CASE SL22EV Small Articulated Loader


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The CASE SL22EV is an electrically powered small articulated loader that redefines quiet strength. Designed for operations where noise and emissions are of concern, this loader brings a new level of efficiency and environmental friendliness to the job site.

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CASE SL22EV Small Articulated Loader

Now available at Luby Equipment, the CASE SL22EV is a powerhouse that operates with a whisper. This electric model is perfectly suited for noise-sensitive environments, doing all the heavy lifting without the noise. With zero emissions, it’s an excellent choice for indoor and enclosed spaces, ensuring compliance and safety. The SL22EV boasts a robust lifting capacity of 4,850 lbs and offers a reliable run time of 5-6 hours on a single charge. It can be recharged overnight using a 240V single-phase connector, or in less than 2 hours with the optional fast charger. The rear articulation not only enhances the machine’s weight balance but also expands the cab size, improving operator comfort and allowing for work close to walls with excellent visibility. This model is ideal for growing your business efficiently and quietly.

SL22EV Features

Silent Yet Powerful:

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Operates with minimal noise, ideal for urban, residential, and indoor projects.
  • Zero Emissions: Perfect for indoor use and environmentally sensitive areas, ensuring a cleaner work environment.

Robust Performance:

  • Substantial Lifting Capacity: Offers a significant lifting capacity of 4,850 lbs, ready to tackle heavy-duty tasks.
  • Extended Operational Time: Achieves an expected runtime of 5-6 hours on a single charge, designed to last through the workday.

Charging Made Easy:

  • Overnight Charging: Standard 240V single-phase connector allows for convenient overnight charging.
  • Fast Charge Option: An available fast charge feature replenishes the battery in less than 2 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

Design Excellence:

  • Rear Articulation: Enhances machine balance and provides space for a larger cab, improving operator comfort.
  • Optimal Visibility: Designed to work effectively alongside walls, offering superior visibility for precision tasks.

Operator Comfort:

  • Heated Cab Option: An available heated cab ensures operator comfort in colder conditions, making the SL22EV a year-round companion.

The CASE SL22EV is not just a machine; it’s a commitment to sustainable and efficient construction practices. Its electric power, impressive capabilities, and thoughtful design make it an invaluable asset for projects that demand power and discretion.

SL22EV Standard Equipment

Operator Environment:

  • Safety First: Equipped with ROPS/FOPS safety roof and safety entry bar for enhanced operator protection.
  • Comfort in Control: Features include a key start system, a mechanical suspension vinyl seat with armrests, and a retractable seat belt for secure and comfortable operation.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Exterior mirrors are provided to improve visibility and safety on the job site.

Electric Powertrain:

  • Advanced Battery Technology: Powered by a durable lithium-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Convenient Charging: Includes a 240V onboard charger and a battery management system for optimal power control.
  • Fast-Charge Ready: Equipped with a battery DC fast-charge connector for quick and efficient charging options.

Electrical System:

  • Illumination: One boom work light and two front cab work lights enhance visibility for safe operation in low-light conditions.
  • Security: Features anti-theft protection with an access code to prevent unauthorized use.


  • Electric Mobility: Electric 4-wheel drive system provides excellent traction and maneuverability.
  • Precise Control: FNR (forward, neutral, reverse) control on the joystick for smooth operation.
  • Stability and Safety: Equipped with limited-slip axles and drum brakes for reliable stopping power.

Loader Mechanism:

  • Efficient Operation: Standard lift path with mechanical self-leveling for consistent and stable lifting performance.
  • Attachment Versatility: Features a hydraulic-powered SSL-compatible attachment coupler for easy attachment changes.
  • Enhanced Capability: Additional counterweights are included to increase lifting capacity and stability.

Hydraulic System:

  • Responsive Control: 3-spool main control valve and 2x dual-acting auxiliary hydraulics for versatile attachment operation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Utilizes biodegradable hydraulic fluid, minimizing environmental impact.

Other Standard Features:

  • Utility: Equipped with a recovery hook and lifting eyes for easy transport and maneuverability.
  • Safety Alerts: A white-noise backup alarm and horn are included to ensure safety around the work site.

SL22EV Optional Equipment

Operator Environment Comforts:

  • Foldable Open ROPS: Provides flexibility and safety, easily adapting to changing work conditions.
  • Enclosed Cab with Heat: Ensures a comfortable operator environment in colder climates, making the SL22EV a versatile tool year-round.
  • Air Suspension Seat: Offers superior comfort and reduces operator fatigue during long working hours.

Advanced Charging Options:

  • 480V 3 Phase DC Fast Charger: Dramatically reduces charging times, ensuring the SL22EV is ready for action quickly, enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Electrical Features:

  • Additional Lighting: Two cab rear work lights and a rotating beacon light improve visibility and safety, particularly in low-light or busy job sites.
  • Strobe Light: Adds an extra level of safety, ensuring the loader is visible to all site personnel.

Hydraulic System Upgrade:

  • Hydraulic Boom Suspension (Ride Control): Enhances ride quality over rough terrain, reducing spillage and improving comfort.

Additional Conveniences:

  • Multilingual Operator Manual: Available in English, Spanish, or French, catering to a diverse workforce and ensuring a clear understanding of operation and safety features.

SL22EV Specs

Specification CategorySpecification Detail
Open Cab4,850 lb (2,200 kg)
Overall Height90.6 in (2,300 mm)
Overall Length Without Bucket120.2 in (3,054 mm)
Machine Width48.4 in (1,230 mm)
Lifting Height96.5 in (2,450 mm)
Tipping Load (ISO) – Straight4,528 lb (2,054 kg)
Lifting Capacity4,850 lb (2,200 kg)
Hydraulic System6.6 gal (25 L)
Nominal Battery Voltage48 Volts
Battery ChemistryLithium Ion
Battery Capacity24.9 kWh
On-Board Charger240V 1 Phase
Charging Time 0 – 100%8.7 hr
Charging Time 20 – 80%5.2 hr
Off-Board Charger (Optional)480V 3 Phase
Charging Time 0 – 100% with Off-Board Charger1.7 hr
Charging Time 20 – 80% with Off-Board Charger1.0 hr
Motor Type3 Phase DC Brushless (IP54)
Drive Motor Power9 hp (6.5 kW)
Implement Motor Power16 hp (12.0 kW)
Expected Run Time5 – 6 hr (dependent on application)

SL22EV Dimensions

Specification CategorySpecification Detail
Wheelbase (A)62.2 in (1,580 mm)
Total Length (B)120.2 in (3,054 mm)
Length with Bucket (C)150.8 in (3,830 mm)
Seat Height (D)49.4 in (1,256 mm)
Max. Height with Safety Roof (E)90.6 in (2,300 mm)
Max. Height with Cabin (F)89.9 in (2,284 mm)
Height Front Frame (G)49.2 in (1,250 mm)
Max. Dumping Height (H)66.1 in (1,680 mm)
Lifting Height (I)96.5 in (2,450 mm)
Height with Bucket (J)119.7 in (3,040 mm)
Rollback Angle on the Ground (K)41°
Rollback Angle at Max. Lift Height (L)46°
Max. Dumping Angle (M)37°
Max. Loading Angle (N)29°
Outer Size of Tires (O)29.9 in (760 mm)
Maximum Radius External (P)42.5 in (1,080 mm)
Turning Radius on Outer Edge (Q)104.3 in (2,650 mm)
Inner Turning Radius (R)92.2 in (2,342 mm)
Width on Standard Tires (S)48.4 in (1,230 mm)
Straight (T)4,530 lb (2,054 kg)
Full Turn (U)3,480 lb (1,580 kg)
Bucket (V)2,510 lb (1,140 kg)
Pallet Forks – Straight (W)1,870 lb (850 kg)
Pallet Forks – Full Turn (X)5,900 lb (2,675 kg)
Dynamic Block Handling (Y)3,510 lb (1,590 kg)
Static Block Handling (Z)2,470 lb (1,120 kg)


  • Base warranty coverage: 2-Year/1,000-Hour
  • Full Machine Limited Warranty
  • Electric power train warranty coverage: 3-year/3,000 Hour Limited Warranty (EV models only)