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Available for rent at Luby Equipment, the CX220E excavator is engineered for pure power, speed, responsiveness, and operator satisfaction. Weighing 50,000 pounds, it’s built to tackle a wide range of projects, from basement digs to freeway construction.














   162 HP


   52,000 lbs




   Quincy, IL

Luby Equipment is the authorized CASE CE & Takeuchi dealer of Quincy, IL and the surrounding areas that has been in business for 50 years. We have the knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind when purchasing new and used equipment. Always Transparent, Globally Trusted. Call us today!

*The stock photo displayed here is for illustrative purposes only. Please note that rental units may not be brand new, but they are guaranteed to be in sound working order.


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CASE CX220E Full-Size Excavator For Rent

Available for rent at Luby Equipment, the CX220E excavator is engineered for pure power, speed, responsiveness, and operator satisfaction. Weighing 50,000 pounds, it’s built to tackle a wide range of projects, from basement digs to freeway construction. With an enhanced operator experience and OEM-fit machine control solutions, the CX220E ensures efficiency and productivity on every job site.


Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

At 50,000 pounds, the CASE CX220E is built to excel in productivity, offering unparalleled power, speed, and responsiveness on the job site. Whether you’re digging foundations for skyscrapers or maneuvering through intricate urban landscapes, this excavator is up to the challenge.

Advanced Operator Experience

The CX220E boasts a state-of-the-art command center, featuring a massive 10-inch LCD display that serves as the hub for machine control and data access. With customizable views and intuitive controls, operators can optimize visibility and job site awareness, ensuring maximum productivity and safety. Additionally, four new operating modes allow for precise performance tuning to match specific work requirements, including the fuel-saving Eco mode which reduces consumption by up to 18 percent compared to previous models.

Enhanced Hydraulic Control

Equipped with Hydraulic Flow Control Balance, the CX220E offers unparalleled customization for hydraulic flow priority, empowering operators to tailor performance based on their unique digging or loading style. This innovative feature enhances responsiveness and efficiency, maximizing productivity on every task.

Versatile Attachment Platform

The CX220E provides a powerful attachment platform, enabling operators to effortlessly set and store multiple attachments within the integrated LCD monitor. With support for both one-way and two-way hydraulic attachments, as well as customizable power settings, this excavator ensures optimal attachment performance while preventing potential damage or downtime.

Optimized Engine Power

Powered by advanced FPT Industrial engines, the CX220E delivers increased torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency, ensuring superior performance and extended service intervals. These engines are engineered for reliability, making the CX220E easy to own, maintain, and operate.

Precision Solutions and Connectivity

With OEM-fit 2D and 3D semi-automatic machine control solutions, the CX220E offers unmatched precision and ease of use. Additionally, new connectivity capabilities enable remote analysis and diagnostics through the SiteManager App, enhancing uptime and service efficiency.


Standard Equipment for Maximum Efficiency

The CASE CX220E Full-Size Excavator comes fully equipped with a comprehensive array of standard features designed to enhance productivity and operator comfort. From the powerful FPT NEF6 engine to the advanced hydraulic system and ergonomic operator environment, every aspect of the CX220E is meticulously engineered for peak performance. With standard amenities such as the 10-inch LCD display, adjustable operator’s seat, and CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics, operators can tackle even the toughest jobs with confidence and ease. Additionally, safety features like the ROPS cab structure and rear-view cameras ensure a secure working environment, further emphasizing CASE’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Optional Equipment

For added versatility and performance, the CX220E offers a range of optional equipment, including auxiliary hydraulics, machine control systems, and various attachments tailored to specific job requirements.


Backed by CASE ProCare, the CX220E comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, a three-year, 2,000-hour planned maintenance contract, and a three-year CASE SiteWatch™ telematics subscription. This ensures peace of mind and controlled operating expenses throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

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