with job site regulations.
  • Cup Holder: Keeps beverages within reach, improving operator comfort.
  • Single Lever Speed/Direction Control: Simplifies machine operation, allowing for effortless adjustments to speed and direction.
  • Emergency Stop Button: Offers a quick and reliable way to shut down the machine in emergencies.
  • Steering Wheel Embedded Monitor: Provides easy access to critical machine information, improving operational efficiency.

Vibration Control for Optimal Compaction:

  • Auto Vibration Control: Automatically adjusts the vibration system for optimal compaction and efficiency.
  • Dual Amplitude and Frequency Vibration: Enables the operator to tailor the compaction settings for various soil types and conditions, enhancing versatility and performance.

SV217E Optional Equipment

Advanced Control and Traction:

  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC) with HX Drive Propulsion: This feature allows optimal traction and compaction efficiency on challenging terrains. It is standard on Padfoot models and optional on smooth drum rollers.
  • Leveling Blade: Facilitates material spreading and site preparation, adding versatility to the roller’s capabilities.
  • Padfoot Shell Kit with Scrapers: Extends the roller’s application range and is ideal for cohesive soil compaction.

Operator Comfort and Safety:

  • Pressurized Cab with HVAC: Optional enclosed cab provides a controlled environment with heat, ventilation, and air conditioning, and is radio-ready, ensuring operator comfort in all weather conditions.
  • Engine Filter Pre-Cleaner: Extends engine life by preventing dust and debris from entering the air intake system.
  • Extra Front Work Lights (Smooth Drum Only): Enhances visibility for safe operation in low-light conditions.
  • Rotating Beacon: Increases the machine’s visibility on busy job sites, enhancing operational safety.
  • Backup Camera: Provides increased rear visibility, aiding in safer maneuvering and reversing.

Compaction Efficiency and Monitoring:

  • ACI Eco—Analog Compaction Indicator: Offers a visual gauge of compaction progress, enabling operators to achieve consistent results.
  • ACE Force Intelligent Compaction (Cab Only): Provides real-time compaction data, optimizing efficiency and ensuring compaction quality.

Traction and Mobility:

  • Traction Tread Tires: Designed for enhanced grip and stability, these tires improve the roller’s performance on various terrains.

Advanced Telematics for Fleet Management:

  • CASE SiteWatch Telematics: Comes with hardware and a three-year Advanced data subscription and offers remote monitoring of machine performance, location, and utilization. It aids in maintenance planning, fleet management, and operational optimization.

SV217E Specs

Emissions CertificationTier 4 Final
ModelTCD4.1 L4
Gross Horsepower @ 2200 RPM154 hp (115 kW)
Max. Torque @ 1600 RPM449.2 lbf·ft (609 N·m)
F/R Travel Speed Range5+1
Working Speeds (mph/kph)1st – max. 1.4 (2.2), 2nd – max. 2 (3.2), 3rd – max. 2.7 (4.3), 4th – max. 4 (6.5)
Max. Travel Speed (mph/kph)7.9 (12.7)
Parking BrakeMultiple-disc spring brake
Emergency BrakeMultiple-disc spring brake
Variable Displacement Axial Piston Type Wheel Drive Pump1
Hydraulic Fixed Displacement Wheel Drive Motors2
Drive Motor InterlockYes
Hydraulic Variable Displacement Drum Drive Motor1
Gradeability w/o Traction Assist56%
Gradeability w/ HX Drive Traction Assist58%
Lateral Stability during Driving w/o Vibration20%
ELECTRICALVoltage24 Volts
Battery2 x 90 amp
Alternator45 amp
OPERATOR ENVIRONMENTFeaturesIsolated from chassis by flexible shock absorbers; Handrail; Dual rearview mirrors; Front lighting; Instrument panel anti-vandal guard; Vinyl suspension seat w/ armrests and 3 in (76.2 mm) retractable seat belt; Exceptional front/rear visibility.
OPERATING WEIGHTSmooth DrumOperating weight w/o cab 35,880 lb (16,275 kg), Max. weight w/ cab 36,020 lb (16,340 kg), Static linear load 280 lb/in (50.4 kg/cm)
Padfoot DrumOperating weight w/o cab 36,350 lb (16,490 kg), Max. weight w/ cab 36,500 lb (16,555 kg), Weight of Blade (opt.) 1,970 lb (895 kg)
SERVICE CAPACITIESFuel Tank91.1 gal (345 L)
Engine Oil3.6 gal (13.5 L)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank5.8 gal (22 L)
Engine Coolant7.7 gal (29 L)
Hydraulic System23.8 gal (90 L)
Transmission0.4 gal (1.5 L)
Drive Axle0.4 gal (1.5 L)
Vibration System1.9 qt (7.3 L)
OTHER SPECIFICATIONSSteeringPump – gear type 1, Cylinders 2, Angle – left and right 36°, Oscillation angle 10°, Inside turning radius 140.6 in (3,570 mm), Outside turning radius 233.5 in (5,930 mm)
Vibratory SystemHydraulic circuit type Closed, Variable displacement axial piston type pump 1, Fixed displacement hydraulic motor 1, Vibration modes 2, Vibration 2 eccentric weights circular pattern/continuously adjustable
FrequencyLow 1,680 vpm (28 Hz), High 2,100 vpm (35 Hz)
AmplitudeLow 0.037 in (0.95 mm), High 0.087 in (2.22 mm)
Centrifugal ForceLow 49,907.6 lb (222 kN), High 74,861.4 lb (333 kN)
TiresSize 23,1×26´´, Smooth drum UK 5 Diamond, Padfoot drum TD-01 Tractor

SV217E Dimensions

A. Wheel Base119.7 in (3,040 mm)
B. Drum Diameter w/ Smooth Drum59.1 in (1,500 mm)
C. Drum Diameter w/ Padfoot Drum67.6 in (1,716 mm)
D. Ground Clearance16.9 in (430 mm)
E. Overall Height116.9 in (2,970 mm)
F. Overall Length234.3 in (5,950 mm)
G. Drum Width83.9 in (2,130 mm)
H. Overall Width89 in (2,260 mm)
I. Frame Extensions4 in (102 mm)
J. Drum Thickness1.4 in (35 mm)


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

1-Year/Unlimited-Hour Full-Coverage Base Limited Warranty
2-Year/2,000-Hour Extended Limited Engine Warranty

Purchased Protection

Purchased Protection Plan is an extension of the factory base and extended coverage available at an additional cost. Your CASE dealer can help you determine the plan that fits your needs. Plans are available up to six-years / 7,500 hours on CASE Compaction Equipment.

Please see your CASE dealer for limitations, exclusions, and confirmation of policies in effect. The Case Warranty remains in effect during the Warranty Period if the owner performs the required maintenance at the recommended intervals outlined in the product’s operator’s manual and the unit is operated within its rated capacity. Genuine Case service parts or CASE approved service parts that meet CASE specifications must be used for maintenance and repairs.