CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator


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Experience unparalleled performance with the CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator, a true powerhouse in the construction world. Boasting a robust 21-ton framework, this excavator combines speed, versatility, and advanced technology to deliver unmatched efficiency on-site. Its self-deploying capabilities and agile mobility allow for rapid job completion, from dirt digging to complex construction tasks. Ideal for projects demanding precision and power, the WX210E is your gateway to maximizing productivity and soaring to new heights of profitability.

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CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator

Experience unparalleled performance with the CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator, a true powerhouse in the construction world. Boasting a robust 21-ton framework, this excavator combines speed, versatility, and advanced technology to deliver unmatched efficiency on-site. Its self-deploying capabilities and agile mobility allow for rapid job completion, from dirt digging to complex construction tasks. Ideal for projects demanding precision and power, the WX210E is your gateway to maximizing productivity and soaring to new heights of profitability.

WX210E Features

Performance That Powers Through
The CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator is powered by a robust 170 hp engine designed to tackle the most challenging jobs easily. It’s EGR-free, ensuring cleaner operations, and features an automatic after-treatment system cleaning for hassle-free maintenance. With four user-selectable modes, including a customizable option, operators can tailor the excavator’s performance to perfectly match the job—optimizing power, fuel efficiency, engine and idle speeds, and hydraulic pump power and flow.

Unmatched Mobility on the Move

  • Various lower-frame configurations with a dozer blade and stabilizer options suit any terrain.
  • Twin tires for reduced downtime from flats and heavy-duty axles for durability.
  • A hydrostatic transmission enables speeds up to 25 mph, and standard cruise control and Ride Control ensure a smoother ride.
  • A convenient trailer hitch for easy transport of attachments or materials.

Versatility for Every Task

  • A standard two-piece boom enhances flexibility, allowing work in tight spaces.
  • An optional monoboom for traditional lifting capabilities and improved capacity.
  • Joystick steering up to 6.2 mph for precise low-speed maneuvers.
  • An actual tool carrier with high-flow hydraulics for various attachments, plus an optional low-flow circuit for sensitive tool operation.
  • Leica 2D Precision package and tilt rotator compatibility for advanced task execution.

Operator Comfort and Convenience

  • Large glass surfaces for exceptional visibility.
  • An air-suspension, heated, and adjustable seat for all-day comfort.
  • An 8″ touchscreen display with a separate camera monitor for comprehensive visibility.
  • Optional smart ignition with push-to-start for added security.
  • Auto Braking feature to enhance safety and efficiency during repetitive start-stop tasks.

Serviceability for Sustainable Performance

  • 800-hour engine oil and filter changes.
  • 1,000-hour fuel filter lifespan.
  • 5,000-hour hydraulic oil interval.
  • Ground-level access to consumables for quick and easy servicing.

Safety as a Priority

  • Rear radar object detection for reliable awareness in any conditions.
  • CASE maximum view monitor with 360-degree visibility and intelligent object detection.
  • Standard swing lock and hose burst check valves on critical cylinders for enhanced safety.
  • Optional cab protection for added security in hazardous environments.

The CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator
With its powerful performance, unparalleled mobility, versatile operation, and focus on operator comfort and safety, the CASE WX210E Wheeled Excavator is ideal for road builders, municipalities, and various construction tasks. Discover the difference with CASE at Luby Equipment, where we equip you to roll through jobs faster and easier.

WX210E Standard Equipment


  • Cummins B6.7 engine, delivering 173 HP (129 kW), featuring a 6-cylinder, 6.7-liter design with a high-pressure standard rail system and electronic control.
  • Variable geometry turbocharger with an air-cooled intercooler alongside DOC+DPF+SCR after treatment makes it EGR-free.
  • Achieves a rated flywheel horsepower of 170 hp (127 kW) @ 2200 RPM according to ISO 9249 and 173 hp (129 kW) @ 2200 RPM as per ISO 14396.
  • Maximum torque is 650 ft·lb (881 Nm) @ 1300 RPM, as per ISO 14396 standards.
  • Tier 4 Final / Stage V certification with ultra-low sulfur diesel and B7 biodiesel fuel compatibility.
  • Features an ECO gauge fuel efficiency indicator and provides detailed reports on fuel, work modes, and throttle position utilization.
  • Includes variable power control, automatic after-treatment filter cleaning, a programmable reversible fan, and Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown functions.
    -It has a 9.2 gpm (35 L/min) electric refuel pump, a DEF tank overload warning, and an air intake cup-type pre-cleaner.
  • Dual dry-type element air filter with a warning restriction indicator and an air grid heater for starting aid.
    -It utilizes replaceable, full-flow spin-on cartridges for fuel and engine oil and a fuel pre-filter with a water drain.
  • Stacked cooling pack configuration with protective screen for radiators.

Upper Carriage

  • Comes with a standard counterweight for optimal balance.
  • Fitted with front and right-hand side handrails for enhanced safety.
  • Features lockable components, including the cab door, fuel and DEF tanks, service doors, and toolbox for security.
  • Rear work lamp, headlights, and indicator lights for visibility in various working conditions.
  • LED working lights package to illuminate the work area during nighttime or low-light conditions.


  • Equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system (LUDV) featuring advanced flow-sharing hydraulics for efficient operation.
  • Three selectable work modes (Heavy Duty, Standard, Economy) plus one customizable user mode for personalized settings like engine speed and pump flow.
  • High-flow multi-function with adjustable pressure settings for one-way and two-way flow attachments.
  • Capability to store and manage hydraulic settings for up to 10 one-way and 10 two-way attachments directly in the monitor.
  • Three attachment work modes (push, detent, proportional) to suit various operational needs.
  • Quick coupler hydraulic circuit for easy attachment changes.
  • Safety valves are installed on the boom to provide an overload warning and on the arm, dozer blade, and front axle oscillation cylinders for added security.
  • Power boost mode can be activated directly from the joystick for increased power.
  • An accumulator on boom cylinders to enhance the ride control system through cushioning.
  • Boom float control for more precise operations.
  • High-pressure hoses are designed to withstand harsh working conditions.
  • A main pump featuring variable displacement piston technology.
  • Maximum oil flow of 2 x 74.0 gpm (280 l/min) at 1600 RPM with different working circuit pressures for boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits, including a pilot circuit.


  • 2-piece boom for extended reach and versatility.
  • A 9 ft 7 in (2.92 m) digging arm equipped with reinforcements for durability.
  • Reinforced pins, bushings, and polymer shims to ensure the longevity and reliability of the moving parts.


  • The excavator has a Full Machine Protection Factory Warranty (3-yr/3000-hr) and Planned Maintenance (3-yr/2000-hr) package.
  • Designed for convenience with single-point engine daily checks accessible under the hood.
  • Incorporates a self-diagnostic system to simplify troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.
  • Service intervals are specified for various components, such as 250-hr greasing for boom and arm pins and bushings, 800-hr engine oil and filter changes, 1,000-hr checks for fuel filter and pre-filter, 2,000-hr air filter replacements, and 5,000-hr hydraulic oil changes, to ensure the machine remains in top condition.

Operator Environment

  • Enclosed pressurized cab with full climate control, including air conditioning, heat, defrost, and a lockable door.
  • ROPS/FOPS certification ensures operator safety.
  • Unified ignition key with antivandalism features for added security.
  • Visibility is maximized with a one-piece sliding fold-in front window, sliding left-hand side window, and safety glass on all windows. The front window is laminated for extra protection.
  • Comfort is a priority with a high-back premium heated air-suspension and tilting seat, offering extensive adjustments including fore/after, weight, height, pan angle, depth, lumbar, and backrest.
  • Operator safety features include a seatbelt and an integrated warning system.
  • Adjustable armrests and headrests, low-effort joystick controls featuring proportional control, FNR transmission switch, detent activation, and front axle oscillation lock enhance convenience and ergonomics.
  • Steering options include a selectable steering wheel or right-hand joystick, complemented by a slim 3-way adjustable steering column design.
  • The instrument cluster, which includes navigation, air conditioning control, and engine throttle, is served by an 8-inch touchscreen monitor on the right-hand console. It is managed via a jog dial module.
  • Comprehensive instrument cluster gauges display vital machine statistics, including engine RPM, coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel and DEF levels, and more.
  • The CASE MaxView 360-degree camera system with intelligent moving object detection technology enhances situational awareness alongside a radar object detection system at the rear of the machine.
  • Entertainment and communication are provided by an audio system featuring a radio player, USB MP3 player, aux-in port, and Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling.
  • Additional operator features include a 12-volt electric outlet, adjustable speed cruise control mode, emergency FNR switch, 4-wheel auto-brake mode for attachment operation, and a ride control system for smoother travel and reduced attachment spillage.
  • The cab offers a clear roof view with a sunshade, rain deflector, interior dome light, emergency exit and hammer, 2-piece rubber floor mat, exterior mirrors, cup holder, storage compartments, warm/cool storage compartment, electric horn, parallel windshield wiper and washer, cab filters (internal and external), and cab suspension mounts to minimize noise and vibration.

An operator’s manual is included for reference and guidance.

WX210E Optional Equipment

Hydraulic Systems:

  • Secondary Low 2-Way Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics: Offers electronic proportional control for precise operation of attachments requiring low flow.
  • Fine Swing Control: Provides smooth and precise swing control, ideal for tight and delicate operations.
  • Cold Climate Hydraulic Oil: Ensures optimal hydraulic performance even in cold weather conditions.

Operator Environment Enhancements:

  • Camera Options: Choose from a rear-view camera only or expand visibility with additional rear and right-side cameras.
  • Smart Key with Push-to-Start Button: Offers a modern and secure way to start the excavator, enhancing convenience and security.

Front End Equipment Choices:

  • Digging Arm: A 7 ft 10 in (2.4 m) arm option for specific digging depth and reach requirements.
  • Monoboom: Select the monoboom option for tasks requiring robust and straightforward boom functionality (note: ride control is unavailable with monoboom).

Upper Structure Protection:

  • FOPS Top Cab Guard: Adds an extra layer of protection for the operator against falling objects.
  • Wire Mesh Screen Front Guard: Protects the front window from debris without compromising visibility.
  • OPG Level 2 Front Guard: Offers enhanced protection for the front of the cab, meeting OPG Level 2 standards.

Undercarriage Customization:

  • Rear Blade and Front Stabilizers: This combination Enhances stability and grading capability, making it ideal for varied terrain and tasks.
  • F/R Blade: A full-width blade option provides additional leveling and backfilling capabilities.
  • Solid Tires: Opt for solid tires for enhanced durability and puncture resistance, especially in environments with sharp debris.