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Huge power and impressive efficiency

CASE takes advantage of its best-in-class powertrain technology to deliver superior track power combined with outstanding blade force through the turns. Both tracks are independently powered when turning to increase material retention and productivity on the jobsite. Best-in-class drawbar pull and class leading horsepower come standard to offer the ideal machine for any job.

Available Equipment
Model Engine Power Blade Width Maximum Drawbar Pull
650M 8 HP 90″ 39,086 lb Learn More
750M 92 HP 96″ 41,010 lb Learn More
850M 112 HP 104″ 41,010 lb Learn More
1150M 127 HP 120″ 48,000 lb Learn More
1650M 150HP 130″ 61,200 lb Learn More
2050M 214 HP 135″ 81,000 lb Learn More

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