CASE CX750D Full Size Excavator


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The CASE CX750D is the zenith of excavation machinery in the CASE lineup. Engineered for monumental tasks, it combines raw power with sophisticated technology to redefine excavation standards. Boasting a formidable 512 horsepower engine and an impressive 75,000 lbs. of digging force, the CX750D is designed to move more dirt efficiently, ensuring your projects progress swiftly and smoothly.

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CASE CX750D Full Size Excavator

The CASE CX750D is the zenith of excavation machinery in the CASE lineup. Engineered for monumental tasks, it combines raw power with sophisticated technology to redefine excavation standards. Boasting a formidable 512 horsepower engine and an impressive 75,000 lbs. of digging force, the CX750D is designed to move more dirt efficiently, ensuring your projects progress swiftly and smoothly.

CX750D Features

Unmatched Productivity:

  • Robust Construction: The CX750D features larger cylinders, bigger valves, a thicker boom and arm, and a more robust retractable undercarriage, all meticulously designed to amplify force and enhance load-handling capabilities.
  • Intelligent Operation: Equipped with three operating modes—Automatic, Heavy Duty, and Speed Priority—the CX750D optimizes hydraulic and engine power for peak performance under various conditions, embodying the perfect blend of strength and precision.

Innovative Fuel Efficiency:

  • Advanced Emission Technology: As the only excavator in its class with Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologies, the CX750D offers unparalleled Tier 4 Final compliance without the need for excess fuel burn or regeneration cycles, eliminating the hassle of replacing Diesel Particulate Filters.
  • CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System: This exclusive system conserves fuel by precisely managing hydraulic power during critical lift/dump and dig/curl movements, making every drop of fuel count.

Operator Comfort and Visibility:

  • Ergonomic Design: The spacious cab is outfitted with a high-back, air-ride seat for supreme comfort and an adjustable workstation for personalized control settings, ensuring operator comfort throughout long working hours.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Standard features include a Bluetooth radio and rear-view camera paired with a 7-inch widescreen monitor for real-time performance monitoring. Optional side-view cameras and LED work light packages extend visibility, bolstering safety and efficiency on the job site.

Ease of Serviceability:

  • Accessible Maintenance: Wider catwalks, redesigned guardrails, strategically located engine filters, and oil sampling ports simplify daily service checks. An on-demand hydraulically driven reversing fan keeps coolers free from debris, reducing cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • ProCare Support: Enjoy peace of mind with 3-year/2,000-hr Planned Maintenance under CASE ProCare, ensuring your investment is protected, and your equipment remains in peak condition.

CX750D Standard Equipment

Engine and Performance:

  • Powerhouse Engine: The Isuzu AQ-6WG1X engine, with Tier 4 Final certification, provides a formidable foundation with its six-cylinder turbo-charged diesel prowess, enhanced by VGT turbocharger and electronic fuel injection.
  • Advanced Emission Control: The CX750D Utilizes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologies alongside Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) to achieve environmental compliance without compromising on power.
  • Optimized Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Economy Assist System (FEA) and Engine Protection Feature (EPF) work with dual-stage fuel filtration and a high ambient temperature cooling package to maintain optimal performance.

Hydraulic System:

  • Precision and Power: The hydraulic system is engineered for precision, featuring auto power boost, auto swing priority, and arm speed assistance with electronically controlled hydraulic pumps for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Versatile Functionality: With auxiliary flow control, multiple work modes, and the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, operators can tackle various tasks with ease and efficiency.

Upper Structure and Attachments:

  • Robust Design: A durable upper structure with ISO mirrors, cab ISO mounts, and comprehensive lighting ensures longevity and safety, while the retractable undercarriage and 35.4-inch triple semi-grouser steel shoes provide stability across diverse terrains.
  • Versatile Attachment Options: The CX750D offers a range of arm options and heavy-duty bucket linkage, complemented by auxiliary pipe brackets and centralized grease fittings for enhanced versatility.

Operator Environment:

  • Comfort and Control: The pressurized cab is designed with the operator in mind. It features a high back, air-ride seat, adjustable armrests, and ergonomic controls, all within a spacious and noise-reduced environment.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Connectivity: Operators benefit from standard features like a rear-view camera, a 7-inch LED color monitor, Bluetooth radio, and CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics for comprehensive machine monitoring and management.

Serviceability and Support:

  • Easy Maintenance: With wide catwalks, easy access to filters and ports, and an on-demand hydraulically driven reversing fan, daily checks and maintenance are simplified, ensuring the CX750D remains in peak condition.
  • ProCare Protection: Owners can rely on the superior support of 3-year/2,000-hr Planned Maintenance, which is standard with ProCare and provides peace of mind and allows for the longevity of their investment.

CX750D Optional Equipment

Engine Optimization:

  • Refueling Pump: Ensure efficient and convenient operations with an optional high-capacity pump, minimizing downtime and keeping your excavator ready for action.

Hydraulic System Flexibility:

  • Enhanced Auxiliary Hydraulics: Customize your hydraulic setup with options for single-acting, double-acting (thumb), multi-function with electronic pressure control, and secondary low-flow systems, all joystick activated for precision control.
  • Advanced Control: Proportional hydraulic controls and a Hose Burst Check Valve (HBCV) enhance safety and operational control, while a Hydraulic Counterweight (CWT) Removal Device simplifies maintenance.

Attachment Versatility:

  • Extended Arm Options: Choose from additional arm lengths – 9 ft 9 in, 13 ft 5 in, or 16 ft 4 in – to suit various digging depths and reach requirements.
  • Tool Diversity: Expand your capabilities with a selection of heavy-duty, extreme-duty, and ditching buckets, hammers, thumbs, and compaction plates for a comprehensive toolset to tackle any job.

Upper Structure and Undercarriage Protection:

  • Robust Protection: Equip your excavator with a rubber bumper guard, full-length track chain guards, and additional catwalks on both sides for enhanced protection and accessibility.
  • Undercarriage Integrity: Full-length track Chain Guards safeguard the undercarriage from debris and damage, extending the life of your equipment.

Operator Environment and Visibility Enhancements:

  • Safety First: Upgrade with a Level 2 FOPS cab top guard and choose from various grill and rock guards for maximum operator safety against falling debris.
  • Visibility and Comfort: For improved visibility, opt for a sun visor, side-view camera, and LED package. The Full View Monitors offer a 270-degree aerial view around the excavator, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

CX750D Specs

Emissions CertificationTier 4 Final
FuelRequires ultra low-sulfur fuel, B5 biodiesel tolerant
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle, high-pressure common rail system, Turbo-charged w/ air-cooled intercooler, SCR system
Cylinders6-cylinder in-line
Displacement957 in³ (15.6 L)
Bore/Stroke4.72 x 5.71 in (147 x 154 mm)
Fuel InjectionDirect injection – electronic
FiltersFuel: Replaceable full flow spin-on cartridge, Air: Dry type element w/ warning restriction indicator, Oil: Replaceable full flow spin-on cartridge
Engine GradeabilitySide-to-side 35°, Fore and aft 35°
HorsepowerNet: 460 HP (343 kW) @ 1800 RPM, Gross: 512 hp (682 kW) @ 1800 RPM
TorqueNet Max: 1,623 lb·ft (2 200 N·m) @ 1450 RPM
Cooling Operating Range109° to -13° F (43° to -25° C)
OilRequires low-ash oil CJ-4
DRIVETRAINTravel ControlDual-stage relief/counterbalance design
BrakesMechanical disc, Service brakes: SAHR disc – each motor
SpeedMax high: 2.7 mph (4.3 km/h), Max low: 1.9 mph (3.0 km/h)
Drawbar Pull101,000 lbf (449 kN)
Gradeability70% – 35 degree slope
ELECTRICALVoltage24 Volts
Alternator Rating50 amp
Batteries2 x 12 Volt, Battery reserve capacity: 140 Ah/5 hours
Work Lights4 24 Volt/70 watt (2 boom, 1 upper, 2 cab)
OPERATOR ENVIRONMENTClimate ControlAir conditioner: 18,100 BTU/hr, Heater: 20,150 BTU/hr
Sound LevelInside cab – ISO6395: 71.0 dBA
CamerasRear view camera: Standard
SeatHeated, air-suspension
ATTACHMENTBoom25 ft 4 in (7 700 mm)
Arm Options11 ft 6 in, 9 ft 9 in, 13 ft 5 in, 16 ft 4 in
Digging Force*Based on ISO6015 using an 11 ft 6 in arm: 68,790 lbf (306 kN), w/ Auto Power Up: 75,090 lbf (334 kN)
OPERATING WEIGHTWeight158,300 lb (71 800 kg) w/ standard equipment
Note: The digging force ratings are based on ISO6015 standards. The operating weight includes the operator, full fuel, standard equipment, and fixed undercarriage.

CX750D Dimensions

Measurement11 ft 6 in Arm9 ft 9 in Arm13 ft 5 in Arm16 ft 4 in Arm
Overall Height w/ Attachment14 ft 2 in14 ft 7 in15 ft 1 in16 ft 7 in
Cab Height11 ft 6 in11 ft 6 in11 ft 6 in11 ft 6 in
Height – Top of Guardrail13 ft 0 in13 ft 0 in13 ft 0 in13 ft 0 in
Overall Length w/ Attachment43 ft 10 in43 ft 11 in43 ft 10 in43 ft 6 in
Length w/o Attachment22 ft 10 in22 ft 10 in22 ft 10 in22 ft 10 in
Width – Upperstructure w/o Catwalks12 ft 2 in12 ft 2 in12 ft 2 in12 ft 2 in
Width – Upperstructure w/ Catwalks13 ft 8 in13 ft 8 in13 ft 8 in13 ft 8 in
Track Overall Length19 ft 4 in19 ft 4 in19 ft 4 in19 ft 4 in
Track Width w/ 35.4 in Shoes – Extended13 ft 11 in13 ft 11 in13 ft 11 in13 ft 11 in
Track Width w/ 35.4 in Shoes – Retracted11 ft 11 in11 ft 11 in11 ft 11 in11 ft 11 in
Track Shoe Width2 ft 11 in2 ft 11 in2 ft 11 in2 ft 11 in
Center to Center – Idler to Sprocket15 ft 5 in15 ft 5 in15 ft 5 in15 ft 5 in
Upperstructure Ground Clearance4 ft 11 in4 ft 11 in4 ft 11 in4 ft 11 in
Minimum Ground Clearance2 ft 9 in2 ft 9 in2 ft 9 in2 ft 9 in
Rear Tail Swing Radius13 ft 3 in13 ft 3 in13 ft 3 in13 ft 3 in
Operating Weight*158,300 lb158,162 lb158,717 lb159,582 lb
Ground Pressure11.3 psi11.3 psi11.3 psi11.3 psi
Note: The operating weight and ground pressure values are based on the machine equipped with an 11 ft 6 in (3.55 m) arm.


Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare applicable on select new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.